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  1. Not sure why someone neg'd you Goldie, but I covered ya again.....................Someone must be bored!
  2. Ok peeps..............Expect people to come up with B.S. Rather its Rand or anyone else. If you know its B.S then ignore/don't entertain it. Sheeeesh
  3. Who cares about spelling.............I won't/don't believe anything until I see it!
  4. Crow isn't that bad. I just hope they know how to prepare it right lol
  5. FNB.........Thank you for that! Yeah, I know its not a requirement........but whewy boy is it difficult not to hehehehe
  6. I am so afraid of getting excited. I know that we are all looking good, but there is always that chance of "waiting" long periods again.
  7. IMO I think that the NC has already ocurred. I think that with all the good news, they are going to give bad. Why? Confusion! I can't blame them considering others are lurking with bombs!
  8. Ok I have to admit. All the news that has came out this week, along with Adam.............Well I am officially freakin out lol. I wonder if its normal to be scared. Time to relax with a momosa
  9. Oops just found what you were talking about
  10. Just went to Dinar Banker.......I am not seeing that!
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