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  1. is just one of many videos and pics.
  2. What is out there is out there (dinar) it does not matter who holds it. July 1st is the start of the 3rd qtr, the start of the month, the start of the week, the start of the 2nd half of the year. Keep your fingers crossed.
  3. You better call the UN because according to them the are 100% out of Chapter 7.
  4. Sounds good. Rings true. Thanks.
  5. Still down...some people are getting saved versions. Refresh and it is gone.
  6. From twitter Rumor is the CBI is down on bank holiday and will not reopen until Monday July 1st
  7. that is some good info. Nice to see some fact and not made up BS
  8. CBS News Iraq's fugitive VP Tariq al-Hashemi given death sentence BBC News Iraq VP Tariq al-Hashemi sentenced to death
  9. Dude YOU are full of it! THIS is from a UK newspaper..YOU need to get YOUR facts straight! Iraq vice-president sentenced to death amid deadly wave of insurgent attacks Tariq al-Hashemi charged with masterminding death squads against rivals, as at least 100 die in bombings and shootings And THIS is straight from Interpol INTERPOL issues Red Notice for Iraq Vice-President
  10. As far as I know NO ONE has been able to remove any money from Warka for well over a year. All the funds were frozen by the CBI when the bank was taken under receivership by the CBI. Some people have 100s of thousands dollars frozen. Good luck.
  11. Wow. Have the people on D inar R ecaps lost their minds? Answer: YES! 1. Hashimi is a wanted criminal who was found guilty in by a court in Iraq of terrorism and who now has an international arrest warrant out issued by Interpol. 2. Talibani is in the hospital in GERMANY recovering from a massive stroke and will most likely never return to ANY position in the government of Iraq. 3. Barzani the President of Kurdistan in FRANCE today meeting with leader of France about trade issues. This goes to prove that ANYTHING posted at D inar R ecaps is 100% made up BULLSH*T!
  12. See my post above. Phoenix says the info is under news embargo until close of markets today.
  13. I heard Phoenix say last night on a special radio show that the news was under embargo and would not go out in a big way until after close of markets today (Friday). He said to expect a major media blitz rolling out the news of Iraq getting out of sanctions and then we will get blasted all over CNN, FOX, CNBC and other main stream news with all kinds of positive images of the progress made in Iraq and all of their wealth and wealth potential. He was saying that would be done for 2 reasons. One reason would be to give an explanation to the average person why Iraq's currency has such gre
  14. I know someone who says he believes that the HCL will not be passed until AFTER the rate change. He says that is what is stopping the passage. He thinks that if they pass the HCL before the RV it would present a problem for all of the contracts and the payments to the people of Iraq becuase then everything would have to be altered/amended to reflect the new rate. He thinks it only makes sense for first the rate to change and THEN pass the HCL to avoid problems with the rate conversion. So by that logic the very next thing we will see is an announcement of the rate change from t
  15. I agree everyone who doubts should do as they feel and sell out now. All of it as quick as you can to be safe. Maybe you should do the same as your friends and sell out now like them.
  16. Ask your wife to read your balls and see what she says. Jackass,
  17. Bullsh*t. He never said any of that. Post the link to him saying ANY of that or STFU. That is all GURU bullcrap and nothing more,
  18. sir and your so ignorant jackasses....sorry to burst your bubble.
  19. Anything on D inar R ecaps = False information posted to generate site views and click ad revenue. So, you can put this info in the trash. I always cross check any info by looking to see if it appears on R ecaps and if it is posted there I disregard the information and know it is BS.
  20. Most are dinar holders. That would be 1 IQD = .95 (ninety five cents) 1 million IQD = $950,000
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