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  1. Way to go guys......okie was very specific about our talking causing a delay..... Hope you guys are happy!!!!!
  2. The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 2-FEB-2012. The results were as follows: DETAILS NOTES Number of banks 4 Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166 Auction price buying dinar / US$ ----- Amount sold at auction price (US$) 4,321,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) ----- Total offers for buying (US$) 4,321,000 Total offers for selling (US$)
  3. I was one that blasted and will continue to blast those who post from OOM site and belive anyone over there is creidible . If this guy is as smart as you think he is, what the heck is he doing mixed up with OOM? While the post makes sense, even through mis-spellings (I too am a terrible speller), He has no credibility based on who he is associated with. You can't assoictae yourseld with someone who is a know pumper and uses terms like "five-by-five" and on "final with faps down" and stating teh RV is "on hold because fo a three letter agency" and think for a moment you will have credibility. Just won't happen here or anywhere esle in the real world. Yes the guy makes sense, yes I REALLY want him to be write, but if my dong worte it it would have more credibility than this guy based on where he post his intel.... No disrespect to you or any of his followers...but JMO.
  4. What word do they live in to come up with this stufff.......
  5. Gee sorry guys... i did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings here at DV. Just been a rough few years of listen to Okie stuff and It really is just...welll darn right upsetting to have someon, I mean golly gee to give anyone give one once of credibility to Okie and or anyone associated with him. We have people in here with serious financial issues listening to he and his followers and dag gonnit I just can't stand to see somneone make just down right dangerous commenst like what was posted regarding credibility. My sincerest apologies and if you guys would be so kind as to not - for my momentary slip in judgement I would really appreciate it. From this point on nothing but postive comments I promise, cross my heart and hope to RV..... As a matter of fact I changing from to With warmest regards
  6. Listen to yourself just said that someone on OOM site has credibility and that you frequent that site me a favor, tell those idiots over there I have some land I need to sell them and that my teller down at the local bank said get ready to cash in. Also, I think I would just soon you go to those nut jobs for your information.....YOU and those knucklehaeds give this investment a bad rap.... With that said, would you be interested in buying my dinar at say .70 per dinar-that way you and all your OOM buddies can make a nice profit....tell stupid, I mean Okie I said hello.
  7. In reflecting on my investment in the Dinar I cannot help but think that the Dinar Gurus and Bigfoot are one in the same. Here’s’ what I mean…. When you hear people talk about bigfoot, you can’t help but think they are a little off….. When you hear guru’s talk about “there source form the bank is telling them the rate is $8.12 ”, well they seem a little off as well. Bigfooters seem to lead other nut jobs on bigfoot expeditions. Dinar guru’s like Okie, TNT ect seem to lead other nut jobs in the Dinar world. Bigfoot followers use terms like “squatchie”,” high squatch probability” and “definitely saw some squatch” Dinar Guru’s use terms like, “back office screen” , “a source”, “three letter agency”, “cashin tomorrow” and “window” With that said, Dinar guru’ seem a little squatchie to me….
  8. Guys, I am beginning to think that Okie is Shabs or is Shabs Okie...think about it..... :P
  9. Silly rabbit- that was a speech for the oom clowns.... They will let us know shortyly I am sure of it. :P :P
  10. Great someone else in on our top secret investment.....
  11. Guys: nothing new-this happens from time to time -we are making it worse by checking every 5 seconds. If Adam comes on tells us it means something then get excited. Gotta go check the site now .... I mean watch the game. :P :P
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