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  1. It's been a long time since I interacted in dinarvets. I recognize a few oldtimers.
  2. When you say "in a few days", how many days would that be? 2? 20? 200? 2000?
  3. Govt to delay rupiah redenomination: Minister The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Business | Thu, April 10 2014, 4:41 PM Business News The fluctuating rupiah rate has forced the government to delay its plan to omit the three zero from the domestic currency. Finance Minister M Chatib Basri said that the redenomination plan could not be implemented in 2014, reported on Thursday. He said the rupiah was still volatile and that issues such as inflation were heavy on the minds of economists. If redenomination failed, inflation would skyrocket. "There is an inflation-rate risk. If the situation gets better, [redenomination] can be done," he said as quoted by He said the redenomination bill (RUU) had been proposed to the House of Representatives. (nfo)
  4. Wow! 89 pages at this point. I had to stop reading at page 11 or so. Too many topics to cover. I somewhat miss the discussions. On the other hand, I don't miss a lot of the nonsense. Keep 'em Walking Funny! Hats off to ya! You've seen the Dinar World from both sides. I don't think there are many with your perspective.
  5. Did the writer of this topic think about getting on a bus scheduled to leave 10 years from now? What if the bus does NOT actually exist? Then what?
  6. It is interesting that those articles specify that three zeros be removed. Not an ambiguous number. The RV is a revalue that could mean any value. The target value has always been around $3.41 because that's roughly what the Dinar was before everything happened. If the government were to revalue the currency, then why are there no articles stating what that value could be? And there seem to be no articles from CBI giving a definition to the term revaluation of the currency.
  7. For myself, visiting DV is like watching a reality tv series...
  8. Here's the website: On the right-side of the webpage you'll see a section called "Popular Tags". Click Customer_Support. On the next page, scroll down and you'll find "Wells Fargo Community Video Library - Table of Contents". Click on it and you'll find the video Iraqi Currency #19. There you will find the script for the video. The other links provide an actual video. The Iraqi Currency video is missing. However, the lady on the video also appears on #18 and #25. Pilchard, I hope this helps you.
  9. I believe this is your Kuwaiti Dinar to US Dollar chart you were asking about: Sorry pluMmet, the requirement was to "post a historical currency chart showing the kuwaiti RV." Above is "a" historical currency chart of the Kuwaiti Dinar. However, this mythical Kuwaiti RV appears to be missing.
  10. Here's a chart I found on the German Mark. A devaluation occured Sept 1949. Then an RV took place 20 years later Oct 1969 of 8.72%
  11. I guess nobody around here likes discussing these articles slamming the IQD trade as a scam.
  12. Waterman, Taking a shot at Fib's intelligence by stating he's too young. Not cool. 113189? Fib's birth date? That would be November 31st, 1989. Now you're exposing your intelligence. It's a common mistake. "Won't even comment anymore." But you still do. And as for the $1,000 note becoming $1. Incorrect. The notes removed from circulation. Another common mistake.
  13. It's a good thing that you're on top of this scam. It was reported in 2007? That's almost as old as IQD.
  14. Interesting article. Here's another one that looks similar from the same person and a later date: The graphics are the same. Here's the title: The Future of the Iraqi Dinar Three Misconceptions
  15. But there is no category to send a pro-RVer who is being disrespectful....only for LOPsters who are disrespectful - piece
  16. If a currency who dealt with IQD saw that the currency would RV from IQD 1160 = US$1 to IQD 1 = US$1, wouldn't he want to buy as much as he could and wait for the RV? Why sell any more currency? The Profit of $200-$400 per million IQD is beans compared to the RV. If the RV is around the corner, then all IQD traders would stop all selling of IQD and would buy for themselves every last IQD note.
  17. In what town or city is Moore Funeral Home? Was he buried in NC or FL?
  18. I was sure that this article would be in DV. I did a search and could not find it in here. I apologize ahead of time if it is already here. Question #3 pertains to the IQD.
  19. "Iraq's deputy central bank governor Mudher Kasim told Reuters that process could take three years." So another 3 years from Nov. 2012.
  20. Hey there, 20Mil. I see humor in your post. Glad to see you and hope you're doing well. BTW, the difference between stocking and stalking went unnoticed. Gotta love this crowd.
  21. Do you feel that makecents is stocking you? He's "stocking" every post you make? That makes for a unique visual. So like, makecents is stocking you by stocking you and your posts onto some shelves in a warehouse. Hopefully, he keeps an inventory of how many posts he stocked of yours and where you were stocked. Or perhaps, he is "stalking" you. I can see how these two words can be confused with each other. Dropping the "L" with poor enunciation. Even mispronouncing the "a" to sound like an "o". Warehouse workers that work the evening hours.....are they "nightstockers" or nightstalkers"? Have a good day or evening!
  22. It doesn't seem to apply to airlines of other countries. Only U.S. air carriers and commercial operators, etc. So, the FAA does not have jurisdiction over Iraq but only over carriers and operators in the U.S. In other words, SwissAir and Luftansa can fly over Iraq without the FAA's approval.
  23. Rocks don't float. The IQD is worth a bag of rocks.
  24. I think what Keep was saying is that Saddam artificially "raised" the value of the Dinar. Then it dropped in value. And if that it true, then the current value of the IQD is the real value. That would be a bummer.
  25. "Capitalism and corruption go hand-in-hand" is a stereotype. A generalization suggesting that all capitalists are corrupt.
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