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  1. No will not be selling dinar. I have had dinar for long enough to be up aprox 300% on total investment. Some portions of investment are at 500%. The dinar has gone up over the long term, and if we do not see a RV, it will continue this slow trend. The oil reserves are money in the bank. Dont be a absolute fool. Read my prior posts and you can see that I also want the RV, I have just always had different views on how.
  2. let me try the posts again Actually I am probably the shiziest guru on the web. If you check the past, most of what I post has news articles to back it up, and unfortunately I will not talk about much in depth until I can find some mention in an article. Then I can be more specific
  3. Keep an eye out for any financial inflow to the region. Might want to start to look for finacial opertunities in the region. That is about all I have to say on this for a bit.
  4. If the Kurds and Iraq do not get this done, the Kurds will do whatever it take to help "their" people. The Kurds have the ability to cut deals with whomever they want. The Kurds have battled everyone in the middle east for many years, and quite frankly are more comfortable handling thing in that manner. If they can not get this done, and very soon, I feel the Kurds will go their own way. Please keep an eye out for any articles linking Kurds to other countries with financial power. If the Kurds had a pipeline, protection, and infrastructure, how long would it take them to start to produce.
  5. forgot some articles. no typo
  6. Got the call I was waiting for. Friend with the Kurds has finally got in touch with me. Several people including me have told you not to worry about Erbil agreement. "It has been done and waiting to be passed." This was the case to the best of my information. I now have new information. I have said in the past that the Kurds are pissed off that this has not been finished. Well now I have an idea how pissed off they are. I do not think this will be finalized this month, and without a new attitude I do not see it being completed in 2012. Sorry about that. In the past Sonny1 and I got into it about chapter 7 not being lifted, well we know how that ended up. Not putting Sonny down in any way, just trying to show how two people can have different views of the same situation. Well I hope this does not stir up the shiz, but I do not think we are going to be there by Thanksgiving. Adam sees everything as going is a possative direction, I do not see that. The Kurds have had to deal with the rest of the middle east on their own, and are ready revert to that way of life. Iraq needs the kurds, they do not need Iraq. I do not see a RV without the Erbil agreement. PS> The kurds are making plans to handle the oil reserves they have, with or without Iraq. That could be a huge monkeywrench in the gears. Here is just a taste of what the Kurds are dealing with. Research how Iraq has helped their new partners with their issues. You will notice that in one article it states that Iraq and Iran have hammered out the border agreements. What about the Kurdish boarder. The Kurds could stall Iraq if they decide to cut their own deals for oil. Not having pipeline would slow them down, but there are countries that will help the Kurds get the oil to market. I am looking for some articles that support other info I have. Sorry but I can not talk about some info until publically released. No RV this week Now for the important part. 9/4 against the line last week. I did lose my money pick. Bucs got molested. Here are the picks for this week. It is never good when I have this many favorites GB-14 Pit -12.5 Phi -3 Det -4 Atl -3.5 Cin -6.5 Buf +3 Balt -7 Oak -6.5 NE -6.5 TB +6.5 Mn +2.5 Jets -6.5 Monday Night Good luck all
  7. Yes I know! The Bucs got Molested by the 49ers
  8. Wish I could DAME. This has been such a busy week for me that I have not even been able to read any papers other than my local newspaper. Averaging 19 hours/ day @ hospital this week. I hear Okie has some fresh new intel. I am waiting for a call or 2 hopefully soon. I missed them early this AM, I was in a case, and they where unavailable when I returned the calls. I will post as soon as I get anything. If after tonight, it will be on a new thread. 11bravo update, or some other BS.
  9. I have absolutely no new info this week. I have talked with nobody with any first hand knowledge. Sorry, but not as clever as the other gurus. Well 10-6 against the line last week. I am putting the monopoly money on TB +3 NFL Lines For Week 5 - NFL Football Line Week Five NFL Line 10/9 - 10/10, 2011 Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog Total 10/9 1:00 ET At Indianapolis -1.5 Kansas City 38 KC + 1.5 10/9 1:00 ET At Minnesota -3.5 Arizona 45 MN -3.5 10/9 1:00 ET Philadelphia -3 At Buffalo 53 Buf +3 10/9 1:00 ET At Houston -5 Oakland 48.5 Hou -5 10/9 1:00 ET New Orleans -6.5 At Carolina 51.5 NO -6.5 10/9 1:00 ET Cincinnati -2.5 At Jacksonville 36.5 Cin -2.5 10/9 1:00 ET At Pittsburgh -3 Tennessee 40 Pit -3 10/9 1:00 ET At NY Giants -10 Seattle 43.5 Sea +10 10/9 4:05 ET At San Francisco -3 Tampa Bay 41.5 TB +3 10/9 4:15 ET At New England -7.5 NY Jets 50.5 Jets +7.5 10/9 4:15 ET San Diego -3.5 At Denver 46.5 SD -3.5 10/9 8:30 ET Green Bay -6 At Atlanta 53 GB -6 I know that this post is after the 1 PM deadline for betting, but I got called in this morning. Intergrity counts. Monday Night Football Line 10/10 8:35 ET At Detroit -5 Chicago 47
  10. Thug Note: After Med's Chat This Morning An Article Was Posted In The News Section That Those Son Of A Glitches In Parliament Have Postponed The 2nd Reading. Dont be rediculous THUG!!!!! Who are you going to believe? A. Some so called new organization with reliable intel or B. Med who is nustled up to Okies teet suckling the ITEL OF THE GODS
  11. The best album I ever owned.
  12. typo 2012 The people involved in Par are pretty boring IMO. Most info they have is avail. and they are tight lipped. Great to confirm or deny. The intrest will be the dynamics of the Kurds. I am telling you they are pissed off.
  13. Lets get the important things covered first. My plan to double up weekly through NFL failed. Jets got raped by the raiders. Here are the picks for this week. Det @ Dal Det +2.5 NO @ Jack NO -7 SF @ Phil SF +9.5 Wash @ St..L Wash -3 Ten @ Clev Ten -1 Buf @ Cin Buf -3 Min @ KC Min -3 Car @ Chi Chi -6.5 Pit @ Hou Pit +3.5 Atl @ Sea Atl -5 NYG @ Arz NYG -1 Mia @ SD SD -7 Den @ GB GB -12 NE @ Oak NE -6 NYJ @ Balt Balt -4.5 Ind @ TB TB -10 Now how about Iraq. I talked with my buddies this week and got no new intel. There is going to be a reassignment of duties coming this week, and I am not sure of the new assignments that each will have. One of my friends believes that he will be spending some time working closely with the Kurds. I hope this is true. I do know that I will still have one in parliment. Maybe two. From the info received this week, not much has happened to finalize Erbil agreement. Everyone that has first hand info is shocked that this is not done. I feel that we are at the point that any further delays hurts our efforts. From what I know of the Kurds, they are taking this as a point of disrespect. Please remember that I have always stated that I do not think this will be wrapped up as fast as others do. Some feel we could see RV within a week of Erbil and Chapt 7. I still feel it will be at least 6 months afterwards for RV. We are starting to lose the first quarter of 2112 IMO.
  14. Get her through the detail tent, and you got yourself one BEAUTIFUL animal.
  15. HCL is important. It is part of the Erbil Agreement. Some people thunk that the HCL will be passed on its own, then the complete Erbil Agreement. If this happens, I feel that it would drive a wedge between the Kurds and the rest of Iraq. I hope so Me too Also the Jets screwed my Million Dollar Football Plan. Done for another year. Total loss $4.00 Juice Got to keep the bookies off your back.
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