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  1. No bashing, and someone's opinion........I appreciate a different view! Not sure why you got neg'd but I tossed you a +..........have a good day
  2. Its not his IS the INTENTIONAL tone that is constantly projected through sarcasm.........I'll go with the "wishing you well".
  3. I did not say you were right/wrong! What I am saying is your rude! If there is no reason to bring your point of "view" then why do it? People don't bash you for your "opinions"...........they confront your egotistcal,snide comments..........and it seems that is what you seek! I will totally have a wonderful day, and will keep you in my prayers!
  4. If your an advocate for "getting along" then why is it your posts are so hasty towards others? You word your posts to offend others, and then wonder why people comment? Your beliefs may be right or may be wrong..........however, your sarcasm towards others are not very becoming. Therefore, maybe you should consider not being so disgruntled and hateful! Have a great day and a smile!
  5. I agree with ya! He likes to post on here about "You're stupid and I'm smart". Your right, he continues to post with his rants. He is just an arrogant arse!
  6. So we know that we need the HCL,Ch 7.................Are we looking at another year perhaps?
  7. Not sure what the neg was about...........but I covered you! and I 3rd that lol
  8. So if its so "ridiculous" then why do you come here? People believing anything affects you HOW?
  9. Yeah I noticed was just a question is all. When any of us (to include myself) put opinions/rumors etc on here.......we have to expect others input. HOWEVER, if its rude then they do NEED to be neg'd.
  10. Well I did not scroll through all the comments, but the ones I did see didn't seem to be rude. However, that is jmo. I don't neg for that either, unless (like you said) its rude!! I guess lots of people are just tired already...........however all opinions are welcome here. Your does take guts lol
  11. Why are people being neg'd for calling it BS? With all the hokie pokie that has been predicted/said/guessed etc...........they have reason to think that.
  12. Maybe I need another cup of coffee............but................I thought the conference was postponed?
  13. Defend? And what am I defending against YOU Almighty one? Ok well off to go shopping..........vacation sometimes can be rough all enjoy your day!
  14. Truthful, I have said what I wanted to this morning! Please let me be already. BTW it's Nakida I apologize if you became butthurt over my comments (feelings). I was not aware that this thread was your arena to jump on DVer's. No need to go on and on with this. I just hope that you take a look at some of the other posts and realize that you do indeed to chill out. Hope your day gets better!
  15. Oh Truth, When a bowl of shorbat rumman takes a bag of currency to buy............ITS useless Sir! We aren't "hoping" We are "waiting" take the negs and go feed the birds at the park.............however, enjoy your day!
  16. Don't worry, that finger is WELL protected!! hehehehe
  17. Thank you Sage!!! I think that we will see this happen sooner than 2-3 weeks. They are feeding us little by little..........biding some time......we know it is here, and Iraq knows it as well.........
  18. Sorry, but I do not think that Iraq can wait until then. They have so many different offers to assist, and who wants useless currency? Iraq knows this, and so do others!!! They will RV soon, they have bills to pay!!!!!!!
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