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  1. chess i just watch and share with you all that,s all but hope for rv all the time
  2. i found good news and every body say prayer for RV From the heart Go Rv
  3. great post i am confused that what cbi want to do.i am tried of it if they want to rv then go and push the button .ever month they do a new rate.i want this over soon and i wish it will rv reset price of 3.30.
  4. Grate news positive sign..... Thanks For the Post Love You !
  5. that mean we are so close to RV may be in few weeks or may be few year . think positive . GO RV
  6. Its really amazing ... Thanks for good post Love You .
  7. Good Work done ... thanks for the post.
  8. It's easy for him to say he has no regrets. He wasn't going to face the loss of a child in his war for Iraqi freedom. No regrets? No danger? No problem. What a coward. It's easy to send other people's children to war if you and yours are only going to face the danger of hiding safely back here in the USA.
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