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  1. When you guys check the CBI do you just go to CBI.IQ, and check the rates on the English version? Or do you click to the Arabic version and use a translation program? Wondering because it seems like they keep the Arabic version more up to date than the English. Thanks
  2. If I go to CBI.IQ and click on the Arabic version, then translate with Bing,...then go to the box on the right that says "Information on the", and click on "The Central Bank Of Iraq" it will show you the exchange rates. Yesterday I noticed that vs the USD it says 16.000 in the sell column, while it still says 1164.000 in the buy column. Not saying it means anything. It was like this yesterday and the same today,...not sure how long it's been like this as I don't check that stuff regularly. The English version of CBI.IQ still says buy 1166.000 and sell 1164.000. anywho,...just wanted to point that out
  3. I realize he doesn't actually post here, I mean how is he allowed on all the other websites? I didn't post this question on any other websites cuz I know those mods wouldn't allow it to be posted. I thought someone here might be able to explain how he is allowed to continue to dominate the other websites. It just makes no sense to me how someone like that is allowed to continue to do what he does. It really brings to question the credibility of those other sites.
  4. I would really like to know something. With all the BS from TNT, I mean the fake Twitter followers, all the times he has called the RV over the years, the court issues, and the simple fact that most sensible people know he's a crock with little to no valid info to share. How in the world is he allowed to post on these forums? I mean seriously, if I owned one of these websites there's no way in the world he would be allowed on after the years of BS he has spread. How can any reasonable website allow him to continually, and obviously lead the public on ???? Does he secretly own the websites he posts on? I participate on many forums, mostly work related and I have been around long enough to know someone like him would be banned quick fast and in a hurry. So what's the deal? How is this allowed to go on? Thanks in Advance
  5. Tony is prolly sitting back laughing at all the people following his twitter account.
  6. I really don't see the Dinar RV'ing and coming out lower than it already is. I can see it coming out at pennies to the dollar, but I'm hoping for better. I still think the rebirth of Iraq and the Dinar are very real,...I also still think there are many scammers working the Dinar crowd.
  7. In the early 90's I worked with a guy that moved to the USA from Iraq. He was talking about the Dinar RV'ing back then. That was when Stormin Norman kicked Saddam out of Kuwait. This Co-worker made the occasional trip back to Iraq to visit relatives, and was taking orders for Dinar that he was gonna bring back to us. Those were the Dinars with Saddam's face on them. I had no money at the time but a bunch of people gave him money to bring back Dinars in hopes that it would RV and they would get rich. Long story short he went to Iraq but they wouldn't let him leave Iraq with any Dinar, so nothing really came of it. But that was my introduction to the Dinar RV saga. So years later when another President Bush invaded Iraq,... my ears perked up. A different friend with no knowledge of my earlier experience mentioned that he had gotten some dinar and that I should consider getting some. This time I had some money and got some and here we sit. So I heard about this a long, long time ago.
  8. "About 2 Months ago, Iraqi Dinars could no longer be purchased?" Am I missing something here? Doesn't this guy have internet service?
  9. So now we know how G.W. Bush knew they had WMD's. We also know he was correct when he said they snuck them out of the country into Syria. Even though at the time people didn't believe him.
  10. We're supposed to believe "The Detroit Liberal Examiner" ???? Yea that sounds like an unbiased news source.
  11. Thanks for the link to that Bloomberg video. It's gives me hope. That's the first time I've seen a legit news source mention it on a legit network, with a legit host. Usually the videos that mention the GCR look "homemade" like they are put together by GooRoo pumpers. So maybe the money I spent on Dong wasn't wasted after all
  12. Do you believe this Global Currency Reset stuff, or do you think it's a bunch of GooRoo DooDoo. Personally, I think the Dinar will eventually RV,...but I have a hard time believing the whole GCR scenario. If I knew how to create a poll, I would but I don't know how, or if it's even possible on this forum, But thanks for your opinions just the same
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