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    support trouble

    You are soooo right. Clicked on the blue “support” and got one of the requests answered I had posted, but, no answer from Julie concerning the last three posts made about the next day air info. we sent to Documenting Services. It was delivered 12/31/18. It contained paperwork that was due that I couldn’t get sent on my i-pad.

    support trouble

    OLEARY is still LOST. I have sent messages to Julie asking if she received my info. I sent to documenting services by express mail, still can't access the support site even on a computer not my i-pad. It tells me to click the 4th tab from the top??? I'm not computer savvy, but I never had this much trouble before. There is no 4th tab from the top. Does someone have a picture they can shoot me showing what I am missing? Julie should have had our paper work last Monday Dec. 31st, but can't get an answer back from her. Have sent 3 requests all unanswered. This is costing me a fortune and many sleepless nights. I sent my papers to Documenting Services, 691 S. Green Bay Rd. #120, Neenah, WI 54956. Should I try to get a e-mail to Adam or log into his Weds. messages? Thank for any help. J. O'Leary
  3. My computer was comprised had to go to an I-pad, can’t access support tab since. Anyone else have same problem?

    How much dinar does the UST hold ?

    What area is Mr. Bonney located in? Anybody know what happened to GID for dinar sales? Thanks

    How much dinar does the UST hold ?

    Does anyone know what happened to GID? Purchased my Dinar from them, but can't seem to contact them. Any help appreciated.
  6. Does anybody know what happened to GID Associates? Bought my dinar there but now can't be reached by phone, just rings.
  7. Add Tlar to that missing list?????????????

    Questions For Adam's Update 6-21-2017

    Adam, How does one get the EIN# for their Nevada Corp? How do you get funds from your Nevada Corp.? Why not set up an account at Lloyd's of London instead of the Bank of Belize if one gets his Dinar at Lloyd's of London? Thanks for all the help.

    Questions For Adam's Update 6-14-2017

    Adam, This journey has become quite confusing for us older folks(70+). We have platinum VIP, name reserve, gifting letters notarized, OSI, angel financing, what is still needed? Have not received IBC documents or Platinum Vip certificate??? Whats next?
  10. Rmc10 My prayers go out to you on the loss of your bff. Time will help, but hard to imagine now. Hope you can save some new bff. by rescuing a poor dog waiting for a forever home and new buddy to share it with.
  11. OLEARY

    Adam Montana Weekly 1 Feb 2017

    Adam. look forward to your chats. I am a VIP member but don't know what the certificates you are speaking of. Can you explain or let me know who to contact?
  12. OLEARY

    Questions For Adam's Update 1-11-2017

    My question for Adam. If Iraq is borrowing money, how can they afford to RV?

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