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  1. Thanks for the thread Bumper...I recognize this fruit and the plant. It's commonly called GUANABANA throughout Latina America.I'm posting this without having read the entire thread, I don't know if anyone else has identified the plant yet. I am aware that the active part of the plant is now being made into pills by a woman I know of in Central America. From what I understand she is making pills using only the leaves of the plant. I am also just recently been informed of the medicinal advantages to the plant, even though I have eaten the fruit, and had the juice as well. Once you break open the hard outer shell, there is a semi gelatinous substance not too different in texture than the pulp of the Aloe Vera plant, but the difference is that the Guayabana is actually naturally sweet. The seed of the plant is found in the nucleus of the gelatinous mass. The use of the plant for cancer curing is new in most of Central and South America is new among all but recent inhabitants of the regions, as cancer is / was practically unknown to most of these people until just recently, historically speaking, and only started when our modern diet was introduced into other countries...namely processed foods. I hope this helps identify the plant, only problem is that you don't see this plant around here much.... Carlos
  2. This author is calling for everybody to support the NEW WORLD ORDER by propping up the existing financial system. That's just kicking the can down the road. The end result, from what I've been reading is inevitable collapse, and any efforts to delay the inevitable is just throwing good money after bad. It means the EU nations must support austerity measures and the people are not very happy about having them imposed on them. In Greece, I believe the rioting in the streets over the austerity measures has not stopped for the last six months straight. Meanwhile, Iceland is basking in the sun! They threw off the NEW WORLD ORDER and have jailed the Bankers that got them into financial distress, and from what I have been reading, they are arresting the politicians the allowed themselves to be bribed by the Bankers. Carlos
  3. Yes the Ghost of george bush is still alive and well in the ranks of the Republican party because the Party actually represents the people behind the power. The people even Bush was beholding to for campaign contributions. The same ones that bought the government. Banks like Goldman Sachs. and JP Morgan Chase. The Republicans would like to distance themselves from Bush and his policies. They would like to pretend he was never in office because the 600 pound gorilla in the room can be seen all around us in the dead economy the he was completely responsible for having set into motion with the CORPORATE WELFARE he instituted along with Geithner and Paulson, and the help of the sold out Congress. To be fair...both parties are sell outs to special interests....we need some serious change folks because this government does not represent our interests. It represents the interests of the ELITE! Carlos
  4. Your quote says George Bush got convictions but does not say how many went to jail. Personally I suspect your information is skewed and slanted, although I agree that obama is a criminal, your point is just to make him look worse than Bush and Clinton. And there is no one worse that Bush....he and his whole family should be in jail for domestic terrorism and genocide in Iraq, among many other charges and you can minimize the issues all you want or paint him with a saintly brush if you like...but it does not alter the facts. He's the lowest form of criminal! Carlos
  5. I believe the Bush legacy continues. It's true the Republicans have been trying to act like the Bush years never happened. For those of us that are keeping score, the effects of those years can be seen all around us in a depressed condition the media and our politicians like to call, the "Great recession'"a euphemism use to avoid the stark reality of the situation when the reality is that I suspect we have passed all the benchmarks set during the Great Depression, or are very near to them. One noteworthy fact that explains the political phenomenon that we are facing, and that neither candidate will admit is that no matter who you vote for, the outcome has probably already been determined, or is no longer in play. The Bush years continue because both parties work for an unelected government that uses both candidates like puppets. The differences that each side supposedly has against the other are just to keep the people divided along party lines, depending on the type of brainwashing you got and nothing more. The people that both candidates are beholding to are the same ones that shower them with campaign contributions, the Banks. It's been six months since I read that Goldman Sachs has been running Europe, and I'm sure this is not something that is's just the first time I heard of it put that way. it's Goldman Sachs that decides who is going to run the different countries in Europe, and not the popular vote. The differences between the European candidates are superficial over there just like they are here. The Bush legacy continues because the American people have not yet awoken to the truth, and still believe the word "conservative" means a person who is not going to throw their hard earned tax dollars at problems. But what they don't know is that these same conservatives are ripping off everyone they can while they can in a blind headlong feeding frenzy of greed. Pure simple, unadulterated greed. Carlos
  6. Thanks sister! I appreciate the support....I won't give up defending what's right and fighting ignorance, there's plenty of ignorance on this forum. The NEW WORLD ORDER calls these people...muppets, sheeple, lemmings, and voting cattle, and these people deserve to be disrespected! They deserve these titles that have been placed on the by the ruling elite. Because they refuse to wake up and grow some balls, and at least offer some kind of resistance to their oppressors, as it is, the elite have found these people no fun to manipulate...they can't think for themselves and are not capable of putting up some kind of a minimal defense! The media control and brainwashing has been very successful! Carlos it's a matter of perspectives fisher! And, what you happen to know! Carlos
