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    I use to be more One active on the site, but Five since things slowed down Zero and my life got busy One I've all but Six forgotten the dinar notes Zero I still have stored away. Six hopefully One in the near future Four word will come out Four that the exchange is swapping Nine currency for new bills. I think that should include the 'bonus' we've all been waiting for. Some longer than others.


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  1. Not at all. No apology necessary. I did dig a bit more and, well, it doesn't help validate it much. If you save the pdf and look at the properties you will notice that it was supposedly created July 9, 2009 (at 6:19am..early worker). To me, that is strange, unless the computer that did the scanning had the wrong system date (possible..we are talking about Iraq). One other fact I notice is that it was created using a Cano Scan LiDE 100. This is an extremely small, cheap scanner which appears to have been made prior to 2009 (which jives with the file creation date). Anyway, that is about all the digging I know to do. Doesn't make it look any more legit though.
  2. Good point. I do try, however, to point out that it's just my opinion unless it is factual. I usually check the 'most recent' list on CBI when checking daily auctions and noticed it.
  3. Hopefully this shows we are still moving forward. Perhaps they need more machines to count everything that will be coming back to them?? or perhaps these new machines will read the new currency...
  4. I completely agree. We need facts and that's what this site is about...not so called "entertainment".
  5. Shoot. Oh well, what's another disappointment..hehe. Thanks for the update though.
  6. Anyone else find this significant? It's getting my hopes a little higher.
  7. Iraq News Promised day brigade claims attacks against US troops Friday, August 05, 2011 11:13 GMT Al Mahdi Army, Promised Day brigade claimed on Saturday implementing 16 operations with explosives and mortars against US troops in a number of Iraqi provinces during July 2011. The brigade stressed that the operations caused the death of a lot of US soldiers in addition to financial losses. “During July 2011, Promised Day brigade implemented operations in Baghdad, Diyal, Dhi Qar, Wasset, Missan, Al Diwaniah and Al Najaf provinces using 10 explosives and 11 mortars with a highly explosive “Haidar” rocket. The operations aimed US vehicles and bases and the US Embassy in Baghdad”, said a statement issued by the Promised Day brigade. “The operations killed and wounded many US soldiers and caused financial losses”, the statement added. Promised Day brigade affiliated to Mahdi Army is headed by the leader of Sadrist bloc Moktada Al Sadr. The Brigade had organized a military parade in commemoration of Imam Hussaini martyrdom. Sadrist bloc leader Moktada Al Sadr said April 9, 2011 in a message to his followers that the freeze in Al Mahdi Army activities will be lifted if the occupier doesn’t leave Iraq and called for an open sit in and a military resistance to call the US troops to leave the country. In June 25, 2011, Al Sadr hailed the readiness uttered by a group of his followers to implement suicide bombing attacks against the US troops. Link
  8. I was able to pull up yesterdays digest on this search page. Click "latest daily digest", or pick a date. It's only 3:30pm so I could see why they don't have today's digest up yet.
  9. UNCS, check the senate website;
  10. Funny how the guy changed the subject. I'm sure we could prove that what we said was true so Iran, acting much like N. Korea, sounds off like a spoiled brat.
  11. I'm still trying to understand why his 'stuff' still gets posted. There is no point in reading, there is no 'entertainment' value, and he has been wrong more than anyone I know. I agree. Do the global search on the site and replace the word 'Okie' to 'BS'...or something similar. Better yet, lets not bring his name up again..I'd be fine with that.
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