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  1. Gold????? Do the natural resources ever quit in Iraq? I have to say that the amount of oil, natural gas and other resources is one of the main reasons I got involved with the Dinar. If they didn't have "the goods" I would not have given it another thought. The future looks bright!! CH
  2. Tony, I like the way you titled your post....because sometimes I get tired of the "real news". Thanks!!
  3. Thanks, I have been busy and not able to keep in touch with the forums like I usually do. When I logged on today, it just looked like business as usual. Ok then, still waiting.
  4. Almost two weeks ago, I got an email from Adam to watch for something to happen within 10 days. I would like to know what he heard that was supposed to have happened. (and didn't) Can anyone enlighten me? Did something happen and I missed it?? Thanks.
  5. This is a fair question. I don't know why someone would -1 so I countered it with a +1. It is certainly not what we want but I suppose it is possible. I always try to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Thanks for the post. C.H.
  6. Mo Money, I like your post! +1 .....I like your lead in, "I would like to thank.... ME..." I have a weakness of checking the Rumors forum too often. Good luck to you and GO RV!!
  7. I am liking this news. Thanks for the post. p.s. I like that it is news and not "rumors".
  8. SLEEP! If no rv on the 30th... then no sleep lost. If it rv's then I will need a good nights sleep to handle the day!!
  9. Don't mean to sound like a basher.....but, what is to train with cashing in?? Banks exchange currency on a regular basis, do they not? Sorry for the skepticism, I sure do want this to happen and I want to believe... especially fellow Texans!!! Go RV!!! p.s. Oak Cliff is cool!
  10. "remember this, the first mouse gets the trap and the 2nd mouse gets the cheese" I like this.
  11. Waco, I have the same questions and concerns as you. You laid out your thoughts very well. I think your scenario 1 in your first post makes the most sense to me.
  12. Hey, I like that!! That rate works for me.
  13. YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! I will definitely be researching my trade in options.
  14. I agree, if this is to be...I will hang on to my dinar until it is where I need you to be to cash in. Its an investment, not the lottery.
  15. Maybe oil??? I'd like them to "enhance the relationship of brotherhood and solidarity" for us!! Go RV!!
  16. Hey, I grew up in MI. It's all true!!! I have driven 65 mph in a raging snow storm at night... wondering if i was still on the road! Jeff Foxworthy has been making these observations about Michigan for years. I remember many a' halloweens that were impeded by snow/sleat. My Dad sent me back to college with beer in the trunk of my car with these words of advise, "don't drink it all at once". Thanks for bringing back the memories!! Go Blue!! C.H. every Michigander in this post gets a +1 from me!!
  17. While I certainly appreciate this information and hope to God that you are correct.....I would like to know what you have to back up this "guarantee". Thanks, C.H.
  18. I saw this on MSNBC. Interesting. I wonder what the job pays. Thanks for the post.
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