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  1. To all who may care Drunk_Viking64 is now in Valhalla. He loved all of you very much and he really hated it when my Mom put her foot down and forced him to stop logging into DinarVets. My Dad told me to tell all of you "Don't be in a hurry to come to his after party but just know first 10,000 kegs are on him when you get there!"
  2. I came back online to explain what I did because my son said I caused a ruckus and I needed to clear it up. And wife was very right I should have just kept my mouth shut.
  3. I learned it from what Adam wrote on all his blogs about ForEx and the segment Fox Business did on about volatile currencies, I cashed out and out and out. I did it on semi-open market didn't need to wait for an RV. So now ask yourself is it worth picking up a penny? How about picking up a penny every third second of the day for six days a week for four weeks (compounded with more pennies being picked up every third second)? Would be a lot of work unless a computer did the picking. And you weren't charged any fees to do the picking during that month. And would just need a volatile currency.
  4. Non Disclosure prohibits any statements, All I'm saying is I'm retired crossed the finish line yesterday evening and signed contract on a 43' Riviera this morning. This is my very last posting so, Good Bye from, One Very Happy and soon to be Very Drunk Viking!!! (Agreement with my wife was I could make this last post and then had to close this account because I have a very big mouth and she knows I'll violate the NCND)
  5. Luigi killing electrons is bad, bad, bad, today a Trillion Electrons were wasted because of this posting of Hog Wash and so I ask in the name of electrons everywhere resist this evil doing and post only Good Truthful Lies, not Evil Manipulative lies. When in doubt have three beers and if after three beers it still looks like Bullshit/Hogwash then it probably is.
  6. The best explanation I've seen on ISO 9001/9000 ever you nailed it!!! Four Beautiful Emeralds from me to you....
  7. OK Yoda this is a simple question does this mean they are doing away with the post? Just kidding Great Job!!!! Maliki being eliminated makes me so Happy!!
  8. Oh H&LL No!! These guys (Iran) started the whole mess in the first place with Maliki in their pockets. Time for some glass parking lot construction.
  9. How is this considered reasonable support when some people get over $5,000 in food support?
  10. Sent your email address to a buyer in the Texas area, she'll reach out to you on Friday (9 June 2017)
  11. OK, Now I truly understand why my Dad would say "Sometimes a real man needs to just raise the Jolly Rodger and go do some serious killing!" For here is what is on those 10 minute messages, ( if you want links to them I will provide but be warned your IQ will drop 25 points) 1. In Iraq the lower denominations are in the ATM machines and ready to go, but they have not been put out yet. They were supposed to go out today, but weren't. 2. The rates were strong and getting stronger - Iraqi retirement pay was going up 130% to 140%. 3. Iraq announced that Sat. June 10 is Liberation Day. 4. Iraq announced that Mon. June 12 is Celebration Day - assuming they are celebrating the new rate. 5. Bruce does not believe we will have to wait for the RV longer than this weekend. 6. Yesterday June 5 at 10 am EDT there was a conference call in Wells Fargo with all their branches where staff were told about the five currencies in the first basket that were revaluing - within 4-6 days. 7. The Zim has continued to trade. Mon. night June 5 hit a level where it needed to be. It settled and was not trading any more. 8. Out West in Reno Tiers 2 and 3 have been moving through nicely and continue to be funded. Those funds are available and ongoing. 9. An audit was completed yesterday on Tier 2 and 3 exchanges and produced the results that were wanted. Certain personnel were identified and removed from the groups. 10. We expect the 800#s to come shortly. We could have this for the weekend. 11. Funds continue to move toward major humanitarian projects. And the people on the calls all believed it. America we have a real problem with the level of BS that is flowing in the streets.
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