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  1. Rod, I too think you are spot on. This is basically what Shabbs has asked for! Let it be so!
  2. The first 4 words of med's post say it all..." I am the idiot"...
  3. Yep. Pretty much as usual. He can't imagine a day without hearing himself pontificate to us lower life forms.
  4. There are some people who get quite a charge out of belittling others...stepping in their throats when they're down...pinching babies, kicking dogs, knocking old ladies down in the street. It comes from lack of self esteem, and lack of self respect. The more they put others down, the more important they seem to themselves.
  5. Yeah, actually started checking into that yesterday. There's quite a waiting list here. Have an appointment with one place tomorrow to try and get on the list and take it from there. Thanks.
  6. Yes it is a shame...your response just now reiterates what I said in response before. I wanted to say ( but did not) that perhaps what he smelled was not fishy, but was rather my own decaying flesh. This is/has been one of the hardest times in my entire life, and I can assure you and everyone here, if I get through this, the kindness and caring that has been shown here will be passed on again and again with pleasure.
  7. Well, thanks so much for your words dinarbot. While we sit here fighting a terminal illness trying to not have to hit the streets and you say it smells fishy. These people here have been more wonderful to us thus far than we ever dreamed of. Thanks so much for your sarcasm.
  8. Yes, have already approached that and in fact have done a couple of things, but she is not real keen on that. It's just simply kind of a catch 22
  9. Good advice from all. The payday loan thing is a recipe for further disaster though...been there and done that. Thanks guys...we appreciate it.
  10. . The response from this forum has been nothing short of phenomenal and very humbling. So many have helped us and we are more grateful than anyone can possibly know. While we have made a good dent in the landlord's requirements, we are still not there and have basically until the weekend to get it all done or she will start the proceedings. She has been decent thus far and given us a short-lived reprieve for which we are grateful. We are praying the Good Lord will watch over us and ask for all your prayers, advice and anything else. We will never forget the good people here!
  11. Although I have been kind of jubilant today, that mood has been tempered by the gentle reminder from my wife that we only have through the end of this week before the non-negotiable, irreversible proceedings begin for our eviction from here. The landlord has been decent thus far, but she is first and foremost a business person and has obligations she must fulfill based on our ability to pay her rent. Thanks to so many of you out there that have helped, we've been granted a short reprieve, but I am so worried still that it is hard to function. I am blessed with an unbelievably wonderful wife but she is just about done in physically with the hours she has worked and is working now. We desperately need your prayers. Had I any more dinar for sale, I would sell them in an instant. Such an irony to have gotten this close to our r/v and have things turn the way they have. Sincerest thanks to all of you, and we ask you keep us in your daily prayers especially now. We are simply overwhelmed.
  12. I just can't get over the folks here on this forum. I've never been involved with a better, more caring group of people in my life. I feel more blessed tonight than I ever have and am at real loss for words. I am so hoping this thing happens and I can meet each and every one of you to say thanks in person. Carpe Diem!
  13. Ok, I'll jump in here. I say about the rate of the would kind of level the playing field for a large part of the world...
  14. Wow...don't hold back now...tell us how you really feel!
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