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  1. Yes i received the same multiple times.No answer to emails for over 1 year as well.
  2. when calling warka bank i get them talking in iraq language not english any help is appreciated thank you.
  3. What has the interset rates been the last number of years and where can i find the current info thank you?
  4. Thank you what do you do for your interest if you can not get into your account thank you. Interest on your accounts.
  5. Can someone give me a email address to contact anyone regarding my online account. I need a new password and i can even get a online website that works.Any help i would be grateful thank you.
  6. Does anyone know the interest rates on iqd savings account over the last 10 years or where we could find that info thanks?
  7. thank you j get no response emailing 3 different email addresses for 2 months straight everyday.
  8. Has anyone been able to get access to their online accounts so as to see the interest you made and have to report? Very difficult with no access whatsoever any help is greatly appreciated thank you all.
  9. I have emailed 3 different addresses since sept 24,2020 no response at all.Does anyone gotten a response and to what email address did they use.Thank you all.
  10. if we have an rv and we have dinar in a warka bank account will we have to withdraw that in a certain timeframe like we might have to with exchanging physical dinar in a usa bank? thanks everyone hope this ride is over soon god bless all of you.
  11. correction i emailed to get online access to my accounts.
  12. when do we use the ebanking application i emailed to get online access to my accounts? thanks everyone
  13. what documents need to be sent to warka bank in order to invest in the isx? thanks everyone
  14. i sent digital copies to and received an email today saying they received my documents and it will be submitted to the brokerage to process your forms registering your info at the iraqi stock exchange.all the best to everyone.
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