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  1. Well done makecents. It's all too easy for dinar con men to confuse people about a redenomination and it shows in peoples misunderstanding of one.
  2. If you were banned from posting in the mains you would get a banner saying that you do not have permission to reply to this subject or something like that. Logic and reasoning isn't welcome there.
  3. Yes Darin we are truely on the same page. I have been saying for a long time now that the dinar is a LONG TERM speculation IF they don't redenominate. I really am not even sure if the returns would be worth the wait but its the only way any of us will make any money off of the dinar.
  4. Thankyou. He seems to not have a grasp on the hyperinflation issue. If they were to do like he says and create a "New" currency backed by oil it wouldn't matter to us anyway because they would exchange the "Old" currency that we hold at a 1000 to 1 ratio.
  5. Sorry Darin if I miss understood when you said "The problem is right in front of everyone's eyes and simply just needs to be addressed. Reduce the M2, strengthen the value, and raise the rate." Sure you didnt say by 100s or 1000s of percent but I guess I just assumed that since that would be the only benefit to speculators. Look....I agree with what you are saying. If they RD then their reserves will take a hit. What other choice do they have? RV? There is no such thing. The only other choice is to go another 10 years with a hyperinflated currency or 20 years or forever. I am sure the CBI is fully aware that they will have to give back a portion of their foriegn reserves post RD. We have seen articles about the reserves growing and even gold being added to the mix. Of course RVers spout off imminent RV without having a clue what they are saying doesnt even exist. Its not like they are really even losing anything. Like you said.....reserves given back dinar destroyed equals stable rate of the newly RDed dinar. Who is to say that the recent gold discoveries themselves wouldnt cover the spread? Here is what it all comes down to. How much does Iraq want to have a currency without a bunch of zeros on it that are not neccessary? If they want it bad enough then they will RD when THEY CHOOSE. If not then they will countinue to operate with a hyperinflated currency. There is nothing else. History proves it. Economics proves it. Iraq is proving it by telling us they are going to RD when they have the stability to do so. The only place in the universe that giant RVs exist is on dinar forums thanks to marketing scam artist and con men trained in suckering people out of their money. Sorry to keep bringing it up but the inflation issue is relevant. I know you feel like the Iraqi market can survive the shock of a giant leap but I still fail to see how. If it could then what are they waiting for? Dont you think they would have done it years ago if it is such a wealth creater and so great for the population? Every economist on earth will tell you that fluculations of that magnitude only exist in the negative direction. There is no going back forward with that amount momentum. Time and time and time again we have heard Shabs and other economist say that their job is STABILITY of the Iraqi Dinar. I will bet you all of my dinar that they read DV and other dinar sites and roll around on the floor laughing at the stupidity. They know full good and well that they cannot just come out onbe day and the dinar is worth 100% or 1000% and of course not the 100,000% to 300,000% the Okie and Kraperoni zombies believe. They can however adjust the rate accordingly due to economic situaltions within their own country. We have seen them do their jobs. It went from 1170 to 1166. That is a true RV. No mythical, magical, RVs that "declare" the dinar to have value.
  6. I guess we will see about that.
  7. Great. Murder and corruption is going to benefit us. Wonderful. Dinar fever seems to have no limits.
  8. Really? And who told you that? Frank or Jokie? Maybe you have missed the methodical assassinations of Iraqi leaders going on over there. But don't worry.....Kraperoni says everything is ok and we are still on schedule for the "RV". Haha
  9. Darin....reducing M2 and raising the rate 100s or 1000s of percent does not exist in economics. That whole notion was contrived on dinar forums. Look anywhere throughout history and you will see developing nations (almost always pegged) increase M2 while either keeping a stable value or losing value. That's just they way it works. We can argue till our fingers bleed from typing but please just show me when the economic practices you are describing have ever been implemented. Iraq will not be the first because it wouldn't work. For them to reduce their M2 all that means is they basically by back their own currency for the current rate and then RV it to a higher rate. Pretty good deal I would say. So good you will never see it happen.
  10. Common misconception. The dinar was devalued due to Saddam spending all of his reserves and then going on a printing spree in an attempt to fund the Iraq Iran war.
  11. Sure a higher valued currency makes imports more appealing. Does that mean Iraq can have a RV of 1000s of percent to acquire cheaper imports? Absolutely not. If so they would have done it years ago. So would every country with a hyperinflated currency. Don't forget about their hyperinflated M2. 72 trillion leaves no room really for anything other than a RD. Your opinion is that they can reduce that M2 by a significant enough amount to somehow RV by a significant enough amount to make a difference on imports. My opinion is that you are correct. They can RD and be on par with the dollar any time they are ready. That makes 72 trillion 72 billion. I would say that is pretty significant. More conspiracy ignorance. Yawn
  12. So they are going to destroy tens of trillions of dinar and then RV the rest? Do you even hear yourself? The rest of your rant is conspiracy garbage typical of delusioned RV believers.
  13. So CBI could sell bonds or use other methods to reduce the money supply right? Just like the name of this thread......Whats the hold up? The fact is the M2 is only increasing year by year. Lets look again at curreny appreciation world wide throughout history. At what rate can a currency value rise without causing inflation? That rate isnt very much. Also Iraq is a developing and growing economy. The more wealth they gain the less their currency will be worth. This is standard economics 101. The more people with money the higher the demand for goods and services which equals higher prices for those goods and services which equals a lower currency value. This is why growing economies almost always undergo a devaluing effect of their currency.
  14. Trust me. If I had multiple screen names I would be punking you out up in the mains too.
  15. So it won't be long before they have a M2 of 150 trillion each worth say around 500 by then? Doubtful.
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