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  1. Update: The investment off is now closed as all shares have been sold. Thanks to those who took the time to review this thread.
  2. Sorry if there is confusion on the process. This thread was to post the investment opportunity, updates and did not provide exact steps on how to invest until people had all of their questions answered. When someone invests, the CEO (Daniel Drury) sends an email directly with the details. I would not advise sharing your email publicly on the forum, I will PM you.
  3. If you are referring to Kuverit's support. The ICO is being transitioned into an IEO. This is a great move and the fact two top 10 exchanges approached Kuverit shows it's potential. If you were to try and purchase coins from Kuverit's site, you would not be able to. Their website will be updated to no longer list the ICO model they have listed. Once the IEO goes live on IDAX, you would not be able to purchase tokens on IDAX since you are in the USA. Even if you could, they would not reimburse you. The great thing about this investment is you are buying tokens before they are listed on IDAX. This means you can live anywhere in the world and participate. The funds being raised go towards the IDAX listing. When you invest, you receive the tokens from Kuverit directly and a refund of your investment within 4-6 weeks post-IEO if not sooner. I hope that helps
  4. Update: IDAX officially announced today that Kuverit will be added to their exchange as an upcoming IEO listing. IEO Announcement: Kuverit Project Summary:
  5. Those of us in the US are able to participate in this investment opportunity. The funds being raised are to assist the company getting listed on the exchange for what is called and IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). When someone invests, they receive 20 million tokens and a refund of your initial investment. You will receive more tokens than had you spent the same 1 BTC on the exchange for being an early investor. USA members can participate in the investment and receive their coins. I have new updates that I am going to post in a separate reply.
  6. Update: Equity is no longer included in the remaining shares. However, a full refund of your investment and 20 million tokens per 1 BTC share is still a no brainer.
  7. Update: The CEO signed the contract today and gave me this update. This will help solidify this is a genuine company that was approached by a top 10 exchange because they believe it will be successful. The exchange will run a PR to aggressively promote the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) as well as Kuverit's marketing team they hired. Details about the marketing team is a few posts up and well worth the read! CEO Update: "For your info, we are signing the contract with <Exchange Omitted> today and we have provisionally set the IEO date as 25/26th June. In the next day or two we will be publicly announcing our collaboration with <Exchange Omitted> so we will be spending the next month promoting the IEO." Note: He told me later today it could be Monday before the exchange publicly announces it due to the weekend.
  8. Hi Adam, I have not personally spoken to anyone from DV about this. The CEO offers to do anything he can to ease concern as he understands this is not a small investment for most people. The option to pay the exchange directly was offered to another investor to help prove this is a legitimate investment. The whole mission behind Kuverit it to be a service that protects P2P transaction in virtually any situation. The CEO gave me an great update today that I will post in a new topic in regards to the exchange.
  9. Updates: Currently 9 BTC has been reserved which leaves 16 BTC. Shares can now be purchased in 1 BTC increments. Each 1 BTC share includes: - 20,000,000 tokens - .4% equity in the company - Investment is refunded soon after the IEO is complete. The CEO has done everything to help assist investors and even arranged payments to be made directly to the exchange instead of their licensed broker. If anyone here is doubtful and needs reassurance, he would be more than happy to help alleviate concerns. Ironically... this service was designed to do just that. It provides insurance against the risk associated with P2P transactions.
