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  1. Forgive me if I misread this post, but the purpose of this post was not to talk up Frank. The purpose of the post appeared to make a point that the rhetoric in Frank's post some 20 months ago is the same rhetoric all the gurus, including Adam, are touting is imminent for major news - HCL, Chapter VII, RV. It is unnerving to see current Iraqi events unfolding and think that this is a level just preceding major changes AND THEN read that different events nearly two years ago led many to think the same thing back then. We all say "go RV" and hold great hope, but when I see stuff like this I fe
  2. Carlos, You provide some fodder for a lot of interesting debate. I personally do not believe that Iraq has any crippling bargaining chips with respect to their oil. Their are several shale oil reserves alone in the states that boast containing enough oil to supply the world's needs for the next 200 years. Their is presumed large reserves in Mexico, South America, Eastern Europe, Russia that, for various reasons, are still largely untapped. With respect to Iraqi oil, the US lived without it since the embargo of 1989(?) and I wonder how much we have gained since the invasion into Iraq in 20
  3. While I think what you say Mak is well said and generally very accurate, I had to chuckle of my teenage days 30 years ago when two of the proverbial male lies were " Yes, dear I love you" and "I will respect you in the morning". As I look back, more often than not, these "lies" really weren't lies - just "false" male bravado! I can say that now thirty years later - the wife doesn't give it two thoughts anyhow. LOL!
  4. Every time anymore I hear the terms raising or deleting the three zeroes I associate these with ipecac syrup. Both items make me want to puke.
  5. Yes yes yes, A lop is very possible and is easier to defend than the high hopes for a lucrative RV. Which, incidentally, is why the overwhelming majority of us got into this investment. So rather than waste your time, and all of our time who check a post to realize it is the same mamby-pamby rhetoric of people who think they are so smart to try to dispel theories, myths, or whatever else you want to call this Iraqi monetary situation. For me, all these lopster posters would be better suited to just sell their damn dinar for a minor loss and reinvest in something safe like a CD or whole lif
  6. I , at first, thought Randalln was a pumper, with his wild predictions and horrible grammar he fit the mold. However, when this site zeroed out our reputations, Randalln was hellbent on building his score back to 1200. Read his posts. I really think he grasps at straws and says anything to get a positive reactions. In all truthfulness, the friend of a friend, and the connected relative, entrees get old. Especially when the wild predictions are followed up by "that is all I can say" or " I can't reveal any more info but I know a lot more" teasers. This gets old real fast. Guess others h
  7. Its off a year. Everyone is brainwashed. Stay focused on news with all its poor translations that can be construed several ways in many instances. Yet, "Lets go RV" implies hope for something imminent cause there is no sense rooting it on if it is at least another year off! These kind of nutty posts make me think we are all ready for the strait jackets!!!
  8. On Saturday, December 10, I happened to catch an interview on CNN "the Situation Room" in which, Donald Trump, among many other comments, bashes the Obama regime for not taking more control of all the Iraqi Oil before US troop withdrawal. He also makes similar accusation on the handling of Libya. When I entered into the Iraqi dinar investment last spring, one of the chief rumors (to get my interest no doubt) was that Trump was heavily invested in the IQD. It seems inte
  9. From your mouth to God's ears!!!!! Thank you and same wishes to you.
  10. Thank you for your view - well spoken and credible. As I said, it is easy to find some tidbit of logic to discredit, or greatly diminish, the most positive of news. And a lot of the "news" is definitely contrived or misinterpreted hype. Even the most recent chat of Adam Montana tried to make a rather reaching optimistic spin for a state of seemingly total chaos in Iraq. Adam, however; is one of few in this investment who is in a win/win situation, although, in Adam's defense, he definitely will win much more if the RV occurs. This all being said, it is not that most consider a RV the only
  11. I am very sorry to hear of the demise of your business. Many on this site like to chastise those who they believe bought Dinar with money they could not afford, but they, perhaps innocently, neglect to realize that many have suffered setbacks in this horrible economy (in most places it is) that they did not have any reason to anticipate when they originally made investments. I know I did not fathom that my wife would leave me, my daughter would have a very expensive extended illness, and I would lose a stable job and income of 15 years - all this year. This, unfortunately, is life and all i
  12. Perhaps you should share your logic since you (and "Lots of Dinar") clearly always have a dim view of anyone who ever posts anything of positive potential progress towards an Iraqi IQD RV. It is easy to discredit anything on this RV until it actually occurs, and If it ever occurs. So it would appear that stating all your negativity, even when justified at times (although not on this post), is the diatribe that should be kept to oneself.
  13. I have no idea what message you are trying to convey. Sorry you consider my search for a legitimate explanation that the Iraqi regime seeks or even considers this purported RV of 0.10/USD or higher inane babbling. I did not contradict myself as to do so I would had to make a statement to be refuted. As I was seeking data in my post, I clearly did not have the ability to make a statement - an understanding is not a statement of fact. As I treat this investment into the Iraqi dinar as a business investment, since it required a significant outlay of capital, I anticipated some reply of sign
  14. I hate what you say, but you are correct. The negatives to you are just people's frustration that what they desperately want is probably a farce. Many want to be spin doctors and say this stupid "deleting three zeros" means something else, but it appears to be both in print and in logic that they have an overly- inflated and overly-printed currency that needs to be brought out of monopoly money and into the real world, if they want a currency other than the US dollar to ever have any validity in their country. Can ANYONE show me one clipping ever from Iraq stating that they were going to gi
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