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  1. if we have an rv and we have dinar in a warka bank account will we have to withdraw that in a certain timeframe like we might have to with exchanging physical dinar in a usa bank? thanks everyone hope this ride is over soon god bless all of you.
  2. correction i emailed to get online access to my accounts.
  3. when do we use the ebanking application i emailed to get online access to my accounts? thanks everyone
  4. what documents need to be sent to warka bank in order to invest in the isx? thanks everyone
  5. i sent digital copies to and received an email today saying they received my documents and it will be submitted to the brokerage to process your forms registering your info at the iraqi stock exchange.all the best to everyone.
  6. what are the exact documents i need to send to warka for isx investing? notarized document with my 3 signatures,passport ,and other id as in drivers license or do i send everything i got back from arab american chamber of commerce?any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks everybody
  7. how many documents am i sending to warka bank the notarized document of my 3 signatures and what else do i need to send a copy of my passport and id?thanks all
  8. after i receive my documents back from the arab american chamber of commerce i have to send a copy to warka i send a copy or the i send anything else with the documents,a letter stating what they are for or is that not neccessary.thanks everyone.
  9. after i get my papers back from the arab american chamber of commerce i have to send a copy to warka bank what is there address this is for isx investing?thanks everyone
  10. what is the email address to request online account access? thanks everyone
  11. after i receive my papers from arab american chamber of commerce and then send a copy to warka bank what is the next steps to invest in the isx.what forms do i need,who do i contact any help would be appreciated. thanks everyone.
  12. thank you brenticus appreciate that all the best to you.
  13. i did a wire transfer on jan11,2011 i have not heard back from anyone as of today.i sent multiple emails no response any advice anybody.thanks all
  14. in regards to the $103 fee that we send to the arab american chamber of commerce we can use a check or money orer correct?thanks everyone
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