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  1. The respond I got to my enquiry is as follows (real password hidden): Sender was: Mohammad K. ISSA <> --------------- Dear Sir, The new online password is: XXXX Please note that the online link is: For any further questions orinquiries regarding your online account please have the client contact the e-banking team and we will provide our full cooperation and support. E-banking Department Warka Bank for Investment
  2. Hi. Why should money in Warka be a complete loss? It is still there and if the Iraq economy gets going properly, we should be able to invest in the local stock market through warka account and also transfer out the money from our current IBAN-accounts? Actually is not actually better to have those funds (rather the cash notes) in case RV is a longer step by step process like Adam is expecting. So basically those funds can just wait on the account once IQD moved from 0.10 to 0.20 to 1 dollar need to buy and sell constantly physical notes to get the benefit. In case you currently do not h
  3. Wow. 4 billion dinars sounds ridiculous unless RV. Really hoping finally to come true, already 6-7 years in the waiting.
  4. If this were true and would actually happen, most likely massive amounts of investments would pour to Iraq from the other GCC. This would push the reconstruction of Iraq into overdrive in normal cases. Now with the oil price so low, this effect would be less as GCC countries, especially Saudis, are not doing so well as before. Still no doubt would be a very positive influence economically for Iraq.
  5. Well, Jim Willie is not trying to sell you investments. What a ridiculous comment from you!
  6. He is extremely knowledgeable of the dealings in the background of the financial, political, geopolitical events. Do not let the site name fool you. It is really good stuff, even the free info. The dinar issue can not say of course, that remains to be seen.
  7. Jim Willie is saying that US is stalling the RV. He claims that US/Obama would approve the RV only if the debtors are willing to forgo the 16 trillion dollar debt that the US has??? RV staments starts at 39:25 onwards... I thought US has a huge amount of dinars. If it RV´s, they can use the proceeds to pay off the debt anyway? Whats the issue here?
  8. No currency if nowadays fully backed with anything (other than the countrys tax payers). All are fiat currencies. So no need to fully back the currency with anything. However, with all the assets that Iraq has, it can RV and still have the currency backed in larger portion with real assets than most countries.
  9. For sure that is not an accurate number, 30 tons. Iraq has massive gold reserves and tons under ground. Real amount will be thousands of tons definately.
  10. unirod, so you can order stock through Warka by just sending e-mail to them and telling them what to buy for you? And then they just charge the cost plus expenses from your account? Please advice how it is done. Thank you.
  11. Actually it is even more than 7% annually as real interest, because they pay 3,5% per six months so each time capital is higher than the previous round. If RV would be at about 1 dollar level for IQD or higher, the interest alone would give most people a fantastic lifestyle.
  12. Unbelievable. So strong growth coming ahead...believe if you want, I dont. Only way I can think of would be the RV to boost the world economy. Otherwise looks very gloomy.
  13. Really hoping for this ride to be over soon. Been quite a long wait already (years for me).
  14. Indonesia government have very clearly informed that they plan to just remove the three zeros from the notes, but value will be as before (100 000 rupiah is now about 10 usd, later NEW NOTE 100 rupiah will be about 10 usd - just take the zeros out). The local people talk even now about something costing 100 or 50 leaving the thousands away (100 000/50 000). There is no RV coming there 100%. However, the economy is growing very well, so organically the currency may increase over the years, but this is not a get rich quick currency.
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