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  1. Hold fast, Brits! Tell the Euro trash to take their pathetic Euros & get the hell out ! And to take their bleeding-heart pet "re-located immigrants" with them ! They've over-run your Isles & are turning it into a filthy hell-hole like the rest of liberal Europe!
  2. Trump has to stay one step ahead of the bogus ACLU & other whining liberal lawyer outfits. Continuing to enact these stop-gap measures with his Presidential pen is on-going as he goes to war with the kommies here, replacing their liberal justices, pulling funding from their pet orgs and periodically kicking Pelosi in her pie-hole as she spews fake concern for these criminals. Good thing he put his foot down with Mexico right from the start and held fast when they faltered in their responsibility to secure their own side of the border.
  3. Ruh-Roh, Shaggy ! Time for the Commander-In-Chief to plug every hole they make with some heavy artillery!
  4. We'd rather see shifty Schiff have to read it, word-for-word, as it REALLY happened whilst wearing handcuffs and whilst his house is being raided by the FBI, IRS and Secret Service. Protecting a "whistle-blower" my azz. Traitorous liar covering for Brennan's cabana boy. Sicko.
  5. You mean just another leftist tool...? But having meticulously crafted and set up the b.s. The House just passed along partisan lines gives that traitorous sniveling little rat unlimited power to continue to completely 'invent' and control the narrative -- much to the detriment of The American People & the President we elected. They'll never throw his azz under the bus... he's too useful an idiot... like Comey, Brennan, et al. Lamentably, these soul-less rats get away with bloody murder until the devil himself comes to claim them. Go
  6. Yuh... Conservatives aren't allowed to react to/with name-calling or have the right to feel victimized, intimidated or insulted & disrespected or be "triggered".... Those are rights reserved exclusively for the leftist ilk, their tools, zombies, indoctrinated fools, snowflakes & libtards. Hey, their rules,... not ours, yo.
  7. Haha! Good point, LGD.... He's a wise guy with a New York state o' mind which resonates in his vernacular as he tells it like it is whether ya wanna hear it or not!! Classic New Yorker! We loved a Prez who doesn't hold back or pull punches! .
  8. Time re-set...? Pulling out the paperwork that came with our Sundial as we speak ! Thanks, LGD!
  9. All these so-called "scientists" who promote the climate farce are just tools of the left who've been paid countless millions in scam "grant" monies to perpetuate the great lie. See how easily these sell-outs are motivated by other peoples' money...? Classic indoctrinated useful idiots of the left... love to take that free gubment cheese. Climate scam-atologists get rich off this b.s. by creating fake orgs like Solyndra, or claiming to have invented the Internet....
  10. Preach it, Brother ! Just like most every leftist 'president' has, that tool for the left - ho'bummer - worked overtime to try to demoralize & decimate our Troops in every way conceivable. It was sick & demented. They know they have to if they expect to achieve their evil goal to take over Our Republic because us Patriots will fight them to the last man. Just like their penchant for attempting to demonize our LEOs, their hate for Our US Military runs deep and they work overtime spreading lies, hate & deceit and belittl
  11. Seems New York has been spending millions of their Taxpayers' Dollars to relocate the homeless to other States. It's such a great deal for the homeless, some even return to NY to take advantage of the gimmick several times. Based on THAT kind of wasteful idiocy alone, we can see why a businessman would want to call the place quits and move someplace else. We here in the Sunshine State welcome our new neighbor.
  12. Shifty schiff is a little kommie dictator. Having been granted the keys to his own little kingdom by the head witch in the demonrat coven, he's gone rogue in the worst way. This will all blow up in their faces come next November... Unless spontaneous human combustion or bolts of lightening strike the evil lot of them first for being traitorous liars.
  13. Out-clowned in the current side-show of freaks in the democrat realm, he tucks his tail and bails out of the leftist circus jerk-wagon. But having eluded to "serving" in some other capacity in the future, we, lamentably, may not have seen the last of this opportunistic leech... unless his wife cuts off the money spigot.
  14. Oh, Katy, Katy, Katy from The Hill.... Tsk, tsk, tsk... Shame on you. Livin' la lefty vida loca.... Embracing all your ilk's classic symptoms of "do as we say not as we do". Just another kommie tool Fool on The Hill.
  15. Oh, UMBE---- Any "idiot"ology that deprives humanity of all God-given Freedoms is a machine of indoctrination PERIOD. Socialism, communism, fascism, etc.... Enslavers of all Mankind. PERIOD. The "Right Wing" &/or Conservatives respect the individual Liberties of mankind as God intended. Following God's Law is what's right. Your teams' penchant for whipping humanity into your 'idea' of existential nirvana, whether through violence (antifa, BLM, Nazi-ism, fascism, socialism, et al), indoctrination through 'education' & 're-edu
  16. ho'bummer's little embedded weasel tools have been like a pack of rabid dogs attacking our Patriots . We have Patriotic American Service personnel sitting in prisons as a result of his despicable "rules of engagement", which only served to vilify & endanger our honorable Troops on the fields of battle. The left's hatred of everything that is good, decent & Just is permeating our Republic like a seething, seeping, caustic, toxic waste. They should all explode into spontaneous human combustion when the light & sunshine of Justice exp
  17. Global Warming ! Climate Change! Agghh...!~ We're all gonna die !
  18. Major props & Salutes to our US Armed Forces & our Allies in the region. ... and to Our Commander In Chief for seeing our commitment through.
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