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  1. Too bad most of your opinions are crap!!! As an employee of a company that deals with MasterCard and VISA - domestically and internationally - I can tell you that both ARE accepted world-wide already!!! Doesn't require a new rate to make a MasterCard work in a different country - it's all contingent on the current exchange rate on the day of processing. No magic - no hocus pocus - just international commerce!!!
  2. I agree with the Boopster ... If there's no link to a real honest to goodness article from a verified source - it's guru heresay ... or just plain bs ... Call it like it is - not like it ain't!!!
  3. Amazing thread - I read it once and based on a few books I have read recently has given me cause to print this thread to thoroughly review all the great posts within it.
  4. Sorry Shabs - that's normal political strategy these days ... Hitlery's team did it too!! What's good for the goose is good for the gander!!!
  5. Not questioning your opinion - butt, can you post a link please ... or pics ...
  6. No hatred here either, just confusion sometimes at the political ideology of some DV members ... and their abject disdain for their President.
  7. International baking week?!? Not sure what a few cakes or cookies would have to do with an actual RV ...
  8. Did I say that's how I treat women? NO - I DID NOT - so stop trying to spread your liberal communism by making sh*t up to fit your Trump-hating rhetoric!!! You're all for free speech when it's convenient for you and your looney liberal causes!!!
  9. So it's okay for these quote unquote journalists to make fun of Trump and call him names or outright call him a dictator - and he's not allowed to respond? So much for free speech. If the facelifted hag was in distress from having surgery - what's wrong with mentioning it? Is there a moratorium on what can and can't be tweeted in America? It would appear as long as you're trashing Trump, it's okay!! Personally, any of these damn news media idiots that keep spewing hatred towards the President deserve what they get!!! FREE SPEECH is alive and well as long as it's promoting hatred of a duly elected official who isn't Hitlery!!!
  10. He called the witch hunt into Russia hacking the election and his Russian collusion narrative fake!! Russia has a history of trying to meddle into other countries elections for years, just like the US has ... but there has never been proof of Russia actually changing any votes. Obama knew Russia had tried to 'access' databases in the past but because the fix was already in for Hitlery, he lied and said Russia had never hacked an election. But once his girl Hitler lost - they jumped on the Russia hacking collusion story to try and overturn the election. So yes ... Fake Russia collusion story with Trump - but Real Russian hacking story with Obama
  11. No. 4 - I can't wait to see that first case go to court!! Cuz I'll be there to protest!!!
  12. Partial?!? They voted 9-0 basically saying he is the President and has the right to ban whomever he chooses!!!
  13. But they did make a mistake ... $1.20 for USD BUT $876 CDN??? So it's true one USD equals $730 CDN ... Don't think so Frankie!!!
  14. Without accounting for compounding - I can tell folks here that 1 penny gained every three seconds for six days of each week, for four weeks equals $ 6,912.00 For an idea of how compounding works - If you start with a penny in the bank and double your balance every day for a month - would you? I would - because that original one cent balance doubled daily for a month = $ 10,737,418.24
  15. Not sure about that converter - 1 dinar = $ 1.20 USD - yet it also equals $ 876.74 CDN WOW - Thank God I'm a Canadian !!!
  16. More for their money? More what? A dinar is a dinar is a dinar ... One dinar is still worth one dinar ... gheesh!!!
  17. It is quite possible Viking has sold a successful business and is prohibited from discussing the financial arrangements - therefore, maybe NOT dinar-related at all. Smooth sailing Viking !!!
  18. What this tells us ?? It tells us they are ALL bought and paid for democrat operatives with an agenda to bring down the president and the country with lies and any illegal means possible - because there IS NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION / NO OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and NO HOPE of this being a fair and impartial investigation PERIOD!!!!
  19. With a little luck she's tossin' those aside to pick up her sword for a little two-handed justice!!!
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