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  1. I have some dinar I would like to sell $850. mill all in 25k notes uncirculated new and crisp I can sell up to 3 mill let me know and I will send you my phone # and email
  2. hello i have some i can cut loose of i need to pay some bills i left you a msg with my ph # GOD BLESS
  3. need to pay some bills i have for sale 1 mill IQD 25k notes from dinar trade $850 im close to TN and GA state line i can also ship them to you
  4. this has to do with un agenda 21 you tube has lots of info on agenda 21 and GA guide stones if you you want the red pill
  5. GOD bless you we have missed the big P hows mama? is it time for BBQ yet
  6. i am having the same prob i have had 5 calls from buddys having the same prob
  7. great post thats why most of our post are commig from other sites most of witch are former DV ppl.JMO
  8. thank you for your info, will thay have to read it 3 more times? or is this the 3rd reading? GOD bless
  9. this is from the top of the Gazette home page i do dot speek chinese or portuguese We regret that a full English version of this website is not provided. However, some of the documents may be found in English. Please note that only the Chinese and Portuguese versions published in the MSAR Gazette are official. Therefore, you should not act or rely on any of these materials without seeking legal advice when appropriate
  10. odd this comes out just after TD went up on his prices of IQD HUMMMMMM nooooo hes not a pumper
  11. WOW thats how much i have to. not as much as i want but more than i need
  12. i read he now has 5000 new phone lines that cant be chep i hope he has a staf of 5000
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