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  1. I'm not sure it matters. All he has to do is say his parents were both US citizens, and hide the birth records, and he's in. Right? Aren't those the new rules?
  2. Well, I can see that the members as a whole aren't revolting. The only change I'm looking for is the Dinar RV, other than that, I like things to stay the same. But I know if I spend some time here that I will appreciate the upgrades. Did I mention that I'm still hanging on to my old OS for the computer...last in the house...because I know exactly what to expect? Ha ha ha...thanks Adam for making life here as good as it can get!
  3. Yep. I'm not admitting to my friends that I got sucked into this deal. Or the other way of looking at it. If it takes too long I don't want my friends blaming me. Or...I'm not interested in their opinion about how stupid I was for sending them my money. And...anybody could have set up that page. I'm seriously doubting it was Warka Bank.
  4. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm excited. I'll get excited when I actually take the toilet paper to the bank and they give me an account with six or eight ZEROS. That's when I'll get excited. I suppose I'm a little deflated after only 2 years. You did mean HUGE, right?
  5. and they'll be in debt a quarter of a million dollars for that worthless education. There is (was) a documentary on YouTube about the scam that education is these days. An hour long. Watched the whole thing, and couldn't agree more. It's a very expensive license to get an average job. That's it.
  6. I'm sure somebody already pointed this out, but really. How freakin' stupid can these assholes be? Whatever they legislate, it will have NO FREAKING IMPACT ON ILLEGAL GUNS.
  7. I personally feel pretty hateful against the WBC. I think their actions are reprehensible. Rooted in hate. It angers me that they associate themselves with my Christ.
  8. My husband of eight years and our 13 year old daughter had to move out of our 3000 square foot house because of health hazards that have to be cleaned up. I've become very sick as a result of them, and life has been kind of hard. We first house sat for friends for 3 weeks. It was like a working vacation--when we woke up every day we didn't have our work staring us in the face until we fell asleep at night. The last three weeks have been spent in a hotel room, about 14'x20'; very small for three people. I'm cooking on a hot plate and a toaster oven. We've really had to work on ourselves to spend this much time together. We're seeing unexpected changes in our 13 year old, for the better. I don't know what my point was...but I really appreciated this post. I've read it before, and it made me cry again. I have a husband like that. Even under these conditions, he is loving and patient. Even when I'm tough to be around because I feel horrible, he waits me out. I have always believed that my husband is the best man I have ever known, and as the years pass, I am increasingly convinced that I am right.
  9. Well at least most of us are past waiting up all night to see what happens... I can't help but think our dollars are going to cause the RV...when it's 1:1 it's because our dollars tank like Iraq's, not because Iraq's are increased in value. I suppose I wouldn't know what to do with that much money, anyway. On the other hand, I am sure I could feel empowered to figure it out pretty quickly! GO RRRRRRRVVVVVVV!!!
  10. Ebay buyers are anonymous...unless they hold a press conference! (I'd hold a press conference, in front of my gun cabinet.)
  11. I work in the truly getting well industry...not the "sick care industry" and I can tell you that everybody, both sides of the aisle, do exactly that, and LITERALLY don't want help. In case they'll lose their benefits. I see it every day. Which totally wasn't the point... We really do need to help people, but we also need to not allow being sick to work so well for them.
  12. As well as the fluid is not beer, it is colored water.
  13. I absolutely agree about saying "no" and not EVER leaving your kids with a medical provider alone. Some of these people will provide a non-emergency invasive medical treatment to your kid if you're not looking because they think they know better (if you're like me and avoid Pharma and vaccinations and all that dangerous sheet), which was the initial reason I'd never leave my kid alone with a doctor. One of them did it to one of my older kids years ago. Arrogant p****. last kid was born at home, and I don't think she's ever been to a doctor except for a sports exam...after which I found out Chiropractors can do them, and so I have him do it every year. I think she's in perfect health because I've never let them f*** with her. And I feed her well As for the guns...I don't even know how many we have or where they all are. I think I'll keep it that way.
  14. It amazes me that anyone objects to this, after Christ our Savior was hung on a cross and dunked in pee, and our government subsidized the artist. Then some idiot renders Obama as the Christ...which I think qualifies as blasphemy. There's a word for this work of Beck''s on the tip of my tongue... Poetic Justice.
  15. I heard this on the radio yesterday, and I absolutely loved it. This article didn't mention that all of the money for the sale of the "Obama Pee Pee" was going to charity. I wish I could afford the bumper sticker!
  16. I am totally amused by the first half of the thread and then the owner of the site posts his piece and then the tone of the thread totally changes. I for one don't like the banner, and also recognize that I'm here for free and don't really get to have a say. Thanks, Adam, and if you want to put 50 banners on the page, while I won't like it, you won't hear doody from me about it :) . And I'm appreciating that I got my VIP last year at 40% off or so, very grateful that you run these specials while we wait year after year after year for this thing to pop, plus provide us a great place to blow off steam in the frustration of the waiting. GO RV!!! We watched "Christmas with a Capital C" last night on Netflix. Great family movie. It's all about that.
  17. I responded to a misunderstanding of the statement. I'm always offended when race is brought up, when it's not relevant. I didn't realize that's what the original poster meant by it. I'm not always the sharpest knife in the drawer
  18. In my admittedly very limited experience, liberals are not big gun owners. I don't think this will hurt his business a tat. I think he knows it. The people spending money on guns and ammo right now are the people who are alarmed that this marxist was voted back in, and knows we're on the cusp of losing what's left of our constitutionally guaranteed freedom. The people who voted for him drank the koolaid and aren't in the least concerned enough about where things are going to spend money on firearms or ammo. JMO. Why? And why "peace"? I can't seen what race has to do with it. Only a racists would see relevance there. Finishing your posts with "peace" doesn't make the offensive things said go away. -Truth.
  19. As a person who is really sick of the race card BS all the TIME...I'm wondering if the joke would have been less funny without the guy being a "mexican." How about if the joke just started out "a guy" instead of "a mexican guy" Just sayin' OMG I'm in trouble now. Clearly I'm a redneck. I have an electronic fly swatter that looks like a tennis racquet that I use to kill mosquitoes and think the sound of them frying and they way they spark when I hit them is just delightful. And the six pack of Mike's never made me sad.
  20. Why thank you I didn't even think it was a particularly well thought out post, really just kind of shooting from the hip. I can't believe my state (which I can't name) isn't on the list. I'd move to Texas but I don't think I could take the heat I was there in March once...nearly died of heat and humidity.
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