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  1. PP, Check out this video I ran across while researching another treatment the Dr Cowan uses for CHF
  2. Jimblue

    Adam Montana Weekly 20 Sept 2017

    Thank you Adam!!! Excitedly expectant!!!
  3. Jimblue

    Adam Montana Weekly 22 Feb 2017

    Thanks for the update Adam, It would appear to me that "Giddy and Excited" is a contagious epidemic, I've got a bad case of it
  4. Jimblue


    Botzwana, I totally understand your questioning and research as we all have done and can relate to the financial challenges that this life brings. I must say that the VIP investment was money well spent and I would even say that it is only the tip of the iceberg, the real beauty of VIP is that it's the ticket to OSI and therein is where the true gold is found. Many thanks to Adam for the opportunity Go RV
  5. Jimblue

    unable to send to support email addresses

    I just got the same message
  6. Great job Adam and all the DV'ers who participated!!!!! That just makes your heart smile Happy Friday everyone
  7. Jimblue

    Canadians Buying Silver

    I've seen them on Apmex and Kitco
  8. I am interested. Tried to pm you. What part of Alabama are you located?
  9. Jimblue

    Looking to Buy

    TonyWilson, I am interested and I tried to leave you a message but no success. Contact me when you get a chance
  10. Jimblue

    1 mill IQD $850 NE alabama

    I'm interested. Close to your area. Contact me Thanks
  11. Jimblue

    Frank26's Monday Night Conference Call - 11 July 2011

    Ron and Easy, thanks for taking the time and the positive words
  12. Jimblue

    Frank26 CC notes 7-7-11

    Thanks again Ron, great dialogue, always appreciated
  13. Thanks Ron for all your postings.
  14. Jimblue

    Step By Step Instructions

    Verify please Thanks

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