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  1. I don't get the fear factor if I've not taken the jab. What I view these articles as are "informational" and support for why I continue to pass. And now more information is rising on how it is affecting blood of the vaccinated.
  2. So Zain's first half year earnings EBITDA is Iraq 376 million and after taxes etc 145 million. Almost 40% gain except for the 88 million USA lost during the devaluation. Is that an accurate interpretation of the article? I know in US $$$ not huge #s but still significant for Iraq. This is pretty big given Zain's operations as a service & network provider. Somebody has to be using its services. Can't all be commercial & government.
  3. I accidentally posted the same video clip twice in two separate messages - d'oh!
  4. Apologies for the duplicate post.
  5. Couldn't get the live video to post, but bad parenting or complete education of kid & mom? And ‐ we're at war....
  6. Couldn't get the live video to post, but bad parenting or complete education of kid & mom? And ‐ we're at war....
  7. Well the US pulled put of Afghanistan allegedly in the dead of the night and no one in Afghanistan knew about it. Really, call BS on that, can't move a group like that without someone if not at least the locals realizing something is going on.
  8. RPReplay_.3gp When I watched this, aggravated me but when no admonishment or correction by the flake parent, it really peeved me. This country is reaping what it is allowing g to be sewed.
  9. 4 days no gas, then 2 days only premium available. Now all are available but I just paid $3.71 mid-grade. Way over last year this same time. $1.60 more per gallon. My pocketbook is screaming after this afternoon's fill.
  10. Wee-Gee or Ron, do either of you know who originally perpetrated the "redemption center" conjecture - I don't remember, but thought it was a part of the Reno scheme. Thx, just wondering. 😀
  11. lGd - it's on this site and references the clip as forced vaccination:
  12. No problem logging on phone or laptop.
  13. We're on our way - Global Tax Overhaul Gains Steam as G20 Backs New Levies The plan could reshape the global economy, altering where corporations choose to operate, who gets to tax them and the incentives that nations offer. But major details remain to be worked out ahead of an October deadline, and resistance is mounting from businesses and pivotal low-tax countries.
  14. My brother was an OTR trucker for over 30 years that I recall and the stories he would tell. OMGoodness! Hard to think people are doing what they are doing while driving a car. Some of the stories would make you cringe, others would gag you and goes down hill from there..............leave the rest up to your imagination.
  15. 2nd time this year Kroegers gas station was totally empty. Paying $1.40 more over last year this time.
  16. BREAKING NEWS: mRNA Shots Caused Miscarriages In 82% OF Women – The REPORT DISGUISED The Facts. Addison Wilson One U.K. study shared that 104 of 127 pregnant women faced miscarriages after the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA shots. The article shared the miscarriages that happened from the 4th to the 20th week of pregnancy. The results were shocking and mixed with 700 other cases. The results shared that 13.9% of all completed pregnancies had ended in miscarriage, including women vaccinated in the third semester of gestation. If we add seven hundred pregnant women from another range of pregnancies, the percentage is modified, decreasing from 82% to 13.9%! It is alarming. The actual fraud was revealed by one British oncology researcher and shared her data with LifeSiteNews. It is inconsistent with pregnant women in the first 20 weeks, with those after 28 weeks. So, this means: “a more than 3-fold increased incidence of spontaneous abortions directly linked to the mRNA vaccines. So, yes, there is a huge red flag [against] vaccinating pregnant women here,” “It is clearly a lie and obvious to almost anyone.” The researcher said. “It is like saying that there were 700 men and 127 women studied and only a small percent got pregnant.”
  17. "slow foolishness" perfect statement - says it all. Good one.
  18. Ever notice the MSM writings that the unvaccinated are the ones in hospital dying from covid are only the libs? May be I've missed articles from the conservative side saying the same thing.
  19. Dinar reporting not working any longer for the gurus? Need to step it up to Nesara/Gesara? What next? Not dogging on Nesara/Gesara happening, just the gurus pumping it, pimping it.
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