  10. I setup a chat between the CEO and a potential investor today. I took some of the questions he asked that may help answer questions any of you may also have. Q/& Q: You mentioned the 25BTC invested would be returned. In what time frame would that be in? A: In terms of time frame, we will set the exact details of when we receive the funds from the IEO with the exchange. It will be fairly quickly after the IEO is completed however I can ask <EXCHANGE PROTECTED> to confirm the exact time frame. Q: Can you tell me more about your company? A: I am not sure how much you know about us but let me give you some background on who we are and where are at the moment. Sorry it’s a bit long winded but just trying to give you a good overview of what we are trying to achieve. Kuverit was formed over a year ago with plans to develop the worlds first peer-to-peer guarantee trading app which will virtually eradicate fraud or financial loss from any form of P2P transactions. I understand that you have been provided with our Whitepaper &/or Presentation Slide Deck but I can forward these to you to again to review if you wish. Last summer we pulled together a group of seed investors and managed to raise a small amount of capital to get us to where we are today. However, now we are looking to take the next step, and raise significant funding to complete development of the application and get it released on both iOS and Android before commencing a main token sale at a later date. We had recently been making enquiries into holding an IEO and we have been approached by a reputable top-ten exchange in <EXCHANGE PROTECTED>. It’s worth mentioning that <EXCHANGE PROTECTED> approached Kuverit after reviewing the project and they see massive potential in what we are trying to do and are extremely keen to work with us. Our plan is to put 3.2b tokens up for grabs in an IEO which will be run over two short stages at a price of $0.0025 per token, which gives us a target sum of $8m. Kuverit would be become an “exchange endorsed” token and will reach an extremely wide audience. Both Kuverit and <EXCHANGE PROTECTED> are extremely confident of its success. <EXCHANGE PROTECTED> have over 2.2m users in over 100 countries worldwide, but most interestingly in a number of key markets in Asia. The $8m will allow us to complete the development of the application and allow us to keep to our Roadmap and carry out an extensive marketing campaign ahead of a main token sale where we will list the tokens at $0.01 each. However, before we can look to commence our IEO plans we need to find the <EXCHANGE PROTECTED> listing fee. This has been set at 25 BTC by <EXCHANGE PROTECTED> and at the present time Kuverit are not in a position to meet this requirement, which is hampering our efforts to reach the next step. Kuverit did not hold a pre-sale to avoid crypto whales from purchasing large token allocations and we therefore have only been raising funds as they are needed. We are now looking for an individual (or individuals) who are willing to offer a 25 BTC investment in exchange for a generous equity/token allocation package, as well as reimbursement of the 25 BTC investment. Details as follows: - Return of the 25 BTC investment - 10% equity stake in the business - a significant allocation of 500m tokens I think I have covered most things but I am sure you may have additional questions so I am happy to answer these for you. Q: I was given the impression that after being listed on the exchange the price could soar to as much as 0.01 and in this case we could sell of at that point and make a handsome return. A: In respect of this query, our main token sale (which will follow the IEO) will be at 0.01 per token. Obviously a mass sale of tokens will only hinder the token price in the long run so we would require you to sign a slow release agreement but we can discuss the terms of this. Q: If I decide not to invest the full 25BTC, can I invest a portion of it? A: We need a total of 25 BTC to finalize the listing. Appreciating you may only want to invest a portion of this, we would need to secure the remainder from other investors Q: How would we invest the 25BTC or portion of it? Do we need to create an account on the exchange ourselves? Do we send it to you and your team? Please advise A: Kuverit has an agreement with a licensed broker which will transact this for us. This provides security for you. Our broker has the necessary trading licences to ensure we comply with any regulations and stop us falling foul of any regulatory bodies. The payment will need to be in BTC. Q: If we invest a portion of the needed BTC, but you can’t find other investors in time for the IEO, would our investment be returned to us? A: Yes, of course. Q: What is the name of your broker? A: Our broker is FX NextGen - Their website is if you want to check them out.
  11. I also meant to add that Kuverit has signed an agreement with Splash Worldwide to carry out a global marketing campaign. Splash Worldwide works with clients such as Nike, Adidas, Norwegian Air, Coleman, Columbia, IZOD, Lexus, Hilton, VanHeusen, BMW, Tiffany & Co, Instagram and many others.
