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  1. You don't need me to say anything've got EVERYBODY else to do that for you. Who is going to keep you grounded? I'm as good a candidate as any Besides, I'm not raining on your parade just for the sake of getting you wet.....I just don't believe we are there yet, not even close. Rest assured...plenty of people tell me I'm wrong or I may be right, but they don't want to hear it. So I get as good as I give, I don't mind....why do you?
  2. They've been saying this for years.....what they don't say is 'how' are they going to do it. Bring an article over that gives that answer and I'll give you a big ole sloppy pos (+)
  3. For sure I hope it's still around in 2 years...I want to be able to tell all those people 'I told you so' two years from now when we are still waiting for this thing to RV All those who said the Summit was the magic day, the National Conference will be the day, June 2012 will be the months, September is it, definitely will happen before the new 2013 budget comes out.....blah, blah, blah..... :lmao: :lmao:
  4. You said a what if the budget is now doesn't have anything what-so-ever to do with the RV of their currency. They still have a boat load, a big boat load of things to do before we see an RV....IF we see an RV Read the news .....not close to resolving HCL....still not released from chapter 7.....still fighting among themselves in security minister, no security...... the country is very divided......we'll be lucky if the country doesn't break out into civil war any day now? Maliki is acting like a dictator.....Shiites are holding Sunnis down like second class citizens.....Kurds are ready to break away from Baghdad.....big oil companies are scared to pick sides between Baghdad and Arbil.....problems, problems, problems. What....nobody sees these issues except me? Only cause you don't want to see them And that doesn't even cover the financial issues with an RV of any signifigance...of which there are many Hold on....don't want to be accused of being negative or realistic or smashing dreams.....forget the above. It will RV by June 1st :lmao:
  5. 36 hours :lmao: come and gone baby, come and gone
  6. :lmao: June will come and go....with no RV
  7. How long have you been in this investment? There is no such thing as a drop dead date......
  8. Cracks me up.....the gurus always have a new date ready to point at when their prediction date passes by. :lmao: Why would Maliki be holding up the RV until Iraq gets released from chapter 7 ?????????????? The UN doesn't care about Iraq's economic policies, they just want them to meet the terms of the agreement they made in order to gain release. The people of Iraq suffer for having a worthless's not hurting the UN that he would be holding up the RV. What a stupid analysis I guess they think we'll believe what ever they throw out there
  9. This indicates little if any progress in getting the HCL passed. If the country splits up...there will be NO RV.
  10. Ok Adam...I buy your theory. So, let's break it down in round numbers.......when the artificial value (as set by Sadaam) was $3.22 per dinar there were about 30 billion dinar in circulation, making the value of their money about $100 billion US. Now they have 30 trillion dinar incirculation and at the current rate (1200 per $1) of exchange the value of their dinar in circulation is about $25 billion US. So that would mean they can quadruple the value of their dinar and get back to where they were 20 years ago....that would be a new exchange rate of about 300 dinar per $1 US or $0.0033 per dinar. Anything above that rate would be just 'creating' wealth......please keep in mind I've used round numbers to keep the math simple, but the basic numbers are good. So, if it were to RV at 10 cents they would be creating wealth in the untold trillions....JMHO
  11. You're dreaming.....wake up. There are trillions of dinar incirculation.....I don't care how much hidden assets want to 'imagine' they can't cover trillions of dollars worth of RV'd currency
  12. BAGHDAD (AP) — Now that U.S. forces are gone, Iraq's ruling Shiites are moving quickly to keep the two Muslim sects separate — and unequal. Sunnis are locked out of key jobs at universities and in government, their leaders banned from Cabinet meetings or even marked as fugitives. Sunnis cannot get help finding the body of loved ones killed in the war. And Shiite banners are everywhere in Baghdad. With the Americans no longer here to play peacemakers and Sunni-ruled Gulf Arab nations moving to isolate Iraq, it's a development that could lead to an effective breakup of the country. "The sectarian war has moved away from violence to a soft conflict fought in the state institutions, government ministries and on the street," said political analyst Hadi Jalo. "What was once an armed conflict has turned into territorial, institutionalized and psychological segregation." Despite occasional large-scale bombings, March recorded the lowest monthly toll for violent deaths since the 2003 U.S.-invasion. A total of 112 Iraqis were killed last month, compared to 122 in November 2009, the previous lowest. