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  1. Gold????? Do the natural resources ever quit in Iraq? I have to say that the amount of oil, natural gas and other resources is one of the main reasons I got involved with the Dinar. If they didn't have "the goods" I would not have given it another thought. The future looks bright!! CH
  2. Tony, I like the way you titled your post....because sometimes I get tired of the "real news". Thanks!!
  3. Thanks, I have been busy and not able to keep in touch with the forums like I usually do. When I logged on today, it just looked like business as usual. Ok then, still waiting.
  4. Almost two weeks ago, I got an email from Adam to watch for something to happen within 10 days. I would like to know what he heard that was supposed to have happened. (and didn't) Can anyone enlighten me? Did something happen and I missed it?? Thanks.
  5. This is a fair question. I don't know why someone would -1 so I countered it with a +1. It is certainly not what we want but I suppose it is possible. I always try to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Thanks for the post. C.H.
  6. Mo Money, I like your post! +1 .....I like your lead in, "I would like to thank.... ME..." I have a weakness of checking the Rumors forum too often. Good luck to you and GO RV!!
  7. I am liking this news. Thanks for the post. p.s. I like that it is news and not "rumors".
  8. SLEEP! If no rv on the 30th... then no sleep lost. If it rv's then I will need a good nights sleep to handle the day!!
  9. Don't mean to sound like a basher.....but, what is to train with cashing in?? Banks exchange currency on a regular basis, do they not? Sorry for the skepticism, I sure do want this to happen and I want to believe... especially fellow Texans!!! Go RV!!! p.s. Oak Cliff is cool!
  10. "remember this, the first mouse gets the trap and the 2nd mouse gets the cheese" I like this.
  11. Waco, I have the same questions and concerns as you. You laid out your thoughts very well. I think your scenario 1 in your first post makes the most sense to me.
  12. Hey, I like that!! That rate works for me.
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