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  1. You know that there are some that want to be important , there are some that THINK that they are IMPORTANT and LASTLY there are some that DONT have a CLUE. Look at it this way, some people think that it is easier for them to listen to OKIE than it is to THINK FOR THEMSELVES!!! :rolleyes:
  2. Only you could come up with something like this
  3. I have a family member that wants out and cant take it anymore - 10,000 k notes he s1 Mil for sale at 950.00 each million 25,000k notes he 1 Mill for sale 900.00 each Million email If interested Word to the WISE -- Never tell this to people that need money and should have not bought in the 1st place Geeze
  4. May GOD heal you and keep you in his arms, please get well me miss you.. :rolleyes:
  5. As usual we can depend on you to make us Laugh but bring is good news... Thanks DT ..
  6. Thank You for the post this is great and should not be a surprise to any of us. This is one of the things that Shabbs was concerned about, so now they have these guys out of the way... Let's have us a RV!!
  7. I am in AZ, phoenix area Yes sent you a personal email
  8. 4 Million Dinar for sale @ 850.00 per/million.... This was a purchase that was made a while back for a friend, but she has lost interest and is very discouraged.. Personal Message me with your contact details and I will get back to you... If paypal is used you will pay the fee,,,,
  9. B64 you are soo right...Thanks for the post DT we need to discuss your headlines,,.. Bondlady does an excellent job of breaking down articles from Iraq and explaining them, if a person doesn't like what she post don't read it...
  10. If you still got silver let me know, IM me and we will get the ball rolling
  11. Very well said, now can you please do something with the CUBs ???? :blink:
  12. DT nice post but I sometimes wonder if Brietling has lost touch with reality. Cooked pain management and bedroom.....OUCH... :unsure: :unsure:
  13. Unlike my good friend umbertino, I will give Thanks to The Lord Above, and enjoy the experience of knowing that I will never lack anything in my life again and can help other people and be a difference in many lives. umbertino - 5 minutes hugh ?? I think you might need the little BLUE Pill --- (Had to mess with you) :)
  14. Thanks for the POST Old Man, but are you going to get on that Camel with you BIG Shoes ???? :blink: :blink:
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