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  1. Earlier this year I stated that the Dinar would RV on July 1st....and I got bashed to death. To all you bashers out there... I was CORRECT but had the WRONG YEAR!!! July 1st, 2011 dinar RV!
  2. As we get close to the date that will make history, tensions are high, many of us here are ready and waiting....tic toc goes the dinar clock.
  3. I am starting the official countdown to a special day. Go RV!
  4. Can anyone explain why there were updates on the cia website on 8-16 and 8-23 regarding the GOI??? Iraq Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments Date of Information: 8/16/2010 Pres. Jalal TALABANI Vice Pres. Adil ABD AL-MAHDI Vice Pres. Tariq al-HASHIMI Prime Min. Nuri al-MALIKI Dep. Prime Min. Rafi al-ISSAWI Dep. Prime Min. Rowsch Nuri SHAWAYS Min. of Agriculture Min. of Communications Faruq ABD AL-QADIR Abd al-Rahman Min. of Culture Mahar Dilli al-HADITHI Min. of Defense ABD AL-QADIR Muhammad Jassim al-Mufriji al-Ubaydi Min. of Displacement & Migration Abd al-Samad SULTAN Min. of Education Khudayr al-KHUZAI Min. of Electricity Min. of Environment Nermin OTHMAN Min. of Finance Bayan Baqir JABR Sulagh al-Zubaydi Min. of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Mahmud ZEBARI Min. of Health Salih Mahdi Mutlab al-HASNAWI Min. of Higher Education Abid Dhiyab al-UJAYLI Min. of Housing & Construction Bayan DIZAYEE Min. of Human Rights Wijdan Mikhail SALIM Min. of Industry & Minerals Fawzi al-HARIRI Min. of Interior Jawad Karim al-BULANI Min. of Justice Dara NUR AL-DIN Min. of Labor & Social Affairs Mahmud Muhammad Jawad al-RADI Min. of Municipalities & Public Works Riyadh GHARIB Min. of Oil Husayn al-SHAHRISTANI Min. of Planning Ali BABAN Min. of Science & Technology Raid Fahmi JAHID Min. of Trade Min. of Transportation (Acting) Shirwan Kamil Sibti al-WAILI Min. of Water Resources Latif RASHID Min. of Youth & Sports Jasim Muhammad JAFAR Min. of State for Civil Society Affairs Thamir Jafar al-ZUBAYDI Min. of State for Council of Representatives Affairs Safa al-Din al-SAFI Min. of State for Foreign Affairs Muhammad Munajid al-DULAYMI Min. of State for National Dialogue Akram al-HAKIM Min. of State for National Security Affairs Shirwan Kamil Sibti al-WAILI Min. of State for Provinces Khulud Sami Izara al-MAJUN Min. of State for Tourism & Antiquities Qahtan Abbas al-JABBURI Min. of State for Women's Affairs Min. of State Without Portfolio Ali Muhammad AHMAD Min. of State Without Portfolio Hasan Radhi Kazim al-SARI Min. of State Without Portfolio Muhammad Abbas al-URAYBI Governor, Central Bank of Iraq Sinan Muhammad Ridha al-SHABIBI Ambassador to the US Samir Shakir al-SUMAYDI Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Hamid al-BAYATI Posted: May 03, 2007 12:24 PM Last Updated: Aug 23, 2010 01:07 PM Last Reviewed: May 03, 2007 12:24 PM
  5. I am going on the record as birthday is Sept. 15th and my good friend's birthday is on Sept. 30th. We will celebrate our birthdays this year 1 day after his...October 1st...after the market closes. So I will have my bags packed and ready to celebrate on the road this year. Our plane is about to land!!! Stay Strong! ps. Scooter...You have done an amazing job and I would like to thank you for all the time you put into your work! You seem to be right on with your timeline!
  6. When I was a teenager, I always seemed to get a pimple at the worst times....not that there was a good time for one. Anyway, did you ever get one of those suckers that swelled up to the point that it felt like your head would pop off if the pimple popped. You know, a big red pimple that was so were searching for a way to pop it to relieve the pressure. Well, Iraq has seemed to turn into that infected pimple. It seems as if the RV pimple is about to burst! If it does NOT burst soon...The UN/IMF/US will apply the much needed HOT RAG to it....and .... WILL POP. GO RV. WE are close to popping the RV pimple!
