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  1. I'm sure they were giving a negative to the info, not to your post. I didn't do it but I could see how the banks buying 192 million USD worth of dinar's is a crappy negative thing.
  2. explain to me again WHY they need to do an RV? Are they not functioning fantastically without an RV? Are billions of dollars worth of projects and investments not already underway? Are they not currently back to selling oil and producing more than ever?
  3. I'm starting to believe that the buying of Dinar by the banks and the selling of USD is just part of their ongoing banking strategy. I've been watching them do it for 3 years, in that time they could have circulated the entire amount of dinar on the planet several times over. What's the end game? They have a duel currency situation, they use Dinar and they use USD. This mechanism of bank purchases is how they keep both circulating and how they keep enough of each on hand to pay out the contracts they have in the currency of those contracts. I'd love to see it be helpful to my investment but I can't see a positive spin worthy of believing.
  4. Must be done for good over there, thousands of members and no one seems to have an opinion or any info. In the past 2 months there's been only 1 prediction/comment from steveI and Ray and it's almost 4 weeks old....I used to lurk over there read the back patting, it was amazing to watch the mutual admiration society.
  5. Anyone notice the site over at SteveI's place is down....again....must have missed a prediction again.
  6. The most important line in the entire post is the one where the chemist guy says they produce the mayo with a pH level where bacteria can't survive. The key to good health is having the right pH level. If bacteria can't survive in an alkaline environment, isn't that the angle worth looking into? Try "The pH miracle" its worth a read.
  7. Wow, he has huge anger issues, I've seen him blow it like this at folks a lot over the years. Of course this will require 31 pages of ass kissing and walk-on-water's from his devoted congregation over there to ensure he comes back. what a load of crap. I liked this one too Stevel says "This forum provided you with straight facts and only facts. If you want rumors and entertainment then please go someplace else and enjoy yourselves." What's really funny is the information, the straight facts he's sharing comes from Some random TV information to Some random Iraqi contact to Ray to Steve good as gold right there ! Time to retire, thanks Steve!!!
  8. I've watched this for 8 months now.....For the past 120 days the average daily auction has been approx 140 Million If you multiply that by an average of 20 banking days a month (I'm trying to be conservative in all my numbers You get approx 2.8Billion per month The budget was released a while ago, has anyone figured out what their monthly monetary needs are? Either these auctions mean nothing whatsoever with the re-valuation of the Dinar or they spell bad news .......
  9. Read that this morning ...... I'm taking it as a positive. Even the financial guru's at Forbes can't tell if this is a scam or not but at least they see the potential. It made me feel a lot better, I've been writing this investment off for the last 4 months so this is a good turn. It's still no guarantee but it's back to being a possibility..... let's hope
  10. The US Citizens want all the safety nets of a socialist country (like Canada) but don't want to pay the taxes that those countries pay. Guess what folks, medicaid and medicare are gonna cost ya, social security is going to cost you. American's don't pay enough tax plain and simple. give me all the negatives you want, then do a quick google search and compare income tax rates with other countries and you'll quickly see how under taxed you are.... When you pay a 43% income tax rate and a 13% VAT on purchases, you get free medical, old age pension, education, etc. etc.
  11. wondering if it's even worthwhile commenting on the fact that you were wrong with your date....and since it's still trading at 1170/1 you're wrong on your rate too. And since you're not willing to give out the name of the person who fed you this bogus information, all of the fuss and crap falls on your you know how many people went ahead and placed additional orders and bought extra dinar they couldn't afford because you said it was a done deal and because steve agreed with you? I think it's highly irresponsible of folks to say this is going to happen at any given date. For 7 straight months this has been called as done at least once a week before long the american people will be as poor as the iraqi people and some folks are already feeling the pain and experiencing the fear.
  12. looks like that site is still down,...moving sites doesn't take days to accomplish...this decision has been made to cover his ass from all the fallout on being wrong again... and yet when he brings the site back, and he will bring it back, everyone will praise him like he's king of the gods. scraping and falling all over each other to be in line to say 'thank you' over and over again. His "Welcome back' post will have over 30 pages of sheeple licking his boots...
  13. since you're new here and this is the first post you choose to respond to, I'm going to assume you're a PD member feeling a little worries. I find it convenient that their forum 'move' falls on the same day that 20,000 members would be looking for answers and direction coincidence....I think not more like avoidance tactics
  14. I don't think I was actually booted from's hard to tell though, NN said i was on mod review for 24 hours for being controversial but then never lifted the ban, responded to mail or I left and came here. An actual moderator who dealt with a poster would have been nice but instead the mods over there punked out with no warning but then again, we all know what happens if you use steve's name in vain. I also don't think I was negative, what I did was acknowledge that steve called this thing on March 10th and again on the 12th and again on the 17th and was wrong all three times. That isn't being 'negative' in my book, that's being honest. I pointed out the hypocrisy of making fun of other so called 'guru's for being wrong when in fact steve has been wrong many times himself. Overall though, I'm glad to be out of that place, it has such a cult mentality where no objective discussion is allowed, where only posts that are positive are allowed, where no mention of any thing to do with steve is allowed...where if anything is posted that doesn't line up with their overall agenda, not only does that poster get pulled, but the entire thread will get deleted so that there is no trace of anything critical or controversial exists....too 'big brother' for my liking. I'm not upset that you were/are/will be wrong with your prediction, I've always assumed that you believed your information, and I NEVER suggested you were a pumper. I don't think your post was malicious....just as I don't think Okie is being malicious and he believes what he believes. I just don't share those beliefs. My point in citing your claim was because you had gone out on a limb about rate/date and I was tallying the posts from everyone who was doing the same thing. I hope you're right about thursday....but I'll probably make a comment about it if you're not, that's just how it works and that should be OK. and Frothbucket glad to see you here, I've always enjoyed your posts. I hope more quality members from PD follow you over here. (I'd like to see Juni, she' has good posts too)
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