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  1. Aug 22nd is my birthday that would make a great gift
  2. hey people, i was gonna buy some more dinar on ebay. There is several options for circulated and uncirculated. One of the sellers was offering dinar that was printed more recently the description said the newer printed dinar has better security and is used along with pre 2014 notes in iraq and it was printed in Britain? and the other sellers had dinar that was printed in 2003-2014. I dont want to buy fake currency i figured ebay would be a pretty safe place to buy. I bought some on there a long time ago. Is there a more recently printed dinar with more water marks Ect? and which should i pur
  3. ive looked around the Internet for a video or auido clip but i couldn't find nothing. that was all i could see. im not sure if it was just a email he sent out or if it was recorded. if you go to his website you might be able to find it. im using my phone and could not pull it up. BUT I PRAY THAT HE IS RIGHT. I HAVE TO MANY BILLS I NEED PAID!!!!! god bless
  6. I got this buddy that works part time at circle k that knows a arab guy that thinks this thing is gonna pop any day now
  7. I know it's all just hearsay but I have family in the service and they told me the military is gonna be living inside of a few walmarts across the US. And the "plumbing" issues was a excuse for them to dig underground for what reasons I don't know. I'm just saying guys be alert and stay safe.
  8. Of course they got permits 6 months ahead of time they needed to cover there tracks. They are being used by the military as bases
  9. Nobody knows when. Your just gonna wake up one day and have more money than you went to sleep with. There's no special windows or time frames I'm sure a few people in the government knows other than that everything else is bullspit.
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