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  1. New uncirculated 5k notes 5 million. Will sell at 1000.00/mil
  2. It's pretty simple what he is implying. 24% ... 12% is half. 6.34/2=3.17 He is basing on an oil production scenario.
  3. I believe you have your facts mistaken. Fred Rogers never served in the military and Bob Keeshan was in the Marine Corp reserves with no combat experience.
  4. 5 million Dinar 1K notes uncirculated $1000.00/mil will send COD 25 million Vietnamese Dong $70/mil Leave contact if interested. Thanks.
  5. The movie is okay but I believe that you would probably enjoy dreams from my real father by Joel Gilbert a lot better and it's on Netflix
  6. Here is the link. It's just someone's opinion.
  7. If you still have them available, I will buy them. I work in Tampa off of Busch.
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