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  1. My friend tried to say the site was bogus because the website is easy to make and is fairly new in creation...being the last few years. He has IQD but is a nay sayer. I bet him a case a beer it will RV in 2 months.
  2. If you want to invest in the ISX you have to register with the US State Department, open a bank account with an Iraqi Bank, Register with the ISX etc. Basically open up a Bank account with an Iraqi bank then they will tell you what to do from there.
  3. It is going to RV!!! OH my God. I read the news!!!! Iraq is out of UN Sanctions. The ship is at SEA!!! We are cashing in tomorrow at Big Frickin bank. about that for a rumor. Stay steadfast and keep you ear to the real news. God Bless, Tilakja. Go get a lawyer to protect your assets.
  4. Just like Ireland exempts Google and Microsoft from American taxes. I wish I was a billionaire with a corporation then I could be above the peasants, I mean slaves, of the local country too.
  5. Thank God the military industrial complex has a good foothold in Iraq. The currency has to go up sooner than later.
  6. Another great quote...They only have Dinar left because foreign investment currencies have left. A ripe time to RV when the Dinar is prominent and foreigners don't have their paws in Iraq.
  7. Be prepared ladies and gents. The RV is imminent (LOL I sound like OKIE). No really, anytime from the announce until or right after the 27th watch financial miracles.
  8. THEY ARE FILLS though.....that is what Kuwait did. Have no fear, the RV is here. Couldn't agree with you more. An ambiguous article but there is a glimmer. They aren't going to say an RV anyways because that is a National Security issue plus an international security fraud issue. No one is suppose to know about a true RV otherwise the world would be rich not just select few plus speculators like us.
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