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  1. Sounds to me that you have been reading too many chats by these so called "gurus" and not actually paying attention to the facts and doing your own reading and research......of course there isent going to be 19 countries RVing at the same time, thats just ridiculous to think of in the first place.....that they would all get together and say "hey, you know what lets all do this at once and amaze the world" every country is different and to even think that the IDQ and VND will RV at the same time is a little off....they are still two different countries and there is not a plot to keep people from "double dipping".....currency trading happens all day everyday and countries dont get together to see how they can keep investors from making any as far as this GE thing, no one ever said it was GE waiting for contracts to be paid to continue work....again if you read and do research for yourself someone else came up with that idea from what Sonny1 predicted just because they saw an article about GE doing work in Iraq and they just ASSUMED that it was GE everyone was talking about waiting to get paid....regardless Iraq has many ways of paying buisness contracts without absolutely having to RV...I do believe that Sonny1 got some credible information about contracts being paid but that doesnt mean 100% that Iraq will have to RV or that they will on a certain date, because this isent about a certain date that this will will happen when they accomplish what needs to be done first before being able to RV/RI.....its a long process and its been planned for years now and there isent much that will keep this "plan" from about the oil issue and you believing that they are better off NOT raising the value of their currency.....if my memory serves me correct, Iraq would benefit tremendously from a higher value currency....especially if its higher then they countries buying oil from them.....when you are exporting lets say oil to a country that has a lower valued currency then you, they end up paying MORE to get that exported to their country....if you shoot high and have one of the most valued currencies in the world then EVERYONE is paying MORE to get that oil from you....not to mention it works to their advantage in the other direction too....If Iraq has a higher valued currency then who they are buying imported goods from, they are paying LESS then what they normally would to get outside products and goods imported into their country....having a higher valued currency does not mean that the price of production will go up....that stays the same and for Iraq, it will stay very cheap to produce because they dont have to really drill deep for it....production prices will stay low and the amount of profit will go up if they RV because other countries will be paying MORE just to get it exported from Iraq.....they only stand to benefit tremendously from a RV/RI......this isent about pushing the iraqis to the brink before they has been in the works for 7 years now and there isent anything really thats going to keep it from as far as your links above, they probly havent been mentioned that much because to me anyways I dont see a whole lot of importance as regarding the IDQ and their progress of restoring wealth to their country....Iraq is on track to being a prosperous nation again....its just a matter of time....and no matter what the IMF has done for other countries or what they pay is going to hold Iraq back from the progress they are making, they are in control of themselves....and slowly but surely they will accomplish what they have set out to do....I hope that this might shed some light for you as to what you are thinking and the doubts you are having in your head....I personally wouldnt read so much into other chats because thats what gets alot of people wound up and let down time and time offense to anyone but some of those are just shows to get people to come back and read them and follow them again day after day.....after awhile people get fed up and flip when there really is no reason to....the RV/RI will happen....we will all be glad that we have invested in the dinar and we will end up looking back and laughing at some of the silly things that were said from time to just enjoy this time, sit back, and just watch the progress of them forming their govt because that is the single, most important thing for them to do right now and it will only lead to better things down the road for them and for us.....stop looking at dates as deadlines for an RV/RI and look at them as dates of progress and dates of the next step on the staircase to them raising the value of their currency......because thats all they are.....GO IRAQ!!!
  2. I put a lot of my faith into Ali....he seems like a stand up kind of guy to me at least....I have also asked him about the situations that happened with Russia and Kuwait and he seems pretty solid on the issue that he will be able to exchange our dinar no matter what happens....meaning to me that we dont necessarily need a bank account with Iraq when they RV/RI.....but to be sure I still think I am going to look into opening an account because of the fact that nothing is promised to us....but i do think that we shouldnt have any problem even going to most banks to exchange our dinar when the time is right.....I only threw out the Russia/Kuwait RV/RI just as examples of what HAS happened in the past and what possibilities are still in the air......
  3. Getting your cat kicked huh?? hahaha that sounds erotic..... "hey there big boy, you wanna come over tonight and give my cat a little kick?" eh eh?