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a Shiite hard-liner in office for nearly six years, does not tire from telling anyone who cares to listen that it was he who defeated "terrorism," the word he uses to refer to the Sunni insurgency. Critics charge that al-Maliki is suspicious of all Sunnis, even those who never joined the insurgency or later abandoned it, and is punishing a community that lost its protectors when the Americans left Iraq in December, ending eight years of occupation. On Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama called al-Maliki to express Washington's "firm commitment to a unified, democratic Iraq as defined by Iraq's constitution." A White House statement also said that Obama stated his support for the prime minister's participation in a national dialogue hosted by President Jalal Talabani to reconcile Iraqi political blocs. The dialogue formally opens Thursday. Al-Maliki has denied allegations that his government is harassing or discriminating against Sunnis. He even bragged to Arab leaders gathered for a summit meeting in Baghdad last week that "it is not an exaggeration to say that our success in national reconciliation can be an example to follow in Arab nations suffering from acts of violence and conflict." But Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, the administration's top Sunni official, is a fugitive wanted by prosecutors on terror charges. He fled to the self-ruled Kurdish region in northern Iraq to escape what he said would certainly be a politically motivated trial and left this week for Qatar, which has publicly criticized what the Gulf nation's prime minister called the marginalization of Sunnis. Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, a Sunni, has been banned from attending Cabinet meetings because he called al-Maliki a dictator. Ordinary Sunnis complain of discrimination in almost all aspects of life, including housing, education, employment and security. Formerly mixed neighborhoods of Baghdad, such as Hurriyah, are now predominantly Shiite and protected by concrete barrier walls and checkpoints; with Shiite militias effectively policing many areas, hardly any Sunnis dare to return. Baghdad now has the appearance of an exclusively Shiite city, with streets and bridges renamed after Shiite saints, Shiite green, black and red banners flying almost everywhere and giant posters of Shiite saints towering over all else on major squares. Flaunting Shiite strength in Baghdad, a city of some seven million, is apparently a priority for the sect's clerical leadership. "I always say that one Shiite from Baghdad is worth five Shiites like me from Najaf," Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the nation's most revered Shiite cleric, was quoted as telling Shiites who visited him at his home in Najaf, a city south of Baghdad. "You are the majority and your enemies are trying to reduce your numbers," al-Sistani said, according to one of the 30 men who attended the seven-minute meeting last November. "Go out and perform your rituals." The men took al-Sistani's words to heart and swung into action when the next religious occasion arrived in January — the Arbaeen, which marks the passing of 40 days after the seventh century martyrdom of Imam Hussein, a much revered saint. The district known for its well-to-do professionals and businessmen took on a religious ambiance of the kind found in Baghdad's poor Shiite areas or those hosting religious shrines. Residents practiced the ritual of self-flagellation on the streets, hoisted hundreds of Shiite banners on trees and lamp posts and served meat and rice from tents pitched on street corners. In the Baghdad district of Azamiyah, for years a bastion of Sunni resistance to Shiite domination, the government is ignoring repeated demands by Sunni residents to remove Ali al-Saadi, a Shiite who heads the local council. They also want to replace Hadi al-Jubouri, another Shiite who is the district's mayor. Both men were appointed by the U.S. military authorities in July 2003, when the Sunni insurgency against the American occupation was starting. Among other perceived injustices, the Sunnis say Health Ministry officials stonewall them when they seek help locating the remains of loved ones killed during the sectarian violence of the last decade and that, unlike Shiites living in the district, they are not allowed to keep a firearm at home for self-defense. Sunnis who apply for government jobs also complain of stalling tactics. A young university graduate from Azamiyah who wanted to be identified as Umm Omar, or the mother of Omar, said she was among 150 candidates selected last year for jobs in the public affairs departments in Cabinet ministries. When she goes to the ministry to find out when she can start work, she is told to come back another time for an update. "All the Shiites I know who applied with me started work," said Umm Omar, who did not want to identify herself or the ministry because she feared reprisals. "I think it is because I am a Sunni from Azamiyah, but I will not give up. Jobs must never be given based on sect." Higher Education Minister Ali al-Adeeb, a close al-Maliki ally, is accused of implementing sectarian policies thinly concealed behind his goal of purging members of Saddam Hussein's now-outlawed Baath Party from academic institutions. He has ordered candidates for senior positions in universities and the ministry to submit declarations on their possible links with the Baath Party or security agencies. Those found out to have withheld such information are banned from assuming the positions for which they applied, according to an aide to the minister who agreed to talk about the subject only on condition of anonymity. Sunnis have long maintained that Shiite authorities use Baath ties as an excuse to purge