  12. Company Information Kuverit "If it's Worth it, Kuverit!" A Global Peer to Peer Guarantee & Protection Platform designed to Protect Everything for Everyone Everywhere. Kuverit’s innovative mainstream solution that was designed to eradicate peer to peer fraud as the world’s first fully independent blockchain insurance company. There are unlimited real world examples this technology can be used to eliminate fraud and and reduce liability. If you hired someone to fix your car, appliance or even paint your home, you can have the job insured on the spot to help give you peace of mind. Freelancers/Contractors can build their reputation on the Kuverit application by completing jobs successfully. In the event a situation arose that you need to file a claim, you initiate it straight from the application along with supporting evidence. When a claim is filed the customer and the client disputing the claim will have 72 hours to submit supporting evidence. If 72 hours passes and one of the parties has not submitted supporting evidence, the claim will be awarded to the party that has submitted supporting evidence. If both parties do not submit supporting evidence then the claim will be cancelled, and the tokens will be released to the guarantor. Once supporting evidence has been submitted by all parties the claim will be voted upon. Full details on the dispute process can be read within the whitepaper. Kuverit P2P Guarantee Summary We are giving everyone with internet access the opportunity to get a guarantee for any two-way transaction. Whether you are a service provider or contractor, business or customer, the Kuverit app lets you enter an agreement with anybody at any time, assuaging any new buyer anxieties and risk factors. Benefiting both buyers and sellers, how it works is simple: a user creates an account on the application, enters details of what they need to be guaranteed for - and how much - and then posts their request for a guarantor to other users of the application. A guarantor can scan open contracts to find one that suits their risk thresholds, for example, the reputation score of the guaranteed, or a minimum fee for guaranteeing a transaction. Selecting ‘Kuver now’ will then automatically create a smart contract between the guarantor, the client (who is tending the service) and their customer. Kuverit P2P Application It will be available on both iPhone and Android, the Kuverit P2P application will give anyone, anywhere the opportunity to have their transactions guaranteed, whilst also providing a new revenue model via a fully transparent fee structure. P2P Guarantee: A Real-World Scenario Bob needs a website for his new business and finds a developer online named Amjad who has provided him a quote for the job. Amjad informs Bob the that website development will cost $5,000 and that he requires a 50% deposit prior to commencement. Bob is anxious, he has never worked with Amjad before and is not sure of Amjad’s honesty or professionalism. To reassure Bob, Amjad tells him to download the Kuverit application. Amjad then submits a request to the Kuverit network asking for a $2,500 guarantee to cover the work he is going to undertake for Bob. The guarantee request will then be shown to all token holders with at least 12,500 KUV tokens in their wallet over the Guarantor staking amount. These users can then assess Amjad’s reputation score and, if they are happy, submit a fee in the form of a bid for the Guarantee. The Guarantor can set their own fee for providing the Guarantee, but the application will suggest no more than 5%. Amjad accepts a fee bid of 2.5% ($25) from the Guarantor to cover the job - 10% of this fee is withheld by the system. The fee is withdrawn from Amjad’s wallet and instantly transferred to the wallet of the Guarantor. The tokens guaranteeing the job ($2,500) are then withdrawn from the wallet of the Guarantor and placed into our Guarantor Vault. The bidding system creates competitiveness among platform users and ensures fairness by allowing any Guarantor with the collateral to bid on the deal. All events are conducted strictly P2P and manually chosen by Guarantors. Kuverit has no final say on the outcome. Two positives have come from this: • Amjad has acquired a new customer by overcoming the rejections barrier created by insecurity, doubt and lack of trust. • Bob gets a Guarantee that the work being carried out by Amjad will be as stated or he will get his money back in the form of KUV tokens from via a claim. The Kuverit application can be used to guarantee any two-way transaction, of any size, at any time, anywhere. Kuverit Team You can read about the Kuverit team from their LinkedIn profile's on the site as well as the Whitepaper. I went ahead and listed the CEO and one of the Advisors. Daniel Drury - CEO Daniel’s career in insurance started in 1996 as a Commercial Account Handler for Heath Lambert (now a part of AJ Gallagher) looking after the commercial risks of some of the largest corporate companies in the UK. Since then Daniel has held posts with several large global insurance brokers, such as Aon and Jardine Lloyd Thompson. In addition to this, Daniel spent 4 years at a successful underwriting agency based in Gibraltar. Daniel continues to be present in the insurance market working with clients to formulate and execute agreed broking strategies as well as advice and structuring global insurance placements for his larger clients. James Packham - Advisor James Packham is an advisor for Kuverit with an extensive background in the insurance industry. James has been an Insurance practitioner for 54 years working within the Lloyd's Insurance market based in London. James has been Managing Director of several Lloyd's Insurance Brokers handling Insurance from all over the World. Over 54 years James has traveled the World responding to the Insurance requirements of Multi International Companies which require bespoke Insurance given their size and complexity of business. Whitepaper: Website:
  13. I was able to confirm that I can disclose information about the company but not about the exchange the investment is going towards. That is something the CEO would have to be part of since the exchange themselves have their own NDA. I will add additional information this evening to help give details about the company itself.
  14. I understand and want to be in compliance with your forum. No one would be required to give personal information to speak to the CEO. He is the only one that can legally disclose information since I am under NDA. Does that help? If not, then I can close the thread or revise it. Please let me know.
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