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  1. Luigi, I think Tim Tebow should stick with baseball instead of giving Dinar updates😁😁😁
  2. I had no clue Dave Letterman and Arnold Schwarzenegger were keeping close tabs on the Iraqi Dinar. If they are saying it is happening then we must really be close😁😁😁
  3. I guess I'll have to wait till next week to retire but there are definitely some positive things happening in the past few weeks. Exciting times!!!
  4. Okay Adam when is the RV going to happen? Frankie and and all his friends say any day ; please agree with them🤗
  5. That is definitely odd but then again what hasn't been odd about this investment???😁😁😁
  6. I'm just wondering what yous think the long term outlook is for bitcoin after it has plunged below $9000 and seems to keep dropping?
  7. Thanks Adam. We continue to wait. I'm glad I have plenty of patience because in this investment you definitely need it.
  8. This sounds very promising but knowing it is Iraq makes a person know not to get too excited😊 Hopefully they will start doing what they are talking about
  9. Thanks Adam!!! And the wait continues😬 but hopefully not much longer
  10. Oh boy this Intel has me so excited Or maybe I'm excited that it's Friday. I think that is probably what it is
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