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  1. Yoda is with Luke on Tantooine. He'll be back soon.
  2. Who Negged Laid Back for the awesome post explaining the auctions? Come out please and explain yourself!!! I would like to read why it was done. A mistake maybe?
  3. Electronically. Virtual buying and selling only. There would be too much currency exchanging hands and thus even more thievery would follow.
  4. Sounds like a great idea. Make them RV first to $3.50 then give them all the loans and debt forgiveness you want.
  5. I think the ISX is related to the drop in oil prices and the Corona Virus. It is also a perfect time to reset for a possible RV. I think, respectfully, you are half correct. The auctions are not a result of the virus. The ISX may be. I totally agree here with you. Nothing will change virus wise by March 29.
  6. You are right. That makes sense. I keep looking at this with those damn RV glasses. I need a new script. But the auctions stopping captures my attention.
  7. jcav


    It is. I was staring at it for way too long. 🤢
  8. You are right but they also said for price adjustments. What adjustments are needed for closing due to a virus? Plus the auctions stopped as well. That thievery has little or nothing to do with a virus.
  9. At first glance he appears progressive and looks like he would facilitate an RV to move the country forward. We will see. He too can be a wolf in sheep's clothing
  10. He just needs to hurry up and name his people before they sabotage him. No sense of urgency over there.
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