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  1. Nothing negative about trailer parks. My comment was about the people who do not want any better except to live off of welfare while better alternatives are available. My comments are also not about welfare. I receive SSD because I am physically unable to work any more. Every time I walk through Wal-Mart my back, neck and legs remind me why I am receiving SSD. My comments are purely about those who refuse willingly and willfully to do anything other than sit back and moan about their lot in life while better is fully within their grasp and capabilities.
  2. Regardless how someone wants to believe, that is their right and I will defend their right to believe as they choose. I will get my hackles up if someone tries to tell me how to believe. This is where the problem has come. These groups because now they are getting offended are telling the rest of the world or nation how to believe, act, and think. If I went into a Muslim country just how long would I last if I tried telling them that their dag burn nosy prayer call is disturbing my sleep. We have ways of doing things in this country that has roots in many generations and they are not going to change simply because it bothers someone. If it bothers you deal with it and stop whining.
  3. I guess I have a small reputation for not sugar coating too much in my posts and this one is no exception. As I read the news and various commentators I find my blood pressure wanting to rise. Political correctness has given a world of excuses for those who want to do as they please and experience no consequences. I have now read where the black mobs doing the 'knockout game' are doing it because of the effects of slavery. Yes you heard me correctly. They are blaming slavery. I like that others of the black community, and no that is not a racist term especially if there is a "white" community, are speaking out against these illegal acts. I truly ache for those good, hardworking, Pro-America, honest spirited members of the black community who are foundation stones of our nation. They are being painted with the same brush as others who want to blame everything wrong on others and never take personal responsibility and throw the race card whenever they are cornered. Maybe if those particular members of the black community would stop wallowing in the evils of the past they would get somewhere. Every race has been spit upon at some time. The Irish and Chinese were basically slaves, killed and beaten as they worked the railroads. Some of the events against the Chinese miners were bordering on genocide. The Japanese and Jews have had so many people and nations try to eliminate them from their own soil it is hard to track. Yet, so many of these groups who refuse to wallow in the woes of their pasts have moved into world dominance in so many areas. Maybe the modern black community of America should take lessons from the groups of yesterday. I do not know how they can claim that the reason there are more blacks in prisons than other races id because of bigotry when there are colleges and other things specially set apart to help the black community. I have yet to see a United White College Fund or United Asian College Fund. I know by now some have me as a member of the KKK but I am equally as disgusted with any 'white trash' who simply wants to stay in their trailer parks on welfare as opposed to moving forward when they have the opportunity. If America is ever to return to being a great nation and hold world standing again, people must pull their heads out of their butts, stand on their own two feet with a backbone and take personal responsibility for their actions. If a black gets shot by a white cop the first words should not be 'racism' and especially if that is not the same response if a white person gets shot by a black cop. Only as people take their reasonability for their actions, good or bad, will they ever move forward.
  4. For me it is a lot more than simply keeping the term Christmas. For me it is a large portion being sick and tired of the minority who has the loudest mouths being able to force their will on other people. My pledge to the flag includes 'under God'. I am not willing to go down without a fight when someone because of their little thinking wants to change the Pledge. My coins have had for a long time 'in God we trust' and I will not be happy to simply smile while simply minded people want to change what has always been simply because they do not like it. There has been a Christmas for centuries world wide and now that there are a vocal few the world is to accept that centuries has been wrong or is now outdated simply because a few does not like it. Growing up we had a Christmas tree because it was a tree around Christmas. I am not going to accept being forced to change simply because others might be offended. GET OVER IT! If you do not like my holiday names deal with it. I do not and will not accept being forced into changing anything simply because someone gets their panties in a wad.
  5. I personally think Obutt wants civil war so that he could use martial law. He probably thinks he would be able to remain in office this way but he would be opening a can of whoop that he is not expecting.
