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  1. Thanks for everything Adam and staff I agree on "The Brew" , I enjoy it greatly
  2. Even more awesome news!!! Thanks Adam and staff for everything you share
  3. PP, Check out this video I ran across while researching another treatment the Dr Cowan uses for CHF
  4. Thanks for the update Adam, It would appear to me that "Giddy and Excited" is a contagious epidemic, I've got a bad case of it
  5. Great job Adam and all the DV'ers who participated!!!!! That just makes your heart smile Happy Friday everyone
  6. I am interested. Tried to pm you. What part of Alabama are you located?
  7. TonyWilson, I am interested and I tried to leave you a message but no success. Contact me when you get a chance
  8. I'm interested. Close to your area. Contact me Thanks
  9. Ron and Easy, thanks for taking the time and the positive words
  10. Thanks again Ron, great dialogue, always appreciated
  11. Thanks for all you do Adam. Question, After your text notification of the event, I plan on being on the next flight out, which is an early morning time from my area. Is this ok or should I wait on your follow up email with more instruction and wait another day?
  12. Thanks Sonny1. This will make one special Thanksgiving to always remember!!
  13. God is so good. This opportunity came to me at a time when I was at my lowest point and there looked to be no hope. But through this investment He is making it possible for so much of His work to be done. He has confirmed His promise to me several times. Judging by all that is coming against so many of us only reinforces the fact that we are so very close now to seeing the promise fulfilled. God bless
  14. Don't let your dreams be constrained by reality
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