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  1. It's pretty simple what he is implying. 24% ... 12% is half. 6.34/2=3.17 He is basing on an oil production scenario.
  2. bacdocgreg

    Never Would Have Guessed

    I believe you have your facts mistaken. Fred Rogers never served in the military and Bob Keeshan was in the Marine Corp reserves with no combat experience.
  3. 5 million Dinar 1K notes uncirculated $1000.00/mil will send COD 25 million Vietnamese Dong $70/mil Leave contact if interested. Thanks.
  4. bacdocgreg

    3 million for sale

    I will buy 1 million.
  5. I will take them. Have 2 brothers in WV. Ranson. Let me know. Greg
  6. bacdocgreg

    Raw: Suspect in Orlando cop shooting taken to jail

    Very well said supergirl!!
  7. bacdocgreg

    2016 Obama's America

    The movie is okay but I believe that you would probably enjoy dreams from my real father by Joel Gilbert a lot better and it's on Netflix
  8. Here is the link. It's just someone's opinion.
  9. bacdocgreg

    4 Million Dinar For Sale

    I will take what you have left.
  10. bacdocgreg

    One Million dinars for sale

    If you still have them available, I will buy them. I work in Tampa off of Busch.
  11. bacdocgreg

    2.8 Million Iraqi Dinar For Sale

    I will buy COD cash for what you are asking.
  12. bacdocgreg


    1 85-90 S/T6
  13. bacdocgreg

    Costa Rica

    Income taxes are not paid to run the government. They are used to pay down the national debt. All the other taxes you pay are for the government.. such as food, gas, utilities...etc..etc.. 100% agree with you!!!!

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