  7. I guess your one of these white americans who also feel that everything wrong in his little world is caused by illegal mexicans. They feel beset upon by the hordes of poor that cross their borders to suck off of the boundless generosity of the good hearted American people who are forced by their unresponsive government to pay the taxes that entices even more of those wretched poor to follow. The frustration has been mounting for decades because they can't understand why their government won't stop what is a terrible injustice. The fact is your government is not interested in stoping illegal immigration because having the cheap labor is just what the New World Order is all about. The "flood" of illegal immigrants brings the price of labor down, because they work for less. So why should your government enforce existing immigration laws? When in fact having illegal immigrants is something they see as beneficial, and besides that apprehending, jailing and deporting illegal immigrants is a very expensive proposition. Plane tickets alone for the hundreds of thousands is an expense the New World Order would rather not have to make. The majority of the intolerant white people, feel that the immigrant is what is wrong with their society, or at least a great contributing part of what's wrong and costly in their world, but think this only because they really don't have the ability to think for themselves because most could not even find the United States on a map let alone understand that the hate for the illegal immigrant is not an original thought that crossed their feeble empty minds, but was planted their much like someone plants a tree in an orchard. The though was planted by the same people that have really done all the damage to the American's world...the NEW WORLD ORDER. The greedy bankers and politicians, and those who run the nations military industrial complex are the ones who want the average uneducated, illiterate american to believe the illegal immigrant is the cause of all their problems while the Bankster types have engorged themselves on the fat of the land, and not a single american among you sniveling cowards lifted a single finger to protest the massive rip of that was done right under your dirty little noses. The bailouts that the Bankers gave themselves as a reward for having gambled and lost comes into the many trillions and unknown trillions of dollars. The bailouts and other damage these criminals did to this society with the blessing of the Bush administration, and later the Obama administration was the biggest single fraud ever committed by on person against another in recorded history......and none of you did anything about it! You sat your big fat butts in the couch in front of the TV and did not say a single word to show your anger.....or even whimper your slightest displeasure. You all just rolled over like a bunch of cowards! But you do have something to say about some poor illegal immigrants that are in your country to look for work, when the real reason your country is broke went completely ignored by the majority. The CORPORATE WELFARE STATE was in full swing during the Bush era, but you people complain about some poor people that need medical aid and emergency relief. Is there something VERY wrong with this picture? The hate for the illegal immigrant and the disproportionately small reaction to the Corporate Welfare State ripoff tells me there is more than meets the eye with this issue. The obvious answer must be the use of mind control through the controlled media to and through our sold out politicians, crooked Republicans you people insist on reelecting to new terms that are to blame. Lets face it...the average american is dumber than dirt! He needs to take his shoes off to count to twenty, he's easily manipulated into believing whatever the media and his beloved Republican party tells him, because he can't think for himself, he can only react to what he was brainwashed to believe. Carlos The intolerance and hate I've seen comes from bigots like you! The Karma that your talking about is just starting to haunt you....just wait! Carlos i guess anybody who has anything to say that does not go in step with what you a hater that talks B/S? Carlos
  8. No...I'm not a pretty sight...i doubt you would be a pretty sight if you had to deal with as much bigotry, intolerance and hate as I've seen! Carlos
  9. The problem with your statement is that we did not need to pay for the freedom of Iraq with our blood and money. The Iraqi people never asked us to intervene in their internal affairs...or did they? The was remember it happened was that George Bush # 43 created a scenario where he blamed Saddam Hussain for being complicit in the attacks on the Twin Tower in new York when it was in FACT his own administration that did it! Our people were incensed at the unprovoked attack and invaded Iraq. Unfortunately for us, the Bush administration had lied to the American people so that we could invade Iraq on behalf of US and British oil companies who wanted to control Iraq's oil. This type of behavior is called "imperialist warmongering" and the US, Britain and Israel have a long history of doing just this. The fact that the American people were asked to foot the bill, in blood and money, for a criminal war does not give us the right to intervene in any countries affairs! The fact that the American people tend to agree with administrations who think we have the right to dictate anything to another country is fundamentally wrong. The proof, if you need it, would be to turn the issue around and to know what it would be like to be on the receiving end of that type of arrogant and belligerent behavior from another country...How would you feel if it happened to us? Would you be happy? I wouldn't! Carlos Thanks Pattyangel! I find myself many times alone defending what I believe to be true against many who would tear me down and insult me unnecessarily because they cannot get past their own egos and brainwashing and even acknowledge that there is a possibility that I might be right! Sometimes the battle is overwhelming, an do loose my patience with many. I'm sorry if you ever got caught in the crossfire honey! If your interested in the truth watch the movie "ethos" available on Netflix. It will put what is a very complicated set of issues into an understandable perspective. Thanks...Carlos