  6. I bet not even the secret service will defend Obama against her.
  7. I love it when people post about the 'religious right' as if it was describing the Black Plague. (No that was not a racial statement). If there is a concern about a religion taking over and forcing its will upon others it will be Islam. We are seeing increasing where the 'religious right' aka, Christianity, is being removed for the sake of Islam. You can seemingly do anything desired against a Christian and be supported but be arrested for hate crime is your offend a muslim. People also need to remember that 'no religion' is still a religion. Wiccan is a religion. Druism is religion. Celtic is a religion. If atheism is not a religion then I really do not understand their verbose attacks against something they do not think exists. If it is not there then why waste your time arguing with or about it.
  8. And all the ornaments were gifted to the city employees at the Christmas party.
  9. Must be some kind of photo shop going on since as I do it is does not have 2014 revaluation. I am going to give someone the benefit of the doubt regarding this as a mistake. To whom ever made the photo shop I would say get yourself OUT of your mother's basement, get some clothes on and stop dinking around. Some people look at this as a real and serious investment. Now you might not have enough neurons to rub together to think outside your box and see anything other than putting your money in your local savings account, but others think and challenge themselves. We are serious about our money and our investments. Get the crap out of here and leave us alone.
  10. In my own opinion, I personally would hope this rich kid would not even make it out of prison. May justice be done.
  11. It is basically accepted that Obama was born in Kenya. The media failed to do their job in presenting this matter. The Congress failed to do their job by NOT forcing the Constitution to be followed. The American people failed to do their job by accepting trinkets in lue of votes. America has what it asked to receive.
  12. That good for nothing maggot has done more to destroy this country and Constitution than the USSR could have ever dreamed. He stole the election with rigged machines which is basically accepted as knowledge. He had dead people voting for him which is proven and had people purposely vote repeatedly. America is a laughing stock world wide. We are not feared nor respected. When he leaves the White House inventory the antiques and count the silverware.
  13. Like so much we have heard out of there in the past, would someone please in plain English tell me what this means for the dinar? thank you
  14. If the governments of the world want to wink at radical muslims then the PEOPLE of the world will take action.
  15. With all the garbage that is in our food anymore and all the additives raw meat might have been okay at one time but not any more.
  16. That narcissistic nincompoop could be sitting in a prison cell and would be screaming he was there because people were racist.
  17. What gets me is how out president was not able to pull away from a fundraiser to attend the funeral of an American hero and astronaut but can go to Africa for the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Nothing negative about Mandela but an real question about Obama's priorities.
  18. Increase in holiday labor. When there is a real decrease in the unemployment rate and nothing special happening then I'll believe there is an improvement.
  19. This man represents what it really is to be Native American. I truly doubt that he gets upset at the term indian. I truly doubt that he gets too upset over whether a team's mascot is an indian or if the 'chop' the air during a game. He had more important things to be concerned over. You notice how many of those who are 'righteously upset' over these things are not even native or are young people simply looking for something about which to complain?
  20. Our government learned nothing from Vietnam. You have an enemy who does not wear a uniform, walks and talks among the civilians and even gets hired to work by OUR government. They are allowed to infiltrate everywhere because the 'indigenous personnel'. Then we are surprised when they turn and show their real colors. HEY WASHINGTON, if you think that is such a good policy to have our units infiltrated, guarded, served by those trying to overthrow our service men and women why not replace all of Congress security and WH security with illegal aliens and see how well it works our for ya.
  21. I remember another national leader who had his own press. It was call propaganda and his name was Adolf Hitler.
  22. Personally I think that if the punks who want to do the knockout game started looking down the barrel of a gun more they might think it less fun. I have so many fusions and spinal issues that I would truly fear getting a solid hit around me head and neck. It would be a high personal threat and I think they should start having higher consequences.
  23. Our government abandoned him. We will probably not be getting too much assistance from anyone in the near future to help catch the bad guy.
  24. Bottom line, maybe this is why the DHS has been storing up ammo.
  25. Shab...I missed that one. I personally just do not see how a bullet can ricochet as many times as there was supposed to have been without deforming.
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