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  1. You, being wiser than I, probably do "patiently wait," but I don't patiently wait at all. I just stomp my feet, sigh a lot, whine regularly, and somehow also wait. LOL
  2. And boy, did I believe him--at least until I came here and got a dose of reality. lol I've missed you, Snow. I just got into a couple physical house-moves and then had to get all set up again. But I'll check in more now.
  3. Or maybe it's the 12th Inman. Or is that Iman? or Imman? LOL "As far as i know, that driver/translator is still talking about an RV." haha So are we.
  4. It's fun to see Laid Back being so talkative. lol You have truly been "laid back" for all the time I've been here, since 2010, or at least since I noticed you being here and being your own silent self beginning in ??? what now seems like a long time ago.
  5. I've been waiting for six years now, and as I look back, it feels like it's been an eternity. We have certainly seen a lot of people, both in Iraq and on this site, come and go in that time. I still miss some of them. Remember the ladies, or was it the girls? Those three older women who came here one at a time, if I recall correctly. And I have physically moved where I live three times since I first came here. lol Most of you were already here when I got here the first time, all starry-eyed about my coming riches. I can now look back and laugh, but I still feel confident the RV will happen
  6. And don't forget that, if you somehow in this ugly business climate, create a healthy business from the bottom up, "you didn't build that." Apparently the government did it. LOL
  7. Thank you much, Kevin. I checked and they have my newest phone number there, but I wanted to give Adam's office my physical home address, too. Maybe I have it in my phone addresses. I'll check there. Thanks again, Kevin. yours, Fran
  8. I have moved a couple times, and I need to get my new information to Adam's office. Would someone please telll me: who do I contatct and what her email address? Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Whoever you are!! lol Francie26
  9. So proud of these guys!! Their eyesight and aim a mile away are more perfect than my eyesight and aim of thread for a needle in my hands.
  10. I read once that "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're not guilty." lol
  11. Powerful. Truthful. Hopeful. Clean. Clear, and Happy. There's room for all of us in this all-embracing life-plan. We can all just bring what we have to the table, and take what we need away with us when we leave. It's a pretty good way to live, if you ask me.
  12. Awww, Shabs. I thought you were a fence. Was I mistaken or what? LOL
  13. Well, Obama has learned Zero, anyway. But that's ok. He already thinks he knows it all and doesn't need to learn anything more. Poignant and sad. Really, really sad.
  14. Welcome back, you dear sweet man. I'm glad you found a way around this. I am down to Social Security, and beyond that, nada except my dinar, having cashed in and used everything else, all retirement funds, all savings, everything. I feel a bit desperate at times, but oh, well. This isnt the worst it could be. The worst it could be is selling my dinar, even just part of it, and then the next day . . . . . Oh, no!!! You get the picture. . . . lol
  15. If the incomes of those idiots in D.C. were based on the same thing ours are, none of us would ever have to worry about getting a cost of living increase again. I'm fine. Just been busy, doing some writing, etc. How are you doing? I'm always glad to see you, Kiddo!!
  16. My very question. lol Thanks, Snow!! I'm sure you speak for more than just the two of us.
  17. My question will probably show how much I don't know about the workings of money. But here it is: If all this happens as outlined here, what will that do to the U.S. dollars still in Iraq, and in turn, will it impact our dinars? If this question is too silly, just don't answer. I am truly dumb when it comes to understanding money, even though I've tried to pay attention to what many of you have said about money since I bought my dinar in 2010 and almost immediately began coming here. . . . Seems like a long time ago to me now.
  18. The Machine-- I love reading your articles. Your writing is well-structured, lucid and easily digestable to people like me who know a great deal about many topics, but not a single thought, word, or idea about the various structures, actions, reactions, or behaviors of money. To me, always a "word woman," (according to my daughters) it is ever a pleasure to observe your use of words, and to read your articles and comments. Your ideas seem open and clear, and your mind, as revealed through your skillful word-usage, is an amazing thing to witness. Fran
  19. Well, don't want this, and I'm an American. I don't want any at all. Thank you for letting us know though, sweet YotaMan.
  20. Question: Anyone? In 2010, I bought dinars and made a personal commitment to ride this down, to stay until I know where it goes, and since then I have believed fairly consistently that I will make a reasonable amount, if not a lot, of money on it. I'm not hopeless yet, but that's no thanks to Obama. I just happen to be a sunny-side-up woman, and things are always going to get better tomorrow, even while the trajectory of my life has gone downhill fairly regularly through the years. But given my propensity to always see things on the bright side, I tend to miss signs telling me to make other
  21. Sweet story, Moose. So much love in that tiny body. I am a cat lover, and I have always found them to entertaining, full of energy, and extremely generous in their love. Little Ugly sounds like a good one.
  22. That looked like a huge ouchie!! Whew!! I would never agree to that!! Never!!
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