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  1. spot on! because its impossible. thusly why its called a scam. calling deleting three zeroes a 1:1, 100,000% increase, is a scam. its can be totally eliminated as any chance of possibility, all by economic principles. the dinar can obviously gain value. but there will never be some massive rv of the dinar. it started at 1500:1 its at 1166, and the market/ street rate cant meet the pegged 1166.
  2. he thinks hes smart, by playing distractive defense. hes talking about a 20 year old rd, to scatter people of the topic of the thread
  3. its like everyone in the class has figured it out except one student. your holding us up. get to it. this is ch 1.
  4. no you didnt.demonitized swiss dinar backing the IQD! now im really worried
  5. very clear and precise. excellent wording
  6. your re-inventing the event. your calling it something its not, off some technicality, that resulted in no increased purchasing power or rv. no one made a penny. your theory concludes people walked around and got everything for free, cuz they had swiss dinar, then the next day the had to pay for items. your premise of a 00.0000 exchange rate is invalid
  7. thank you, thats as close a concession as could be expected.
  8. source. seriously? any history book you can find on economics at the library. any economists or currency expert on the planet. i think the sources are endless.
  9. hes here! i just checked! lolol
  10. exactly. spot on.there was a CONVERSION not a CHANGE in the official rate.
  11. dont go into defensive default mode. you clearly have to understand what happened. tell me this is just you trying to get fib on the one time 20% rv thing. if you want to argue that until the end of time, so be it. but do you clearly understand exactly the way, f everyone has explained it?
  12. relax, think about it before you post. maybe your fingers typing are distracting you and slowing your thought process. take your time, one at a time.
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