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  1. Wow, that was eye opening. Thanks for posting.
  2. Right on Cris. Bush was ridiculed to no end for the speech stumbling but there is never a peep from the media when B.O. does it.
  3. Hmmmm..........reminds me of what I tell my clients..........In God We Trust.....all others cash
  4. I have lost count at how many times he is "good to go".
  5. I agree with Nelg and have to wonder why this was not investigated further...........thanks Bump for posting it.
  6. Very nice........thank you for posting
  7. He's busy figuring out how he will profit from all of this.
  8. Mack - is there anything you haven't found a picture for??? Wait - maybe we don't want to know.......
  9. From what I can gather something happened over the weekend. One or more is on mod review and not sure of the others. Loved seeing the news and breakdowns that they brought to all of us.
  10. Bravo - Any updates from you or your contacts?
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