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  1. I am in the Auburn area, I can meet you in Fort Payne if needed.
  2. I will email you. Are you still interested? I ask because i have tried to contact you on your profile a few times. If interested please email me at Thanks.
  3. Jimblue, I will post my location and an email adress on your profile feed.
  4. I have 1 million uncirculated Dinar for sale. 25K notes. From Alabama. Asking $800. Prefer face to face deal in a public location but alternative transactions can be arranged If interested, leave contace info on either this post or my profile. Thanks!
  5. Also, sarathi, you can reach me at the email address I posted on your profile. I would prefer a face to face transaction in a public place as it would be easier and more secure for both of us.
  6. It is all 25K notes, uncirculated, I believe they are in sequencial order, i will check again to be sure. Leave an email on my profile for more details.
  7. 1 Million Dinar for sale. 25k notes. $800 for the million. Leave an email if interested for further details.
  8. Update on post: I previously asked $900 for 1 million DInar. I would like to sell the million for $800. If interested please leave an email address on this post or my profile.
  9. Hello, If you decide that you are unable to buy 15 million in a single deal, I currently have 1 million that i am willing to sell for $800. If interested please leave an email for more details.
  10. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and also fairly new to buying/selling Dinar. I currently have 1 million iraqi dinar that I inherited. To my knowledge they are "uncirculated". I am asking 900 for the million but like all things, the price is flexible. I reside in Alabama. If interested please let me know ASAP. Thank you to all.
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