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  1. A Coors...I wondered when you would rear your head. Playing the part of a jilted lover I see. As long as we seem to be putting all of our cards on the table, can you please informed the audience on the various attempts of yours to ensnare me in a love nest? And since I refused, you now want to expose all of my naughtiness. How quaint. The only problem Love, is I have all the emails you sent asking for me to join you in romantic ecstasy…I think you said something to the effect that I’m only a L e s bo because I haven’t meant the right man, and that you were the man that was going to change
  2. I guess now I've insulted goat hearders? Ah, yes, historically speaking they did herd goats. Nothing wrong with that, but it's kind of a dying industry these days. I find it utterly amusing, the guy puts G A Y people down in this day and age, and you guys are upset because I called somebody a goat herder?While he probably wants women back in the kitchen and pregnant as well. Really, I find this crowd's lack of social grace and modern ethnical behavior to be mind boggling. I hate to say it, but I think I stumbled on the real reason this is causing such an stir. You guys don't want chan
  3. Pls show me where I was "name calling", once again, you make accusations without proof. Note that you didn't provide even one example of your previous statement that I was causing problems. Any of those topics that were closed, were NOT because of my comments, but because various members posts between each other. Come on Mr. Chew me up, walk the talk. You're all wind, no substance. You like to come in here and join the mob, but when it comes to backing up your statement you fall underly short. As far as debating, pick any subject you wish, while I won't get the most positive points, I bea
  4. a court of law, I would have the right to cross examine and ask for specific evidence. You Sir are generalizing and summarizing my postings without giving specifics. Pls do so, or withdraw you feeble attempts of character assassination. I will grant you that I have far different beliefs than the majority here. The majority which are White, Conservative, Christian, Straight, Males. I'm only one of those. And being that I am a duel citizen of both the US and UK, have lived in 7 countries, traveled to over 170, speak 4 languages fluently and have 3 college degrees...I'd sa
  5. I thought I'd let this thread run "unplugged' so I could see what kind of responses came about. Seems I'm about as popular in this topic as I am in gun control. Hmmm...I guess I miscalculated (again), just how much American love their constitutional rights. Free speech being #1. For that I beg your forgiveness. I did not mean (although I admit one could read into it) to restrict the right to post. I merely wished to bundle it up and put these government/political topics in an area, so I did not have to wade through them. Obviously, this hit a nerve with many of you, so I would like to
  6. Sir (at least I think you are male, if not, my forgiveness)...I can't agree more with your statement that religion provides hope. And hope is a very good thing indeed. However, I would like to ask your indulgence on your first statement, that is: Without religion there would be no control between right and wrong. This opinion is very prevalent in the West, but it is not that way in the East. Let me explain. For most Westerners, religion has these two main requirements: Existence of one (or more) Supreme Beings and the existence of a Heaven/Hell. Would you agree with that? However in mos
  7. If we could put our differences aside for this post, I'd like to provide my thoughts on this. As both an atheist and a Buddhist, I have come to the conclusion that I won't not want America to turn away from religion. Yes, I know that may be a shock to some of you but here is my point. Many people of faith believe that if they do good things they will be rewarded in Heaven. Likewise, if they do bad things they will either spend eternity in Hell or the water down version, they will be sent away from God's love (kind of a go to your room vs spanking punishment). Now, what would happen if p
  8. Over the last several months I’ve seen a HUGE difference in what is posted here in the Off Topic Forum and to put it bluntly, it turns my stomach. This use to be a fun and nuturing place to hang out. Where we could post funny items, or ask deep philosophical questions of each other, or send out special announcements of what was going on in each other’s lives. While I do still see some of this, it seems more and more it’s been turn into a political and/or conspiracy venue. Is it me or is the vast majority of postings now Anti-Obama or describing how the Government is allegedly screwing wit
  9. "immature, uneducated people like yourself"....huh? Babe...Smee is many many things, like smart, funny, witty, kind, softhearted, warm, loyal and wise...and those are only her bad points. I think u need to restrict the red meat in your diet...but then again, that is what u knuckle dragging, lop earred neaderthals eat I guess. And when it comes to debates, I'm your huckle berry....let's dance...pick a subject, any subject and I'll blow your little bias, egotistical hide out of the water.
  10. Trust me...he doesn't have a snowballs chance in Hades.
  11. I can just see Obama supporters, or the Big Guy himself, looking over this thread and grinning from ear to ear. What chance do we have at getting him out if we have this type of animosity among us? I have great respect for many of you, on both sides of the discussion. What concerns me is that when the dust settles and the GOP candidate is named, if we don't all jump on board, whomever it is...we are SOL. One account I've seen is that Obama has up to $1B in campaign funding to launch once a clear contender is named. United we stand or divided we fall.....Vote REPUBLICAN no matter what!
  12. Spew? Me? I can assure you Sir, that the only time I spew is when I go to the dentist…and he asks me to rinse my mouth out. But no doubt, you haven’t been to one in years, so my brilliant parody will go over your toothless head. Sxsess, your recent attempts to add anything of meaning to my post, frankly befuddles me. I have always heard that, while Texans were proud of their great state, and like to boast of it, they were never mean nor small. They have a reputation as being true Southern Gentlemen, full of charm and wit. However, from this and previous outburst you’ve had, it would se
  13. Cher....that was too funny! I've never heard that song before. Easy..join the club mate. Having been on both side of that equation, I can't figure us out either. But I can tell you in my world, to see a hottie with someone else almost begs one to try and $natck (no pun intended, of course) her away.
  14. Not to rain on your parade...but Obama has a LOT of money to spend on his re-election, I've seen estimates that are over $1B...that's with a B, so $500k isn't going to get much action in comparison. If you want to really get votes for Republicans, I recommend you volunteer to drive registered Republicans to the voting booths on Election Day. Then use the $500K as seed money for scholarships for young college students interested in political science, slant it towards a conservative agenda...and have a self-perpetuating contribution that helps a young person start a career and may l
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