  4. I think what would help you is if you dont just start lookin for a date for it to happen....just watch the progress of things going on over there right now with the formation of the govt.....think about what might need to be in place for something like this to happen instead of just hoping to wake up one morning and be filthy rich....we all know they need to curb the violence first and foremost.....the majority of the reason for this going on is because no one is really in getting a govt together first would seem the most important right now....just keep an eye on the formation of their govt and once that is settled, then we move on to whats next...then there wont be a need for you to get soo worked up over just another date and then get let down just because it didnt happen yet....this will happen, but it takes time and certain things need to be in place so its not really about a date, its about when they can get their crap together and accomplish all the little things needing to be in place first and there is no set date when all this will be done....we just have to take it day by day.....dont look at dates as a deadline for RV/RI....look at dates for progress being made, thats all....right now watch for the 10th of July....its the next parliment meeting and depending on what happens then, will determine where we are at and where we are going, how long etc etc.....
  5. Its just stating that IF they implement this plan to remove the three zeros it will take time because it is no easy task to complete.....but from what Ali and what Warka has stated there has been no talks to them of doing until there is actual contact from CBI to Ali and to Warka about this decision, its not valid and its simply just an idea on the books....nothing more.....
  6. The possibility of IF it could happen is always there....nothing is 100% in this investment....other countries have pulled the same thing in the past so its not completely unimaginable in this situation either.....if it happened it would possibly mean that only people inside the country, and people that have a bank account associated with Iraq or in Iraq would be able to exchange the Dinar for either other dinar, or to other would be easy for them to just cut off anyone outside the country that has dinar.....Russia did that when they revalued and redenominated and the same thing happened with Kuwait....they changed the currency a couple of times, and then revalued but you had to of had an account in Kuwait or an account with the United Emerates/Arabs to exchange the kuwaiti to answer your question could it happen? yes....will it happen? no one knows for thing you can do is diversify your funds....aka keep some in physical cash and maybe see about opening an account with warka or other Iraqi bank just to be safe......better to have covered all the ends then to come up empty when this party kicks off!!
  7. You never know....wouldnt be out of the realm of possibility for them especially since they just recieved another 400 million dollar installment of a 3.8 billion dollar loan from the US.....Iraq has plenty of ways to pay for contracts and other things of that we will just have to wait and see what happens....
  8. That the bank is back open now for buisness and their reboot of the system is probly done now....can you post the numbers?
  9. Yes i could def live with his numbers!! And as in most cases the numbers dont lie soooo please please please let that be the case here!! His numbers + keepmwlknfny = happiest man on earth when this thing pops off!!!
  10. Awww your making me blush!! hahaha thanks for the compliments...... just tryin to help!!
  11. Very good article aussiebattler!! This shows that they must get a move on now that they realized they must get this done by the 10th of July, which is most likely why they moved up the meeting that was first mentioned to be on the 17th.....Sooooo if they get the President and Speaker of the House determined at this meeting, then the President could give one of the blocs the right to form the rest of the govt....there is a 30 day deadline on that process but HOPEFULLY they wont take that long....they have all had plenty of time to talk about things and what direction they want to head....soooo lets keep our fingers crossed that they all know what they wanna do and who they want to nominate for PM by the time they have this sure would move things along much quicker and we could see our precious RV/RI sooner then what was previously thought.....MAYBE we could see it before the entire govt is seated seeing that the world bank and IMF have had this planned out for years taking into account the uncertainty of the position of the govt at this after the 10th of July if that meeting goes as planned be ready!!
  12. scooter, Yes I was trying to clear up a bunch of things that I know a lot of people had questions about and i knew people would be more willing to listen to you then to listen to me ramble because of the fact that I am known for keeping a realistic approach on things here and alot of people here dont like that for some reason. Yea it would have been nice to have a little bit more time but thats ok...I know you have a lot of stuff going on but we all do appreciate you stopping by and answering what questions you could. Covering your back? lol I guess your welcome lol what did I do?? Let me know next time your around.....and hey if you want maybe we could go meet up at the bar sometime....Im only like 10 or 15 mins away from you....good talkin to ya....Later!
  13. you still listen to terryk?? have you not learned your lesson yet?
  14. I have faith in Sonny's prediction but its all going to depend on what happens in the next couple of weeks.....they have moved up the next official parliment meeting to the 10th of July in which hopefully they can pull together and at least get the speaker of the house and the president chosen....I think this meeting and if they are keeping the one for the 17th, are going to be huge in terms of how soon we see this baby pop....I dont think its all dependent on sonny's info of some contracts being paid just because of the fact that Iraq just received 400 million dollars from the US as part of a 3.8 billion dollar loan that they will be getting installments of throughout this year and I believe into next, so that alone tells me that they could easily pay buisness contracts if need be with this money without having to RV/RI......If they can get the president chosen next week and then have the winning bloc start to form the govt including getting candidates chosen for PM then MAYBE we could see something by the end of July or mid August....but with their track record at this point I really dont see them getting everything together so quick which is why I have been believing it will be later this summer like end of august or even into september.....guess all eyes will be on this next meeting on the 10th.....LETS KEEP OUR FINGERS CROSSED!!! Id like this to happen before I start training again I want to take a quick vacay ya dig?!?!
