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  1. You moped the floor? How does one mope a floor? Did you have your head down and talk to yourself while doing it? Or should that be moped - as in the scooter .. did you scoot across your kitchen floor?
  2. How can it NOT be a glitch IF 1 ounce of silver is showing as $38.23 CAD on the Coinmill site (and silver is showing at $38.94 on the TDWaterhouse site) RIGHT !!! -AND - 1 ounce of gold is showing as $1.51 CAD on the Coinmill site (and gold is showing at $1,586.80 on the TDWaterhouse site) WRONG !!!! Comparing the USD to the IQD based on an incorrect gold factor doesn't prove any point - because you are using the same flawed factor in both parts of the calculation. It's like comparing the USD to the price of a tooth and using that price of a tooth to get back to the IQD. Bottom line still is $1,000 USD = 1,169,000 IQD.
  3. I'm NOT trying to be the buzz kill here - but $1,000 US converts to 1,169,000 IQD which is pretty much where it has been for a while .... give or take a few thousand dinars.
  4. There is a MAJOR glitch on that site. IF one was to convert 1 ounce of Gold into various currencies one ends up with an ounce of gold equaling $1.51 CAD where gold is roughly about $1,600 an ounce. I think any calculations made based on an ounce of gold ... are NOT worth their weight in gold !!!
  5. Thanks for the update 11 Bravo. I enjoy your posts, keep up the great work.
  6. But the minute you are out the door - your teller will tell the teller seated next to him/her about your new-found wealth and then the tellers will pass it on to their friends about the guy or gal who deposited millions today ... and the next thing you know - every one at the bank will be pointing fingers and whispering to each other the next time you walk through the door.
  7. Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis ?!?! Okie is FULL of Gas ... just not the kind it takes to run a car.
  8. Boehner, White House Deny Budget Deal By Steve Goldstein Published July 21, 2011 | MarketWatch Pulse Print Email Share Comments inShare.0 Text Size WASHINGTON -- House Speaker John Boehner and White House press secretary Jay Carney both quickly shot down a report on The New York Times that a deal has nearly been struck to lift the debt ceiling and cut spending. In a Twitter message, Boehner called it "false" and he said the Senate should pass the Republican "cut, cap and balance" bill, while Carney said the report was "incorrect" and the situation is "fluid." Copyright © 2011 MarketWatch, Inc. Read more: AND ONCE AGAIN .... Okie is proven rrrr ... ahem ... wrrrrr ... wrrrrrrrrrr .... damn it - NOT RIGHT !!!!
  9. Atta boy !!! plus 1 I'll help pull you out of the dog house MGRMGRMBR
  10. Where did he pull that $4.40 number from .... his arse?!? As for other sites confirming it - I have yet to see any other site claiming this rate, except when posting Okie's spewn word. In fact one site has even said that the cash out in the States was to be $5.25 ... so how is that confirming his $4.40 figure? What about all his talk of IRS cash-in sites last Saturday? Any retraction from him on THAT myth ??? Sorry OKIE buddy-boy - I say You are still full of IT !!!
  11. * VishnuDinarHead (Fed, Treasury or IRS? You’ll have to..): DV 7/20/11 4:08AM July 20th, 2011 08:30 am · Posted in RUMORS (Dinar Revaluation) So, today I got some “Intel” that I’m really excited about. Yesterday I wrote about how I felt that the debt ceiling would need to be raised before the RV would show up here. My OPINION from Yesterday’s post. <<<LINK Well, the Divinity of The Universe which many of you call God has been showing me some really cool confirmations. SO HERE IT IS: I was passing a car I recognized on the way to get my wisdom teeth pulled earlier today and the car had it’s Hazard Lights on. I saw that I did know the driver and called to ask him if he needed a ride to the next town. I’ll call this friend Dave (for safety). So, ‘Dave’ told me that a friend of his works for a government FINANCIAL AGENCY (Also, not specifically named for safety). This friend told Dave that unless the Government RAISES the DEBT CEILING by a MINIMUM of $2,000,000,000,000 ($2TrillionUSD) BEFORE the RV then something BEAUTIFUL WILL HAPPEN… Apparently the Federal Government will be offering US Citizens MORE than the CBI RATE!!! My GUESS is that it would be to cut out the ‘middle man’ and profit as much as possible when the IQD is traded to Iraq for Oil!The Oil part was not told to me I am just making an informend GUESS. Sorry about being kinda vague but I can NOT say any more.It was a God given “fluke” that this information came to me when it did.I’m not 100% sure I even believe it but there you have it… sort of… for the safety of all involved.PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT & BLESSINGS!!! Edited for clarification by VDH. .......................................................................................................................................................................................................... So, IF I understand what he/ she/ it is saying ... if the gov't raises the debt ceiling before the RV - then something beautiful WON'T happen?
  12. I can't wait to see what the latest excuse is going to be !!! ping ... ping ... ping
  13. Amazing Post Legolas... This post should be placed somewhere prominent on every Dinar Site so that every time one of these gurus posts their "tomorrow's the day" crap ... someone can quickly post your message right under it, to refute the bull and bring the reader back to reality.
  14. Yeah the rate will be same as it has always been - $1 for every 1,170 dinars - Move along people there's nothing to see here !!!
  15. Stumpy - IF you have ever read any of Shinni's posts you would have known that she mentioned weeks (if not months) ago that she was going to the middle east and may make a side trip into Iraq.
  16. Sorry there Sparky ... I'm NO private collector and I have 5K and 10K notes, in fact I have 500, 1K, 5K, 10K and 25K notes - so I have no clue what you are harping on about. By the way for someone supposedly in business, your spelling is less than impressive, and would turn me off from wanting to do any kind of business with you.
  17. The info is coming from a big circle jerk ... or should I say circle of jerks? Basically one guru will make a claim on a site, someone else will post it elsewhere and then another party will bring it back to the first forum and the gurus can now claim they have "confirmed" intel from multiple sources ... How many times has OKIE promised it's done and we will see it tomorrow because he has solid intel? or any of the other pumper puppets scattered about these sites? This crap has been going on for almost a year now if not longer. I can only attest to what I have witnessed over the past ten months. BUT I thought most of these pinging rumours have been debunked by knowledgeable tech-saavy individuals that said there was NO such thing. Sit back, relax, and it will happen when it happens ... NOT a moment sooner, and certainly NOT because someone has "solid intel"
  18. I'm sorry - I don't mean to offend ... but my first thought when I read about your Dad ... was that he drove around looking for people to hit with his car ... and send them off to meet with Jesus personally. Again, no offense intended, it's just the 1st thought that struck me ... pun intended !!!
  19. BJinMontreal


    Don't you mean she got the point ??!?
  20. Never heard THAT expression before ... BUT I like it !! Mind if I borrow that phrase?
  21. Your lunch ... perhaps ??
  22. There's been chaos and confusion around here for months ... hasn't changed anything ... still waiting
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