  10. Sorry to disagree buddy, and welcome to the forum! Your case and that of your family is rare on this forum and has made me stop and reconsider my thought and words, but will say this. You benefitted from what happened after 9/11 in this country. On the other many innocent people were killed in Iraq? The death toll would not be so dramatic had there been a legitimate reason for the war in Iraq. fact is the reasons we were given in this country through our media, was not the real reason for the war. As Soon as George Bush #43 tool office, **** Channey had a secret meeting in the White House with the heads of the major oil companies. The record of the meetings were never released and probably never will be. But during these secret meetings, the fate of Iraq was decided...not by the international communities and to the benefit of Iraq, but by the major oil companies...who were only interested in stealing Iraq's oil...just like what happened in Iran in the 1950s when the Shaw of Iran was installed by the US and the UK. Long story short...these meetings set the stage for a false flag attack on the Twin Towers in New York that killed almost 3000 innocent people, so that the American people would support a war against Saddam Hussain who was being blamed for attacking the US, so that the US could take over Iraq supposedly to rescue the Iraqi people from Saddam, but actually to steal Iraq's oil Because of this many hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis died...who did not deserve to die. The fact that you became free due to what happened was a lucky break compared to what happened to others! I hope you enjoy your stay in this country, and stay well! Carlos
  11. Tedro...or is it PEDRO? I was born here and don't owe you any explanation or justification for what i say or do. Unlike you, I'm free to say what I want when I want, where as you can only think in terms of what the media has planted in your mind, and you.. react accordingly against anyone who voices a dissenting point of view other than yours. I have lived and worked in many countries over the years, mostly in Latin America, but I've also been in the Middle East, in Iraq and Kuwait. I was a truck driver for KBR in Iraq in 2004. This is when I got my dinar, and I got out with my life and my dinar, and don't owe you or anyone else an explanation beyond that. I did my time in a war zone, and it's probably more than what you have done. If you don't like the fact that I live in this country, you'll just have to live with your anger. It does not bother me in the least. I do believe you need to look into the reasons for your intolerance of those countrymen of your who voice a different opinion other than your own, because it was my impression that in the USA we are guaranteed freedom of speech and equality among men. I guess these principles don't mean much, when you have been told by your political party that dissent is not tolerated in the ranks of the American people. We all must believe what the media and our leaders tell us, or we need to question the right of those who dissent to be in this country. I don't know who you think you are buddy, but you need a major wake up call....Carlos
  12. You father was a man who was ahead of his time, it sounds as though he tried to warn you in advance. My take on the situation is pretty simple. There are two opposing camps, politically, economically and philosophically right now. THe NEW WORLD ORDER countries, the G8, Uk, US and Israel, and on the other hand, the 120 nations of the Bric nations or Eastern Alliance nations, including Iraq! I read years ago that most of the Bric nations were waiting to RV their currencies and to date have not done so, including Iraq. We are not being told why, but are left to speculate. We continue to await for the Iraqi RV and it just seems right around the corner but never arrives. I think is the Eastern Alliance nations are simply waiting for the collapse of the Euro and the dollar before they RV because they do not want to allow the NWO Nations to profit from the RV and save their economies, but experience a complete and devastating collapse under the weight of it's own corruption. I believe all these world events are tied in together and will not happen independently but at the same time. This is however...MHO and should not be taken as fact... until it happens, if it does! Thanks for the support...Carlos I guess it does not take much to entertain you huh? Carlos
  13. I don't need to slip over the border at night like some fugitive, because I'm not wanted on either side of the border for anything illegal. Because I'm an honest man! I do cross the US Mexican border frequently for pleasure and business, but I do so with my head held high and in broad daylight for everyone to see, because I have nothing to hide! You know Carrello...I think you should really examine the reasons for your comments to me. I'm not angry that you have chosen to try to put a racist spin on the issue, but it bothers me that you choose to eliminate those who voice a different opinion than yours. What you are showing me is your intolerance. You have little patience for any opinion other than what you consider to be YOUR opinion. But that's not really the complete truth because your views did not originate in your own mind, and you can't claim ownership of them...they were planted there by a force that did so without your knowing it over a long period of time. It's called brainwashing. Your views come from the NEW WORLD ORDER'S media control! The intolerance you have shown has also been implanted in your mind as a defense mechanism against those who voice dissent. It's a common tactic when there is no logical answer to an opposing view. You need to start thinking outside the box Lady.... Carlos
  14. The reality is SocalDinar that to run for ANY office requires lots and lots of money. I don't have it! I do run my own small business, and been very successful, but I'm a SMALL business owner and don't contribute huge amounts to anyone's campaign, without that I don't expect change. in fact it's a sad fact that we can only expect change to come through campaign contributions and not because the cause it is the right thing to do! I don't have the money to open a press agency. I do the best I can by spreading the word of what i have learned to people who do not understand and don't want to understand. It is frustrating enough when you are dealing with entrenched ideology that has been planted by generations of experts at brainwashing, through the media. We can blame every administration since Nixon for allowing the NWO to continue. The only POTUS to ever try was Kennedy, and he was assassinated for it! We all live in the same world and have all become consumers to one degree or another, there's no avoiding it....and it does not make me a hypocrite to be a consumer. Sadly your right, the bills you and I have in our wallets, and in the banks do belong to the lets get together and change that! Thanks SocalDinar....Carlos
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