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  1. It seems to me that this is the lower denoms being released, not a redenom of the currency.
  2. Not just last month...........last year and the year before!
  3. I'm not saying that the Conspiracy isn't possible, but I will always have an issue with someone claiming to be the "New Age Messiah" , especially via internet.
  4. The only question I have now is, how often has Iraq kept their "promises?" , nonetheless, I love seeing articles like this! +1 great find!
  5. Sorry, had to -1 for this comment. You should never judge anyone who cant afford 20.00 a month, you dont know their situation.
  6. Thanks SSI for your contributions to this site and I totally agree with you, I did not read anything in your post that was "guru" style, lol. If I have learned anything over the last 7 years of this investment, it is that "In Iraq" definitely does not mean "In the Know". For years we relied on news from "Boots on the ground" lol, truth is, we know more than they do. lol. Appreciate your info and +1 from me!
  7. You are correct! Anyone can say whatever they wish about Allawi, but Malicki is the one that wouldnt let go of the elections and has proven himself a dictator.
  8. The key sentence in this article is we give 3 BILLION TO OUR ALLIES AND 12 BILLION TO THEIR ENEMIES!
  9. Thanks so much for this post GP, this is exactly what I have believed to be true all along. In 7 years of this investment, I have consistently only checked the CBI website. It is common sense that if your currency is not internationally recognized, you are not on FOREX. Thanks for clarifying! +1
  10. This is laughable!!! Why haven't we heard this guy screaming for this since 2003? Oh, that's right, he needed us to save him first!!! lol
  11. Well I don't know about anyone else here, but I watched the interview when it was actually on...........and nobody twisted his words. I believe he should have the right to say what he feels and thinks, that's the American way, but the Fox and Friends anchors were pretty shocked at what he said and even gave him the opportunity to explain.
  12. I've been invested for 7 years come January, believe me when I tell you, there has actually been MORE excitement than this....................
  13. I'm hoping someone has a link that shows up soon on the outcome, it's 11pm there, meeting should be over.
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