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  1. Can you provide the link? I install in my tablet but the ISX is not there. They have the L2.
  2. Suppose you have stocks of Warka Bank. Suppose someone offers to buy them at a lower price. Beacause the high risk. Because some believe they are worthless. Your sell them ? Remember suppose.
  3. Follow the link. READ. I can take the horse to the river, but I can not make him drink.
  4. I can give the link, but I can not make you read it.
  5. CBI make many errors to apply the guardianship I like this parts. The world pay and impose I request to call the defendant to attend to the proceeding and decide to cancel the above guardianship decision and to oblige him to pay the expenses and advocacy fees. The Decision: Upon auditing and discussion, it was found that the appealing revocation was submitted within its legal period, and it was decided to accept it formally and upon reviewing the appealing !udgment, it was found that it is incorrect and contradict the law, that when the Central Bank of Iraq decided to impose
  6. The court made ​​an UPDATE. Included the full translation of the court's decision. This was news of Warka. PDF 1-6 Warka CourtVictory Over CBI UPDATE FULL TRANLATION 03-13-2013
  7. August 19, 2011 Old news
  8. Follow the performance of companies Al-Warka'a Bank, Basrah International Bank, National for food Industries and Palestine Hotel Latest News Referring to what was stated in the text of the compliant introduced by the participants of Al-Warka'a Bank, Basrah International Bank, National for food Industries and Palestine Hotel concerning shareholders rights in these companies and the fate of the amounts paid to subscribe to its shares and trading these shares at Iraq Stock Exchange, so the Commission intend to explain the following: The shareholders rights has guaranteed by the companies l
  9. Warka Bank for Investment and Finance7 hours ago we promised you with a very good news..nothing better than WARKA VICTORY SHAREEEEEEE
  10. They have 706 for the page. Warka Bank for Investment and Finance 6 hours ago via mobileShare the page Warka bank is getting BETTER
  11. This appears on Facebook, I want good news Warka Bank for Investment and Finance January 29 There's great news for Fans Warka Bank .. We want to reach 1000 fans in the next few days to disclose the news!! Great news for all Warka Bank fans, we need to reach 1000 like to let every body know the good news ... press SHARE press post
  12. You can used this Free Online OCR and them used google translate, this software if no perfect but work. Some places have human translator, but will cost. Free Online OCR Babylon Human Translation
  13. Anyone buy sotocks of ASIACELL with WARKA?
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