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  1. there are no Tier groups or 800 numbers
  2. i also wondered what Tier i am in. i can walk 3 blocks down to Wells Fargo to cash-in. who would be stupid enough to believe this Reno nonsense ?
  3. do the regular iraqi citizens prefer to use our dollar or their dinar
  4. try a twin Cessna 421 Golden Eagle---gas up in Brownsville---land in Belize. my 3 million carefully stashed
  5. i'm buying a 60' yacht in florida, no grass to mow
  6. exchanging currency in Costa Rica where i ran my fishing boats. never a word said at any bank about anything. Just Exchange !!!
  7. i pulled out 20 . 25k bills I.Q.D. --then folded them flat with books on top and a concrete block : then i was able to hide them easily in my sock. sneaking money in and out of foreign countries is not difficult at all
  8. what does that expression actually mean ?
  9. the .83 rate would be huge headlines here---IF TRUE
  10. they don't do forms at the airport or across the border towns along mexico, exchange for pesos
  11. not many people know about or even own I.Q.D. --therefore i don't see the I.R.S. paying much attention to it
  12. i have never received any e-mails from the I.R.S. or know anyone who has. how would the I.R.S. know if anyone exchanged small amounts of I.Q.D. , like at the airport ?
  13. i pulled the 3rd brick, 4th one from the bottom to take a look at my IQD sealed in zip-loks : i had somehow had a bad dream that they had gotten stuck together : i counted and re-counted , then went back to sleep daydreaming about getting rich 14 years from now
  14. what about soldiers who bought dinar in Iraq ? and how can the dinar be singled out for special rules that do not apply to any other foreign currencies ? how can the I.R.S. have time to deal with every person who exchanges IQD for USD ?
  15. what about people who bought dinar on EBAY ? or somebody gave them 100,000 dinar as a gift showing proof of exact date of purchase does not make common sense
  16. exchanging Euros, no proof is required when you bought it--why IQD ? which I.R.S. statute are you referring to what if somebody bought IQD the exact day of the RV--once again, no proof of what they paid
  17. how can the I.R.S. prove exactly when somebody bought the IQD, or how much they paid for it ? why not just step across the border and exchange for Pesos, then back to USD. or at an airport exchange booth----a little bit at a time ?
  18. a yearly update is good enough
  19. there is no such thing as exchange centers or 800 numbers : and who is too stupid not to go to their local bank, at least for reliable info ?
  20. do the Iraqi citizens like to use the IQD or USD ? and are the currency auctions designed to pull in all dinars and start all over with lower denoms
  21. if somebody wanted about $ 100 or $ 200 u.s. then the atm's would simply give out 4-8 25k notes. the lower denom's atm thing never sounded quite believable
  22. who started this " 800 " number nonsense ? i can walk 3 blocks to my Wells Fargo office, if and when
  23. exchanging one currency for another should not be taxed: one option might be to cash in a little bit at one time or go to a foreign country which has no capital gains
  24. i invested $ 3000 about 6 years ago--" just in case " i got rich somehow
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