  7. Is lack of money or lack of time making your life miserable? I have a feeling both of those will change very soon. Keep the faith! Sincerely, Little Foot 68
  8. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, said his country looks forward to long-term partnership with Iraq, as it looks forward to a civilian leadership based on mutual interests and the Government of a comprehensive and fully integrated in the region. He told the Los Angeles Times reported that Washington had an interest in seeing the formation of an Iraqi government, and they want to have long-term partnership with Iraq, and to work with Iraq to improve its relations with its neighbors. He said Feltman said the Iraqi List won 91 seats in the House of Representatives, to take these seats into account in the political process and its results, adding that the coalition of the state of law and Iraqi forces were holding meetings at different levels, and an agreement of some kind will occur suddenly between the two blocs. Saturday, June 19, 2010 LINK
  9. The below statement came from another post and i want clarification on this...Do we need to open an account in IRAQ or Warka Bank? "Today investors are interested in the Chinese yuan, the Vietnamese dong and the Iraqi dinar to name a few," Burbank said. "The lesson learned is to make sure you comply with the issuing countries' laws on their currency and business." For example, in Iraq – where BB&M International Corporation is the only licensing/Forex company currently in operation – the country currently has a closed policy on their currency and only allows 60,000 dinar (about $50 USD) in or out of the country. Iraq also recently stopped foreign banks from buying dinar with dollars directly from the Central Bank of Iraq. "To safely invest in any of these countries, you need a state-approved business license," Burbank said. "Because we do licensing in Iraq, we do make it easier to do business there, where licensing has gone up dramatically for foreign companies. Often times it is better to wait until the currency actually makes it to the international market before investing or doing business." Read more: The company at the above link states that it is currently illegal to export iraq dinar...??? I am aware of Bush's presidential order 13303 allowing US citizens to have the same rights to invest in iraq as an iraqi citizen. But.. What about the laws in iraq... We DO NOT want to be left out in the cold right??? I would like to see facts...not opinions on this..
  10. First, let me say i would be happy for a RV of any value 10 cents or above...not a LOP of any kind.....but Can anyone shed some light on this LOP example?: 1) Iraq Drops 3 zeros off the currency with no change in value and gives 6 months to exchange money. ex: 25000 dinar bill gets exchanged for a 25 dinar bill...10,000 dinar bill gets exchanged to 10 dinar bill etc....the new bills are a 1 to 1 exchange for our dollar or even a 2 to 1 exchange with our dollar. With a LOP and RV at the same time... they would get the high bills in and move lower bills into circulation and slightly change the value of the new bills against our dollar. On this example.(LOP and RV at the same time)..Iraq would not spend very much at all and we would make only even or double our us money on our investment. My point is for this example...after the 6 months are up on getting all the bills into iraq....iraqs dinar would be worth most likely double our dollar but did not have to pay much for it to happen since they did a LOP and RV at the same time. So if it came out like this...which i pray it won't.... after they announce it...our 25k dinar bill is worth either $25 dollars-(1 to 1 against the US dollar but with a LOP at the same time) or $50 dollars-(2 to 1 against the US dollar with a LOP at the same time) my question is.... Is this possible? and why wouldn't they do it that way???? let me make this clear... I would be pissed off if that is how it goes down. but iraq people may just double their i don't know???
  11. Some people are like the crabs at the bottom of the bucket, pulling other people down with their negative opinions. Are we crazy for thinking we will be rewarded $500,000 to 1 milliion off a thousand dollar investment...I must does sound crazy but if it will ever happen....This is the TIME for it. We are in the eye of the PERFECT STORM. Good Luck everyone and DON't EVER be the crab at the bottom of the bucket pulling someone down in life!!! Go RV July 1st .86 cents
  12. I usually only read and comment every now and then but I found this to be interesting!!! One of my close friends (55 year old) and I have lunch once a week and last week we discussed the Iraq Dinar. He went to TD Bank in Fort Lauderdale, FL to inquire about the Iraq Dinar. The short version of what happen is basically this. The branch manager leaned over and said..."This is not the bank is me...the dinar is getting ready to go up very soon....then again insisted it was just him talking and had nothing to do with the bank but again insisted it was ready to go up. My friend has known this bank manager for a while and my friend is a very pure nice person. Hard to find someone like this. Anyway, i just wanted to pass that along...not that it means anything except someone is very optomistic or really does know something??? who knows???. My friend was absolutely shocked that it happened and called me right away. He bought only 2 million dinars. My personal opinion is that it will RV on July 1st, 2010 due to Iraq having clean books. It is coming and oh yeah....I think after following this since early 2004 and reading and knowing business like I do....the rate has to be atleast .80 to $1.20 because of the Arab nations average and the desperate need for Iraq to fix their people's poverty problem. Being able to have a currency rate that is comparable to the USA is extremely important for Iraq to handle international business and trade in the long run. It is vital to their country's success! That is why it makes sense and there is a ton of pressure to make it happen now. I think the July 26 deadline date that Sonny1 stated is accurate. Good Luck everyone and work hard as if it didn't matter!!! Chris God Bless America and the Soldiers who defend our right to breath FREE air!!!
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