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  1. 1.00 YER = 0.00465658 USD Yemeni Rial ↔ US Dollar 1 YER = 0.00465658 USD 1 USD = 214.750 YER So ,,,,, iraq can get in at 1166 then without an rv????
  2. Central Bank reserves are a debt owed by the Central Bank by Iraqi dinar holders....
  3. Im with keep!!! Hopefully something finally!! Lol
  4. No kidding dweave........add value, lop it just get it over with already!! Years and years of all talk, and no action!!! All blow and no go!!!
  5. "because the new currency will gain Takina better than the current."..... I got this quote from a cbi postponing deleting of does takina mean value????
  6. Yes it would be nice for it to finally end ,win or lose or break even....
  7. and is theyre money supply all in circulation??? Could be only couple trillion being used , the rest stashed or dashed by the never know!!
  8. 30 trillion dinars in circulation in the Iraqi market, then discarded and replaced with a new our 000 notes will be discarded and replaced!!!! That doesnt sound good for us!!!
  9. So is the u.s dollar new rate in this budget??? Revalue or devalued??? Lol
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