the civil service and academic institutions of members of their community. Al-Adeeb has fired nearly 200 academic and administrative staff from the state university in the mainly Sunni Salaheddin province north of Baghdad, according to local tribal leaders and officials. The campus is in Tikrit, Saddam's hometown. Most if not all university directors in Baghdad are Shiites, according to staff members. "Sectarian discrimination has become more manifest since al-Adeeb took over the ministry. Several deans and heads of departments have been removed because they belong to the other sect," said university lecturer Ali Abu-Zeid, himself a Shiite. "Even enrollment for postgraduate studies is subtly decided on sectarian basis. We all know that," said Abu-Zeid, who declined to name the university that employs him because he feared reprisals. Fed up with Shiite domination, the mainly Sunni provinces of Diyala, Salaheddin and al-Anbar have recently announced their intention to become semiautonomous regions, a move provided for by the constitution. Their plans have been stymied by al-Maliki, who argues that granting them autonomy would break up Iraq. In Diyala, the provincial council voted Dec. 12 to establish a self-ruled region, with 18 members in favor and five against. The next day, protesters widely suspected to be Shiite militiamen loyal to al-Maliki attacked the offices of the provincial government as well as the home of Sunni governor Abdul-Naser al-Mahdawi, as police and army troops stood by and watched. Fearing for their lives, al-Mahdawi and several council members fled the provincial capital, Baqouba, and found sanctuary in the mainly Kurdish town of Khanaqin to the north. Last month, al-Maliki gave al-Mahdawi 72 hours to return to Baqouba or resign. He resigned. Doesn't look like they are working together from this?????????
  13. It dosen't sound like release from chapter 7 is a done deal at all
  14. The list is very l;ong as to 'why not today' :lmao:
  15. Global reset.....195 countries RV all at once.......RV this week :lmao: Wanna bet?
  16. They can't, huh watch and see, IMHO it will not happen this year at all and next year aint lookin so good either We shall see who is correct
  17. The latest is the National Conference and the budget chatter Then we'll have the June deadline, then the September deadline, then the end of the year because they're getting ready for the New Year....blah blah blah These gurus have no shame....most don't even give a reason why their last prediction didn't come true, they just move onto the next load of carp
  18. I have just heard from my super secret ....(inside source )......She overheard that the dinar will start moving following the summit ..........and that there is maybe bigger things coming Read more: What is your definition of "real, real soon?" :lmao:
  19. This site is not about "dreaming" to be's a place most people come to get information. And when you are constantly told "it's gunna happen" then t does becomes a problem for a lot of people. Here is a prime example.....some one elses feelings from another post Hi guys. I noticed a thread on here where someone was talking about selling their dinar. I almost made the following comments in that thread but then decided to start my own. Well, I'm certainly not bailing out. In the first place, I did as we have all been instructed to do. I didn't invest more than I could afford to lose, therefore I won't be selling any dinar. With that being said, I have to admit that at this particular moment I am not nearly as upbeat as I have been. Maybe I'm just tired, I dunno.. I felt that we were ready for this to happen. The conditions could not have been better. Arab summit just concluded, so security still in place; CBI gets a loooooong holiday......plenty of time for the needed adjustments, lots of other positive looking things and yet when I check CBI this morning.........1166. As I said, I'm not gonna sell, I do believe this will happen, I just feel that we might have just missed the best chance we will see this year. I hope I'm wrong, but I think for now, I'm gonna readjust my priorities a bit. I have been blessed in the fact that my life was not so bad before I heard about dinar in the first place. I think for now, I'm gonna put this all on the back burner, and when it happens, it happens. DV is a great place with great people. Just do me a favor.....don't let all this just consume you as I have done. Enjoy life....Enjoy family and friends. It will or will not happen without us spending 12 hours a day in front of the computer. I'm not saying I'm outta here, or never gonna log in anymore, just that there really is more to life than dinar, so enjoy some of it. As for me, it's a beautiful Spring day here in the Heart of Dixie ( Alabama) And I think I'll log off this thing and go outside and enjoy it. Might even call Billy Bob and see if he wants to shoot some hoops. Have a great day! RSS I simpathize with the feeling here as do many others..... I see this stuff all the time as most everybody else has......we don't need the roller coaster.......we want good solid in formation based on facts........we don't need to be told that it's going to RV every other day in order to feel secure in our investment.....You can dream all you want, but I believe that most people who visit this site would rather get the real scoop on what's going on instead of being fed a daily dose of mmmmmmm mmmmm good tasty BS........JMHO Read more: prime example.....