  15. Positions revealed with no official parliment meeting until the 10th?/ sorry but very unlikely my friend.....wait till the 10th and maybe we shall see some progress in that meeting.....Allawi's bloc should pretty much have their nominee and the back ups in case they wont agree on Allawi for candidate but I dont think the National Alliance has theirs even figured out yet....
  16. This isent a LOP for order for them to remove the zeros from circulation they will need the smaller bills to be put out into the hands of the citizens....for them to remove the zeros and do this, the value of the dinar will have to go up otherwise they would be making transactions harder to complete because people would have to carry around more bills to buy the same goods....when this happens i for one will not be trading my larger bills for the smaller trading my larger bills for US DOLLARS!!!! if we were citizens or iraq it would be different....but when they are saying the purchasing power of a new 25 dinar note will be the same as a 25k note, they are speaking of exactly that...PURCHASING POWER....not that a 25k note will be equal to 25 dinar all of a cant do that....when you print a currency you have to honor what you printed no matter have to remember they speak differently and use different words to describe things then we what sounds bad to you is actually a good thing to happen for all of us....when we see the smaller denoms out and they give us a window for exchanging the larger notes, thats when we trade in for US dollars.....not dinar for more dinar....cause your not going to be trading your 25k notes, for new 25 notes and the value still be 1170 dinar equals 1 US dollar...then you would have to carry a ton more physical bills in your hands to do simple things like grocery shopping and thats what they are tryin to get away from because everyone now has to pay in bags full of dinar......
  17. Actually it wouldnt be way out there....they are still getting 3.8 billion dollars from the US in installments over this year and into next year....should be plenty to get started on all those projects....
  18. Its not being traded on Forex.....and its not internationally tradeable because not all countries accept the Dinar as is becoming more and more used and traded but not everywhere yet....needs to have some value behind it as well....
  19. Why are you following the chats then? Thats your problem and why you keep getting filled with BS.....just read whats goin on over there....they dont hide the info on forming the govt....the reason you arent hearing this stuff about them being in place is because its not true.....believe me if they had all the positions chosen already they wouldnt be holding out on everyone.....they need to get control of their country pronto!! and the sooner they have the govt in place the sooner they can vote on economical situations dealing with investors in the private sector which is what they have been talking about needing for a long time!!
  20. Yes, the countries awake during that time will know first i would guess....and yea they wouldnt be rushing the banks necessarily....some would but if you think about it, the vendors in marketplace and in places of buisness should have the lower denoms and can just give out the cash for change....i dont think it would be a mad rush to the would take time for everyone to get the smaller denoms in hand but who knows?? could turn out something like russia where they gave the people in the country a certain amount of time to exchange their bills or they were SOL.....yes it would be nice to see a rate like that but unless they RI, that will be YEARS down the road....and to be fair saudi arabia puts out the most oil and they are only at 26 cents so there is no promise of seeing rates as high as kuwait....but in order for us to wake up rich they would have to RI their currency....
  21. Well it doesnt matter what it was matters what it is at the time you exchange and make your profit....anything over 10 grand you will be reported to IRS....once it RV's it should be recognized as a internationally tradeable currency which does fall under tax codes for currency exchange....
  22. NIce rumor unfortunately they would have to of done this at an official parliment meeting and there wont be one until the 10th.....they would all have to be sworn in.....not to mention the first one we will hear about is the president.....then he gives the winning bloc the right to form the govt which would take longer......this one def filed in the right area......rumor
  23. lol we are in the same girl thinks the same exact thing!! lol she just huffs and puffs whenever she sees me checkin the least we arent out at the strip club! they should be happy its something innocent at this!!!
  24. Exactly....they still have plenty of money coming to them to pay buisness contracts and whatever else they deem necessary....they are far from being broke and they dont absolutely 100% need to RV ASAP....they have a couple of billion dollars coming to them over installments this year and leading still into next as we sit and wait for the govt to pull together and see what comes of that....
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