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  1. yes--quite a disaster for people who live on dinar sites all day long : I am bored with this so-called RV thing : year after year nothing ever happens : not selling my dinar-I like to daydream like all of us do
  2. easy to spot the scam due to the FACT : that people can buy dinar from dinar trade for 1/10 of a cent
  3. countless zillions of "rv soon-cash in tomorrow stories " I am bored with all of them
  4. quite a few smart people here--hoping to get rich : it actually makes sense to me--buying the dinar at a rock bottom price ; and Iraq's mineral wealth : but, why live on dinar websites all day long--year after year ???? I just visit a bit to see if the RV has hit--then move on
  5. people with any common sense quit paying any attention to tnt tony a long time ago : a self proclaimed guru always " cash in tomorrow "--same lying crap every day
  6. no link to Iraq TV--no proof of anything : yet more lying Guru pumping garbage
  7. thanks for reporting the news from everybody's home page : and the D.F. site--we never would have known except for you--LOL
  8. California basically can not stand the idea of people allowed to defend themselves : call 911---wait 20 minutes for the police
  9. every possible question has been asked and answered : I wait patiently year after year
  10. I like to visit dinar sites for about 5 minutes a day : not worried half to death about " RV tomorrow " at the golf course half the day--then fishing year after year waiting for an RV I finally gave up
  11. why bother to even visit " other sites "--all garbage nonsense might as well wait 1-10 more years for the RV
  12. $ 1.00 to 1.50 means that I am worth 3--- 3.5 million should I cash in $ 3200 investment turns into millions easy answer---LOL
  13. maybe I said the wrong thing : certain people want to dominate this website by posting irrevelant topics all day long maybe trying to draw attention to themself
  14. you live on this website 24-7 nobody ever responds to your topics you must have a sad life
  15. we hear this day after day on all dinar websites : it is a bogus, made-up Guru thing--IMO exchange foreign currency--according to the daily Forex market has never required an NDA WHO IS GOING TO " STAY QUIET " ? ALL OVER THE INTERNET--IF AND WHEN THE RV HITS WHO CAN ENFORCE THIS MYTHICAL NDA THING ?
  16. these links go to some kind of whacked out websites blocked by my anti-virus software
  17. I have never ever heard of an " urgent issue " here : so, spill the beans por favor
  18. to a place where houses do not have heat systems--the tropics
  19. just an opinion by somebody : not backed up by facts or links to anybody credible and quite hysterical
  20. I live in the coldest--most snow place there is Wyoming we are always prepared
  21. the Atlanta catastrophe continues : citizens and government were warned 2 days in advance of this storm : all day long news conferences--Governor Deal said the storm was " unexpected " I blame the citizens also, trying to drive in a huge madhouse city--knowing a storm was coming in
  22. citizens and the government of Atlanta ignored the storm warnings : up here in the rocky mountains, we never travel in the winter unless checking the weather forecast
  23. I propose a drastic increase in tariffs on imported products : only way that I see to put our factories back to work
  24. hardly anyone believes the hype of " RV SOON " too many lies being spread by other sites : I haven't bought any more dinar in 3 years
  25. I just returned from my doctor and he prescribed " Dinar Fever Pills " ---1000 for the next month : I took 500 down to the local Wells Fargo bank for the tellers : widely known on the internet that W.F. tellers are buying dinar in groups : they are too dumb to buy their own---or know how !!!
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