  20. Okay.....we made it past the Summit and I think we all know it did NOT result in the RV being announced. Sorry....but I told you so So now you can either jump on the next bandweagon (National Conference next week) or you can realize that the RV is not emminent as most keep saying The Iraqi news is full of items covering everything from regional disputes to local daily life......and believe it or not, none of them have anything to do with the dinar RV Besides the absurd pumpers who I hope most of us put no stock in, we also will continue to have the "sane" sources try to convince us that all the news is somehow dinar is NOT. Get off the merry-go-round or it will throw you off, at best you'll make yourself sick There is much to be done......Iraq still need to do census and define borders for the HCL to get passed, Maliki still needs to get security minister postion filled, the GOI needs to make country safe so foreign workers can get the required infrtstructure and oil/gas flowing, the GOI needs to work together instead of infighting over every little issue to show they are actually working towards the betterment of their own people instead for their individual party liones, they still need to pass the required laws applicable to trade, new currency printing, tarrifs and such....much more to do. I see tons of articles being posted everyday which is a good thing, but it's the idea that all the news is implied to be RV related that I object to.......folks, It's just not so and if you sit back and think about it, you know it's true? The RV may or may not occur soon....but it's not going to happen just to coincide with a national event like the Summit, National Conference, next June because some UN deadline will come and go, next September for whatever isupposed to happen then or Jan 1st because the new budget will go into affect??? It will happen when all the physical mechanics have been worked out, when it is most advantageous for Iraq and the CBI to pull the trigger, and when all the political and physical issues have been addressed. So when some one tries to tell you the RV is coming because some meeting is taking place and that would be the "perfect" time for them to announce the RV....just laugh in their face and go about your business. Adam will send you a text when it does happen, so rest easy
  21. Jonnywg and Ernorrst..... :lmao:
  22. All great news, but hardly the earth shattering news we were looking for.....namely about the RV. Which I did NOT expect to hear anyway But this is typical example of how most want to promote everything that is going on in Iraq as having something to do with the RV. When will we learn? The Summit was never about the RV.....come on everybody, use our heads and apply some common sense. Iraq has to integrate themselves back into the ME political scene....that's what the Summit was for. Successful or not.....that's another discussion I don't care to debate now. But the bottom line is this......when are we going to stop listening to anybody and everybody when they spout off about current events and tie them into the RV? I go back to what I've been saying for the last 6 months or so......they are many many things that need to get done before we'll see the RV. Just to name a very few.....Iraq needs to pass the HCL in order to distribute the oil/gas revenue which still requires a current census and borders of the regions to be firmed up.....Iraq needs a complete GOI.....Iraq needs to be completely released from chapter 7. And then the politicians need to start working together towards and for the common good of the people, not their own self interests They just came out of the dark can you expect them to move forward so quickly. JMHO I think you are just setting yourself up for disappointment by jumping on each bandwagon after falling off the one that just crashed. So no Rv annouinced as result of the chatter will be about the National Conference, then the June deadline...then the September deadline? What is the next target date after September? We'll probably then be saying they've got to RV before 2013 for some stupid budget reason When does it end? Not for a while in my opinion (I get it, it's only my opinion) cause I think we are still a distance away from the end. Hang in will happen, I think
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