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  1. 1lucdog, I sent contact info. Did you get it? BruceP, hi! Are you interested?
  2. I still have 5 mil available. I would really like to sell here. I am willing to break up into smaller denominations.
  3. 5 million still for sale. Located in southern California. Would like to sell ASAP.
  4. Sorry for the error!! I have 5 million in 25k notes. Purchased from Dinar Trade and have original receipt/paperwork. Asking $850 per million.
  5. Selling 5 million, uncirculated dinar. 20k denomination.
  6. No emergency, just finally decided to get out. Have been thinking about it for awhile.
  7. Mixed 5k,10k, and 25k notes. I have certificates of authenticity and receipts for all. Asking $875 per million. Located in Southern California.
  8. I am not able to access any posts or replies. Every time I click on a post, screen appears and says driver error/ database error. Please help!
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